Vampire Knight Wallpaper: Singur

Matsuri Hino, Vampire Knight, Kaname Kuran, Vector Art Wallpaper
Matsuri Hino Mangaka Vampire Knight Series Kaname Kuran Character Vector Art Source

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Please Do not repost it without my permission.

For: http://jns.minitokyo.net/

I almost named this "I wanna do bad things with you" I really need to get that song out of my mind. It's like it crawled there and made it's own place.
Hm.. Hard work, what else can I say, I'm sure everyone who did vk scans knows what I'm talking about, I re-did the eyes twice. Other than that, it was actually fun since nowdays I don't feel like walling at all and dropped most of my projects.
I took my time with it, 7 days to be exact, vectored some outlines and the rest is painted. Reconstruction was kind of easy and I modified the curtains to contain the endings too. The floor still looks weird to me but I've done the best I could.
As you can see I'm stubborn and still tried to do a half natural hair xD and to be honest I don't even know myself how I want it to look.
Random shots, only a few since I was lazy : http://img163.imageshack.us/i/88296148.jpg/
Original scan:
Vampire Knight

The eyes had 20 layers o.o the whole thing bout 70.
Size 75.7 Mb
That's about it, yay for close ups.
Dark hair version : http://www.animepaper.net/gallery/wallpapers/Tina18/item101713/


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  1. aneznam Dec 04, 2009

    omg the handsomeness overload just killed me
    *is dead now*
    anyway really <3<3<3 and now I'm gonna go continue drolling :P

  2. Kurorisa Dec 04, 2009

    omg yay kaname <3
    I love his eyes *~* great job XD

  3. EevaLeena Dec 04, 2009

    Oho... SMEXY kaname-sama! >_< Anyways.. love your vector, and the hair detailness just "WOW". Great job, Tina-chan! ^^

  4. Kitaan Retired Moderator Dec 04, 2009

    Yay, you removed "her" from the wall >3
    I love the light colors, I would've prefered darker to
    fit his postion and mood but it's nothing major.
    What happened to the top line on his hand?
    it's just white...was that intentional?

    Try adding more shade and light to the blood
    so it has more depth and doesn't just look like a ketchup stain XD
    (gotta lay off those fries Kaname dear)

    I was gonna say something about his head but I think his head
    is actually that big, I'm gonna start calling him sexy fat-head from now on.

    And oh, one last thing. His eye brows seem...flat?
    I think thats the word, I think you should try making them fuller
    in the begining and then thinner as they go along ^^

    Wonderful vectoring job, the hair is pure love.

  5. Yamibou-Eve Dec 04, 2009

    Oh my...
    And the details on the hair and buttons! Amazing, really amazing! zomg the hair! <3
    And the skin, clothes, every coloring is perfect!
    Perfect Tina! Just perfect! *bleeding out*
    I'm really bleeding out because of your wall not because of Kaname <3
    On my desktop it goes!

  6. jns Dec 04, 2009

    For me? Thankies *hugs* Oh Kaname Kaname....
    And hahaha at least I'm not the only one who keeps singing that xD But it's really addictive
    Yay for removing Yuuki from the scan!

    Now onto the actual wall! Freaking love that hair o.O And he's so stupidly sexy (wait.. that's not about the wall)
    I agree with Kitten bout the eyebrows though but I love it <3

    *goes away with Kaname* WE'RE GOING TO ELOPE >D
    And he's going to help me set my Christmas tree! yays

  7. Echolen Dec 04, 2009

    Kaname-sama! <3 He's too hot for words lol
    I love the wall! His hair is so delicious x3

  8. thingperson Dec 04, 2009

    Oh my gosh yay kaname hottness I love this so much, oh wow you vectored and paintined this and thats harder to do with vampire knight. I love the vectoring and paniting you did with his hair and skin the blending and colors look so awesome. I love this its so pretty..*smiles*.

  9. FiiFO Dec 04, 2009

    Kaname-sama <3
    As mentioned on AP love it especially this version X3

  10. andain Dec 04, 2009

    la naiba, in ultimul timp apar wall-uri superbe cu Kaname, pe care eu nu il suport :(( si ma simt obligata sa zic wow. ei bine wow -superb detaliu la par- e tare sa ai o tableta. ei bine continua cu treaba buna. :D

  11. YukiIce89 Dec 04, 2009


  12. inume27 Dec 04, 2009

    Great job! I love Kaname he's such a sexy vampire...buna treaba...te ador pentru ca ai inlaturat-o pe Yuki ...nu e unul din personajele pe care le agreez.

  13. lastwilight Dec 04, 2009

    Gulps...Kaname looks so handsome here. Thank you for sharing this wonderful gift :)

  14. LoveKa9 Dec 04, 2009

    Everytime there's a new Kaname wallpaper I'm excited and happy! ^^
    But when the wall is beautiful and put Kaname this gorgeous, I'm blessed! *w*
    Really, you did a great job by removing the unnecessary thing XD
    Plus the colors, the vectoring... well it's beautiful and that's all! :D
    Thank you for your hard work \(^3^)/

  15. aqiaqua Dec 05, 2009

    Wow Tina, this is a show of some real skill! It doesn't seem that detailed until you full view this piece, and you see all the little strands of hair and the awesome painting you've done 8). I just think his waist seems slightly too thin but Yuuki was blocking it all xD. Lovely work, +fave

  16. miss-kittychan Dec 05, 2009

    loving thiiiis its awesome, the eyes are awesome!
    Good Job! +fav xx

  17. kara Dec 05, 2009

    Lol you should've named it that XD Would've it suited it *nosebleeds*
    Gosh, I love your painting. The hair's so detailed *_*
    It's gorgeously sexy XD

  18. kunogi09midori Dec 05, 2009

    Kaname-sama! He's sooo beautiful! Love the details on his hair and the rose buttons on his vest. Love the brown hair (maybe will love more if it's more dark redish brown).

  19. trofikabinet Dec 05, 2009

    Wow, wow, wow *___* It's finished :D
    The hair is fantastic, so detailed. I really like how you painted everything, it's really amazing. The eyes still look kinda plain & you know that I'm not a big fan of the blood on his hand >.<
    Anyway, this is still gorgeous, it's featured at CoK ^^

  20. Rafa009 Dec 05, 2009

    muito lindo demaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisss(...)

  21. rizacaga Dec 06, 2009

    look at that hair....totally love it...the detailness is gorgeous XD
    and neat painting...fave for sure

  22. crmc13 Dec 06, 2009

    oh. kaname.^^
    lately there are many people who wants to vector kaname.:D
    but i cant blame them because he is just too gorgeous and hot.^^
    very pretty vectoring!:D+fav!

  23. iulya122 Dec 06, 2009

    buna in sfarsit am mai intrat si eu pe minitokyo vad am mai facut ceva wallpaper-uri de cand nu am fost eu... nice and hot! ce zici de zero data viitoare? mai vb pa :)

  24. YENESIS Dec 06, 2009

    So Great Wor, the expression on this face and the bosy is so hoot !is provocative!
    the coloring is so Very Nice,the shine and the lines are so good
    I love the hair is Beauty!

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