Virtual On Wallpaper: Heavens of Fire

Virtual On, Fei Yen Wallpaper
Virtual On Game Fei Yen Character

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Yeah, so this actually isn't finished but since I'm right about to go home for the weekend, I can leave it until monday or post it and well... by Monday I'll probably lose interest in it... so here it is.

This was pretty much a deviation from the norm for me in that I created the background first and then put the character into it. I usually take a scan, and then compose a background to fit the character image. I think it turned out okay. I know, I know... it might look a little too realistic... but everything was done by me in photoshop.

First time making planetary rings for me... I think they turned out good. First time making an asteroid as well so I'm happy with that. I kinda wrestled with how I was going to colour the planet... if I was going to add in any red or yellow hue to it. I did add a small bit to the shadow area but all in all I wanted it to be a blue planet. Plus it offsets the blue of her staff. Anyway... enjoy. :)

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  1. hidekeitaro Sep 17, 2004

    Beautiful wall!!!
    Excellent bg and pretty girl :D

  2. winterlilac09 Sep 17, 2004

    Nice wall! Keep up the awesome work!!! :D

  3. TheWizzard Sep 17, 2004

    Looks great ^_^
    Everything fits really well

  4. afan Sep 17, 2004

    Wow...another great wall...nice
    job Dark Paragon :D :)

  5. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Sep 17, 2004

    this .. has .. got to be ... the best ....


  6. chingetscook Sep 17, 2004

    Added to fav! Great Wall!

  7. Miroku4444 Sep 17, 2004

    I'm so excited about this wall, it rocks. The space bg is awesome, so realsitic, like you said. The planetary rings are so well done. They just look so impressive. My fav thing about this wall is the sun light shineing from behind the planet. The extraction needs a little smoothing, but nothing to gripe about. The floating asteroids look alittle funny too. The stars look real good, very nicle detailed. Overall this is a outstanding wall DarkParagon.

  8. ulysse1981 Sep 17, 2004

    Splendid i love it

  9. blueotaku-sp Sep 17, 2004

    Wow It

  10. kringol Sep 18, 2004

    Excellent, really amazing!
    You earned a fav xD

  11. zAbUzA Sep 18, 2004

    Nice. It's lookin' good!


  12. halcyonTwilight Sep 18, 2004

    Nice work on the cosmic bg ^^ The foreground looks really good. I guess you also love the tutorials from that site as well. Really nice work :D !!

  13. ny0g4n Sep 18, 2004

    Beautiful BG and Cute girl!! nice wall :)

  14. Katzbalger Sep 18, 2004

    Sweet! Here's a great wall for ya! *Steals and adds to favourites*

    Keep up the good work!

  15. euna Retired Moderator Sep 18, 2004

    It looks awesome as it is!! Beautiful wall! *fav*

  16. ColdBlue Sep 18, 2004

    Great work,as always!
    Love the planet,love the rings on it,love the scan! :)

  17. kenzuke Sep 18, 2004

    Awesome wall ! :)
    Very nice theme!!

    The lighting of the girl does'nt quite match the bg.

  18. kc2 Sep 18, 2004

    The bg looks great! Nice wall. :)

  19. Shado Sep 18, 2004

    nice wall

  20. Shado Sep 18, 2004

    nice wall

  21. irix Sep 18, 2004

    The BG rocks, but the character look's a bit weird!!! [the color's no match very well... this is my little view... :P]

  22. Barratis Sep 18, 2004

    Really beautiful Wall, I like it.
    A beautiful bg for a beauiful character, nice done ^_^

  23. Highwind79 Sep 18, 2004

    wow! great one. and you say this is unfinish yet??!

    i really like the rings from the planet

  24. Noctum Sep 18, 2004

    I see that it's not finished yet, some of the asteroids in the lower left corner look too realistic.
    I can't write bad things bout the planet, the lightning, the character picture and the composition, though, so it's still a good (but unfinished) wallpaper.

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