Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper: Never Ending Fairytale

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CLAMP Mangaka Bee Train Studio Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Series,OVA Syaoran Li Character Sakura Kinomoto Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

SPICA - Sakamoto Maaya (OST TRC)

Arigatou ima koko ni ite kurete
Kimi wa nakanai tori no you de mune ga nandaka kurushii

Tokidoki yokogao ni kodoku ga ochiteru
Yasashisa no oku no yowasa mo shikitai no

Douka kimi ga osoreteru nanika o watashi ni mo oshiete
Douka watashi ni dekiru koto wa aru nara
Kimi no egao no tame ni

Thank you for being here with me now
You seem like a bird that can't sing, somehow I feel a bit of pain in my chest

Sometimes I see your face fall in loneliness
I want to know even about the weakness inside your kindness

Please, tell me why you're so afraid of something happening to me
Please, tell me if there's anything I can do
so that you'll smile


Finally, the wallie is done! I was so sad to see that TRC had come to an end. It's a tribute to my favorite pairing from TRC, Sakura and Syaoran. Usually, I need 3 or 4 days to finish a wallie but this one was an exception. It took more than two weeks to finish it. I feel so tired now *sleeps*.

I found this Sakura and Syaoran manga scan on MT. It was in B/W so I decided to vector and color it. I had never color any manga scan, so it turned out to be lame *sobs*. I was in a designer's block. I had no idea what to do with the background so I spent one whole day to brainstorm. I stumbled upon this scan and this scan. I thought it would fit my Sakura and Syaoran vector. And after a few days, *swings the magic wand* Voila!

I don't like cheesy title, so I re-read TRC manga and picked something from it. I liked a few titles, but in my opinion this one was a BANG! "Never Ending Fairytale", it was the best title to describe Sakura's and Syaoran's bittersweet relationship. Don't you think so?

Hope you like it and don't forget to leave some comments. Thank you.

PS : Sakura and Syaoran want to be +faved by you.

Time : 2 weeks (too many distractions!)
Layers : I couldn't remember (100++)
Fun part : Trying hard to color Sakura and Syaoran
Hardest part : Vectoring the Cherry trees

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  1. Sakura-Dust Dec 06, 2009

    This is so fresh and cute <3
    I'm glad to see a well made character focus, the blurred flowers look beautiful and point at the couple. It doesn't have a crowded atmosphere and the vector is skillfully done.
    My only complaint goes to the columns, they look flat, but don't affect the overall cuteness.
    Great job ^3^

  2. mbeckley Dec 06, 2009

    Such a beautiful scene of Syaoran and Sakura. Awesome job. :)

  3. Kurorisa Dec 07, 2009

    this is really cute, i love the fresh colors :3

  4. LystikinenaXP Dec 07, 2009

    Very nice! I like how you blurred the blossoms and made the pair be more clearer like Sakura-Dust said. The sky is just so pretty! Very cute, faving it :)


  5. zaira Dec 07, 2009

    Wow this one is really cute! The vector has nice outlines and its clean.
    The coloring is soft and i love how you did with the sakuras making them blur
    as it was focusing on the characters. The sky is nice too, the only thing
    that needs more work are the pillars, i agree with Sakura-dust having
    them look flat maybe try more shadings to it. Overall great job for a
    cute wallie +fav! ^^,

  6. bububababa4 Dec 07, 2009

    Wonderful! Very Romantic
    I very like them

    merged: 12-07-2009 ~ 09:37am
    Wow! Very Wonderful! very Romantic
    I like them very much!

  7. mammonlovesmoney Dec 07, 2009

    ...Looks romantically and beautifully...

  8. ngakyuklim Dec 07, 2009

    WOW WOW WOW! this seriously is beautiful! sakura and syaoran is so cute! love those colours!

  9. Echolen Dec 07, 2009

    Absolutely amazing! The colors are so bright and soft!
    I love how you made the sakura trees blurred so the focus is on Sakura and Syaoran ^^

  10. chocoripeyes Dec 07, 2009

    wow i love this<3! your coloring is so awesome it looks like an image from the actual anime! well done :) +favss

  11. blackberry Dec 07, 2009

    This wall is sooo cute! Thanks for sharing! =3

  12. riiku Dec 08, 2009

    so cute <3
    I'm a fan of this couple thank you so much for the beautiful wall =)

  13. crmc13 Dec 08, 2009

    wow. syaoran and sakura really looks cute together.
    i love them being small child.:D

  14. AnimeRoxz Dec 08, 2009

    OMG THIS NEEDS FAVS! =P I knoooow...I feel kinda sad that TRC came to an end. Buuuut then again everything has to end someday....for some reason I think if it dragged longer it would've been quite boring and more fans would be pulling their hair out with CLAMPS awesome sense of story plot that goes in swirls and circles XD LOL...

    +fav! You deserve it for your hard work!*pats on back* now go sleep~

  15. Alenas Retired Moderator Dec 08, 2009

    The columns look indeed a bit flat but that's easy to overlook compared to the cuteness of everything else in the wall. Lovely job on the vector and the colors. XD

  16. A-Chan01 Dec 09, 2009

    Naaw this is adorable! The colours really help create a soft, cute innocent feel. Awesome job!

  17. woomaster Dec 09, 2009

    i love the atmosphere this wall gives out, great job! (dunno how many times i opened a new window just to look at it again)

  18. Karmyne Dec 09, 2009

    Beatiful colors! I love those little birds are so cute! :D

  19. QueenYukoSora Dec 10, 2009

    Aw, kawaii. Such a sweet design.

  20. Hikaru205 Dec 11, 2009

    lovely couple
    Thanks a lot for sharing

  21. sakura509 Dec 12, 2009

    Great quality too.
    Thanks for sharing :D

  22. angieflux Dec 13, 2009

    Sugoi Sugoi +_+

    Its Pwnsome ...xD xD :D

    Good job xD xD :P

  23. TomoyoYumemi Dec 17, 2009

    Somehow it looks better in preview than normal size.
    Cutie wallie.

  24. NadeshikoCrystal Dec 20, 2009

    Childhood are like flowers blooming forever in time nee~ ^-^

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