Angel Dust Wallpaper: c o s m i c SERAPHIM

Aoi Nanase, Angel Dust, Akiho Kudou, Yuina Hatori Wallpaper
Aoi Nanase Mangaka Angel Dust Series Akiho Kudou Character Yuina Hatori Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Uh... I'm not in too good of a mood. I just wanted to submit this before I forget about it for a bagillion weeks.


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  1. Foolish-ishness Sep 16, 2004

    Great work as usual Jinzhou.

    I've never seen anyone use this scan so well. The starfield looks awesome along with the astroid belt.

    +fav :D

  2. biriwilg Retired Moderator Sep 16, 2004

    Nice use of a large-view planet, more original than the typical little planets you see. I like the rubble too, it's a nice touch. ^_^

  3. foolboy Sep 16, 2004

    It is as good as always.

  4. tsubasa-no-kami Sep 16, 2004

    i love this manga!!! an stunning BG! great stars an etc!!! X3

  5. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Sep 16, 2004



    *wakes up*

    kyaaaaaaa .. <33


  6. jr_naruto2000 Sep 16, 2004

    very BEAUtiful..............

  7. candy-chan Retired Moderator Sep 16, 2004

    yep, veery purdy. the athmosphere is freaking me, looks multi-dimentionnal in a way...i think its the planet's surface that's making this

    anyways, great work as usual

  8. Cloudnine Sep 16, 2004

    wicked BG, but the scan doesn't fit XD

  9. evasion Sep 16, 2004

    Wow, great work!

  10. bromithia Retired Moderator Sep 16, 2004

    Great jearb *favorites*

  11. sammo Retired Moderator Sep 16, 2004

    nice, nice...wished that image was higher in quality, huh? can't be helped, the bg is great :D

  12. gendo1 Sep 16, 2004

    Another Excellent work.

  13. Osiris Retired Moderator Sep 16, 2004

    Quote by shyxsakuraO.O


    *wakes up*

    kyaaaaaaa .. &lt;33


    rofl XD

    *whatever saki said* XD

    and pfft, you're slacking as a mod <__< *throws reports at jinz* >_>

  14. pinkdoremi Sep 16, 2004

    whoa O___o... kool effects... the bg look so realistic ^-^

  15. Yura Sep 16, 2004

    awesome wall love the planets and the stars
    and how it goes all togheter with the girls

  16. halcyonTwilight Sep 16, 2004

    What a way to come back to MT ^^ I've been gone fer a couple days and i come back to be welcomed by this really sweet wall ^_^ Anyways, the bg loooks sooooo sweet XD Dang this is a nice wall :)

  17. Shin-RA Sep 16, 2004

    I can definatelly see the angel. Beautiful scene.
    But a few things. I know it's a bit hard when you're workign with a big planet u got to incorporate the texture mroe clearly but I think you've done a great job of that.

    I just think its a bit oversaturated. Perhaps it was your intent but I'd liek to darken it a bit more and jsut highlight the things that the central glow is around.

    and the extraction looks a bit rough eveyrthign else is so crisp but they are so ... how shoudl I say.. papery.

    Anyway I lvoe it i'll definatelly use it as a wall... Thx much for the submit. great work

  18. Val3f0r Sep 16, 2004

    great background as usual from jinzhou XD great wall ^^

  19. Skril Sep 16, 2004

    Looks nice :)

  20. Angelette Sep 16, 2004

    Another great wallpaper by Jinzhou. I definitely like the smaller rocks: an asteroid belt? or the remnants of an explosion? Great ambiance; the blue works wonders. Great lighting; I've always admired your style.

  21. sword Sep 16, 2004

    ooh u finished!! props props props!!

  22. p0ly Sep 16, 2004

    great job, i like it

  23. shinta Sep 16, 2004

    Wow Jin-jin, the light effects roxorz! *fav*

  24. Xueli Sep 16, 2004

    space bg's ! the characters look awsome!

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