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Studio Pierrot, Bleach, Rurichiyo Kasumiooji, Shuusuke Amagai, Ichigo Kurosaki
Studio Pierrot Studio Bleach Series Rurichiyo Kasumiooji Character Shuusuke Amagai Character Ichigo Kurosaki Character


My own scan. :)

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  1. KiaRatT Dec 21, 2009

    oh! the princess! ryurichii..

  2. Lightliger Dec 21, 2009

    wow! great scan !Thank you very much !

  3. lianekoishinkurukia Dec 22, 2009

    Your scans are great, and I love them all (particularly the card gums and those) , but your signature on each an every one of them makes them positively... useles, unless vectores. And not everyone can vector. Your contributions are greatly appreciated (I have you on watchlist on AP and all), and it's really cool that you have access to all this stuff and share with everybody. I understand that it takes a lot of work and time and effort to get all these scans online. But the signatures are kinda... rude... because it's like "you can see, but you can't use". Some people like me are happy with the sole collection, and can vector what we like, but some others would like to use them for design and stuff, and can't because of the siggy

  4. SamuraiCool Dec 22, 2009

    the captain has a great expression here, really liked him

  5. disonnne Restricted Member Dec 22, 2009

    muy bueno, un scan de verdad gwenial

  6. AmrHidan Dec 23, 2009

    very nice amagai scan i was hoping that one would come thanks

  7. whirligig Dec 23, 2009

    wow! great scan !Thank you very much ! XD

  8. Shadow873 Dec 26, 2009

    Lovely! Thanks a lot for sharing! ^-----^

  9. RukiaxBleach Jan 07, 2010

    Ichigo,Rurichiyo and Amagai! :D very cool (Y)

  10. byaku-ray Jan 30, 2010

    the captain has a great expression here, really liked him

  11. Cassrynne Feb 04, 2010

    Great scan. Thank you for sharing.

  12. HugeGuy Feb 21, 2010

    Oh wow, this is nice. Thanks for the scan

  13. iKiaRatT Mar 20, 2010

    Love this scan! thanks a lot for sharing!^^

  14. NineTears Apr 03, 2010

    Ah hime-sama!XD
    Thanks for upload!

  15. RokerillaFriki Apr 18, 2010

    Love this scan! thanks a lot for sharing!^^

  16. justin180 May 09, 2010

    NIce scan but this filler was bad...

  17. yomi999 May 15, 2010

    awesome scan i love it thanx

  18. glts Mute Member May 17, 2010

    Thanks a lot for uploading, keep up the good work

  19. kaliawai512 Jun 16, 2010

    This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  20. cold-inferno Jun 16, 2010

    Unique trio. Really pretty rarity scan. Thanx

  21. e1293 Jul 20, 2010

    Thnks for sharing !awesome scan

  22. nami69kaze Aug 12, 2010

    like this so much..
    thanks u for sharing..

  23. sergioriver Aug 14, 2010

    muy buena scan gracias por subirla!

  24. Melkaniar Banned Member Sep 16, 2010

    The fire release (??, Katon; English TV "Fire Style") area of elemental nature transformation are offensive-type techniques that primarily allow the user to create fire by increasing the temperature of their chakra. There are some exceptions to this though in which the shinobi forms mediums in order to create explosions.[1][2]

    Commonly affiliated with the Tiger hand seal, fire release techniques are mid-to-long-ranged that cause burning and explosive damage. Fire ninjutsu is common among Konohagakure ninja, with the Uchiha clan being especially proficient with its use.

    Fire release is strong against wind; because wind naturally feeds fire but weak against water due to its ability to extinguish the flames. A sufficiently strong fire jutsu can be strong enough to evaporate its natural weakness of water. Fire jutsu can also be used to produce both lava release with earth and boil release with water. In addition, fire release possesses an advanced variant known as blaze release, which is used through the manipulation of Amaterasu.

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