Takamichi Wallpaper: A Time of Innocence

Takamichi Wallpaper
Takamichi Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

My latest one, Got it off an artbook by takamichi, i like the artwork
they have real ppl colors! hehehe no green/blue/violet hair there
anyhoo, i like how this one looks, all painting-esque..errrr right lol


ppl seems to think the whole wall is just a scan, so to clear that up i'll post here the original image

i got the image from takamichi's artbook, the image is kinda grainy in the scan, so when i made the bg i made it grainy too...i'll explain, the clouds is a stock photo, i edited it to look like that, the birds another stock photo, i edited to look like that too, the hills is off another image from the artbook, cropped it and slipped it in there to add something...

ok here's the scan i used for the wall:


and here's where i got the hill from:


(photobucket didn't like me hotlinking the images) XD

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  1. Foolish-ishness Sep 16, 2004

    Ah, looks so nice.

    Very good ^_^

  2. asuk Sep 16, 2004

    i like it. has a calming effect

  3. jr_naruto2000 Sep 16, 2004

    very coll wall........

  4. Rhapsody Sep 16, 2004

    It has those neat birds in it, like that other one of yours that I liked. Are they from a paintbrush set? They really add to a wall, giving it depth.

  5. Nemontine89 Sep 16, 2004

    Oh, it's very pretty. Nice choice of colors :) Nice bg too, keep up the good stuff!

  6. Miroku4444 Sep 16, 2004

    wow nice wall tat. The bg is very nice, everything seen to blend well into one unifyed piece of work. I cloud look awesome so pretty. Again superb job. :) :)

  7. candy-chan Retired Moderator Sep 16, 2004

    gomen, misunderstanding *_*
    very nice composition, looks lik an original scan

  8. evasion Sep 16, 2004

    Oooo, great composition!

  9. dchu233 Sep 16, 2004

    The art work is good!

  10. Schmorpheus Sep 16, 2004


  11. tsubasa-no-kami Sep 16, 2004

    looovely bg!!!! ^0^ +favie!

  12. p0ly Sep 16, 2004

    nice, good job

  13. shinta Sep 16, 2004

    Whoooo...is the whole thing scanned? o.O Takamichi-san is a great artist!

  14. kino Sep 16, 2004

    i really really like the art!! could you possibly give me the isbn of the artbook please??

  15. nakuru-chan Sep 16, 2004

    Super duper wall! Love how you put the two images together! ^.^

  16. XP-58 Sep 16, 2004

    Looks very very cool! nice L composition! XD

  17. hidekeitaro Sep 16, 2004

    wow!!!! Beautiful work :d
    i loved it!!! XD (+favs)

  18. Cloudnine Sep 18, 2004

    Really nice work ^^ Excellent blending and composition desu :D

  19. walhalla Sep 20, 2004

    Nice work ^_^

  20. GaiJiN Sep 25, 2004

    Wow ! I can understand why ppl thougt this was a scan, because I didn't think you could have done a better bg for this wall :) . And what an artist ! I feel ashamed I didn't know him, it's an amazing natural style ! Thanks, you made me discover him through this wonderfull wall XD

  21. jumetun Mar 24, 2005

    I love those bird, they looks like water colour. Clouds are also good, and that girl is just... oh, she looks nice. Bravo! ^__^

  22. flyindreams Jun 30, 2005

    Ooh, very nice. I can tell it's one of your earlier works because the brushwork on the background hill is not as fine, but the flying birds and watercolor clouds really create a nice feeling of painted openess that is one of your trademarks, I think.

  23. LeeAnn May 31, 2006

    wanna play hide and seek?

    isn't it a lovely day?

    you know, girls like should not be out here alone.

    waiting for someone?

  24. shadowVII Nov 10, 2006

    this is beautiful!

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