Uta~Kata Wallpaper: Uta ~ Kata - Fun in the Sun

Keiji Gotoh, Uta~Kata, Manatsu Kuroki Wallpaper
Keiji Gotoh Mangaka Uta~Kata Series Manatsu Kuroki Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well, I made this for these two birthday kids

Furikuu and Meg

Happy bday Furikuu, Happy bday meg.

So, i had serious wallers block, like 2 weeks. But after that, i managed to pull away with it, lol. I had based 1% of my idea from sw0rd's girls bravo wall. Thanks sw0rd!! lol

Thanks to candy-chan for the wonderful advice, been so down trying to pull up something for these guys, lol.

Anyways, this BG was CGed from scratch, took me like 25 hours to figure it out and getting it done, inclusive of head scratching time >_<. the waves was the fun part, i had to bang my head on the table a lot of times, lol. Well i figured meg likes keiji gotoh and i know furikuu would die over my walls, so i just put a double whammy XD

Anyways, head hurts, hope you guys have a good birthday and do enjoy this wall please

Note : Furikuu already put this wall in his desktop >_<

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  1. Furikuu Sep 16, 2004

    I love you kev XD XD

  2. FlowerDog Sep 16, 2004

    I too would like to wish Meg and Furikuu a happy birthaday. You have done an excellent job Kev with the BG. The BG is so smooth and awesomely put together. Love the character too! I may have never seen Keiji Gotoh but the anime style is so cute. Beautiful and outstanding work Kev! I love this wallpaper. :) +fav

  3. Cloudnine Sep 16, 2004

    awesome BG =O~~ Looks just like an oil painting! XD

    <~~~ *gets raped by the l33t wall* hahaha~ XD

  4. lensterknight Sep 16, 2004

    It somehow reminds me of your old Suzumiya Akane wall. XD

  5. Meg Sep 16, 2004

    thanks kev. me likes =)

  6. sword Sep 16, 2004

    wee kevv xD

  7. Foolish-ishness Sep 16, 2004


    Jeez, it looks like you grabbed an oil paitning and stuck a nice scan on it XD

    Good job!

  8. Shrike Sep 16, 2004

    Wow. It's hard to believe that the background was from scratch, it's really amazing. Excellent work.

  9. AkinaSpirit Sep 16, 2004

    Nice wall :)

  10. Ninja Sep 16, 2004

    very awesome wallpaper.

  11. tAtEkAnE Sep 16, 2004

    that looks awesome! great work kev =) now...teach me how ya did that lol =p

  12. KohakuXP Sep 16, 2004

    Woooah, nice beach scenery :D

  13. Miroku4444 Sep 16, 2004

    Holy s***, this wall is da bomb. Looks like you got over your wallers block in spades. The beach is just unreal, the level of detail is incredible: There's seashells, starfish, footprints, nice shadowing of the character and last but not least, great texture. The trees and house in the backround are just awesome. The character was nicely extracted and is very cute. What a nice b-day present it is, meg and Furikuu are very lucky. Great work kev. :) :) :) :)

  14. Ongaku Sep 16, 2004

    wow! and you say your not very good. *shakes head back and forth* I love this wall, very nice and the detail is awesome *adds to favs*

  15. Lord-Satorious Sep 16, 2004

    The character designs are actually Megumi Kadonosono (wife of Keiji Gotoh, which explains the similarity--she did the designs for Kiddy Grade as well), and there is a "Uta~Kata" section, so this wallpaper has been moved there.

  16. Noctum Sep 16, 2004

    Happy birthday, you two. :)

    Nice work, Kev, I like the calm atmosphere this bg has.

  17. kc2 Sep 17, 2004

    Nice wall! I really like it! :)

  18. Angelette Sep 17, 2004

    You CGed the BG.. Ubbbberrr O_O

    i likes the footsteps xD

  19. walkure245 Sep 17, 2004

    Loving it! It's so pretty and so serene. I wish I was there. ^_^

  20. sammo Retired Moderator Sep 17, 2004

    nice nice~ >:D

  21. Osiris Retired Moderator Sep 17, 2004

    my card will pwn his XD

  22. biriwilg Retired Moderator Sep 17, 2004


    *steals starfish*

    Mine! Mine! XD

  23. Piyo Sep 17, 2004

    This is just adorable XD

  24. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Sep 17, 2004

    haha...nice additions from the one i saw earlier ^^ are u turning pedo like osi now >__>

    j/k...that is some good shiet XD

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