Kuroshitsuji Wallpaper: Phantom of the Past

A-1 Pictures, Kuroshitsuji, Ciel Phantomhive Wallpaper
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1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Merry Christmas!
Best wishes everyone <3

Yup, Kuroshitsuji, a cookie to anyone who didn't see this coming XD
Now let's just clap our hands and forget about the whole perspective thing ^^"
I used this image for shota shota Ciel, removed the mom, she died on him anyway, no wallies for her >.>
The trees are from a Gelbooru image, can't exactly show it without pixeling the whole thing, sorry, and the church is from here.
I had my trouble putting the whole thing together, I'm not good with lights and bright colors, but I pulled it off with the help of Kritty *pokes* and Fran *double pokes* ^3^

Alternative versions:

Blurred church (as in the far away building)
No church (enjoy the emptiness)
no textless bwahahaha >D

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  1. Sashinka Banned Member Dec 23, 2009

    Merry Christmas And Happy new year! ^_^
    Nice wallpaper! +

  2. jns Dec 23, 2009

    o.O His face should be illegal.. That's just too alluring
    Is he trying to make me a criminal?

    Having that said. Love it

  3. Suiseiseki22101995 Dec 23, 2009

    Quote: Now let's just clap our hands and forget about the whole perspective thing ^^"

    I had not noticed until u said it xDD
    but whatever i love the paint and the idea it's so cute 8d
    happy holidays to u~ 8d

  4. Kritty Dec 24, 2009

    :DDDDDDD I love what you did to the text in this version <3
    Your original text had to die >3
    Church is looking awesome, and really who cares for a balanced perspective when something is this cute? lol
    Your shiny sparkley trees are too lovely *___*
    Its just love.

  5. vitaamin Dec 24, 2009

    my only huge complaint is his hair >_> the highlights are a bit messy compared to the rest of the wall
    i am in love with the bg and the perspective is so interesting.
    the fur doesnt look ENTIRELY right (his right side, it looks like the fur doesnt wrap behind him) but i dont think its wrong enough to really make a big impression. i only looked because i remember you complaining about it
    very nice job, definitely one of your best

  6. sailorchiron Dec 24, 2009

    Chibi Ciel! He's so cute! I like the perspective, it make it more like we're seeing the magic of Christmas through the eyes of a child. I like the church, and the trees, and the vector work is very nice. Great work as usual.

  7. Fran Retired Moderator Dec 24, 2009

    Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudeeeeeeee where is the Fantom D:

    Teehee, glad to see it's up. Ciel looks so adorable 8) I love your coloring style, it's fabulous.
    And, yesh, let's forget about the perspective and let's focus on the shiny trees <333

  8. cygnet Dec 24, 2009

    awww chibi ciel is so cuteee!
    love love the background! it's sooo lovely!
    happy holidays ^^

  9. kuryuki Dec 24, 2009

    0-0 ur version of ciel's much more shota! <3
    haha. im gonna complain bout colours once again, a little gray for my taste.
    //how could u make such a cloudy day with ciel's happy face//
    i'd be happy if this phantom haunted me :3

  10. Chloe Retired Moderator Dec 24, 2009

    Quote: I used this image for shota shota Ciel, removed the mom, she died on him anyway, no wallies for her >.>


    Lol, the vectoring is awesome, nicely done~

  11. ngakyuklim Dec 24, 2009

    woah! kawaii! >< great blue n orange lights effect!

  12. MapleRose Retired Moderator Dec 24, 2009

    so many bright lights XD and Ciel's expression is very cute

    I like the version without the church, even though the church itself is well-made, it looks kinda out of place (and competing in brightness against Ciel's face XD)

    Regarding the perspective, the trees and church are fine, it's just that the wall should be slanting the other way, the way it's going now makes the church look slanted XD it also makes it look like he's really craning his neck to see upwards, or falling backwards XD

    I think his shoulders should be wider, right now his head looks slightly big for his body >_< I like the way you shaded the coat lining thing, and I wish his hair had more details in it like on the coat lining...

  13. Karmira Dec 24, 2009

    The perspective is a wonderful part of this piece. We are dragged in by the bright colors and his cute expression. Furthermore, this perspective of Ciel is a powerful development in the story. With this wallpaper, it is possible to see how much he has changed. The wallpaper is very haunting and touching. Amazing job!

  14. Echolen Dec 24, 2009

    I totally love the background and the perspective!
    The colors are bright and he just looks adorable! Great wall!

  15. Yamionpu Dec 24, 2009

    zomg cute >////<!
    i love how you made the snow <3
    and the ligtning on this wall is amazing!
    I love it <3

  16. NarcissistII Dec 24, 2009

    Aaaah, Ciel in santa suit looking so happy. Lovely! ^_^

  17. trofikabinet Dec 24, 2009

    I like the perspective of the wall, is really interesting.
    The lights are really lovely, they really brighten up the wall. And Ciel...damn he's so adorable & cute <3
    Love the wallie, featuring at CoK ^^

  18. zeileeaang Dec 24, 2009

    is this really ciel? xD he looks like haruhi fujioka of ouran~

  19. Hikari87 Dec 24, 2009

    Awww... Merry Christmas & Happy New Year~! ^^
    Lil Ciel is so cute & happy here... =D

  20. thingperson Dec 24, 2009

    Oh my gosh this is so cute I love this, and Ciel looks so happy its so different from other walls and scans you see of him and its such in the Christmas spirit and such an great scan of him you choose to do it fits perfectly. I love how you did his eyes and his hair and his outfit such great detail and I looks so real looking like this is off of a Kuroshitsuji Christmas Special opening..aww now I really want one..hehe I love how you did the shading in the background and the Christmas trees look great. I love how you did the lights and the glow effect. You are just to talented..*smiles*. Ciel just looks so cute I want to just hug him..*huggles Ciel till he does that darn sexy pout*..hehe.

  21. bromithia Retired Moderator Dec 24, 2009

    Cute! So Christmas-y. My desktop for the weekend o_o <3

  22. PinkPrincessLacus Dec 25, 2009

    It's beautiful! Great vexeling/vectoring as always! Cute colors and adorable CIEL XD. I love it. Plus fav from me duhh :P.

  23. Wings7113 Dec 25, 2009

    So cute!
    Thanks for sharing!

  24. Sinever Dec 26, 2009

    waiii, I so love your wallie!
    I really love how you vexel & your walls are always pretty & gorgeous ^^
    well done & keep it up girl xD

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