Vampire Knight Wallpaper: Beautifully Dangerous

Matsuri Hino, Vampire Knight, Kaname Kuran Wallpaper
Matsuri Hino Mangaka Vampire Knight Series Kaname Kuran Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Happy birth day trofi-chan
i hope you’ll like it ^^

I found this scan

and I think kaname would fit in, though I didn’t made the bg exactly looks like the original scan.
and thanks to trofi and rissa for helped me searching for kaname scan, in the end I use this scan.
Vampire Knight

I found difficulty in the shading, the scan almost shadeless because of that I must reconstructed all the shades

And then, I couldn’t resist having some flowers in my wall. I wanna add more flowers..but couldn’t do it anymore...

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  1. cygnet Nov 29, 2009

    amazing!the background is awesome.
    it fits well with kaname's scan.

  2. miss-kittychan Nov 29, 2009

    the background is really awesome, he fits so well into it especially in that outfit!
    Good Job!

  3. codon2 Nov 29, 2009

    OOh!, pretty! Wonderful job ^_^. Keep it up :D

  4. Kaname-Samas-Lover Nov 29, 2009

    hmmm yum =D you did a bloody good job =]

  5. vitaamin Nov 29, 2009

    i LOVE it
    hair+face is too saturated for the wall though and this particularly stands out =/
    and the roses could use more detail, but this is really a minor problem

  6. tomunio89 Nov 29, 2009

    OMG amaising colores *O* wow, i realy like it =)) Kaname looks soo hot i here!

  7. kunogi09midori Nov 29, 2009

    Oh my... Kaname-sama is absolutely beautiful! I never thought he would be this beautiful in violet. Good colors and great vectors. Definitely loved.

  8. Sakura-Dust Nov 29, 2009

    Looks really beautiful <3
    I love the background it's really great, what I dislike about it is that sparkly butterfly, it doesn't belong in a creepy vampire theme.
    I agree with Vitaa about his face and hair, but I'm really glad his red eyes stand out *__*

  9. Yamaro Nov 29, 2009

    So Detailed and So nicely vectored, also great colors. <3
    Great wall.

    faving for sure

  10. YamiNoTenshi16 Nov 29, 2009

    K-kaname-sama....oh my gawd...this is...absolutely...WONDERFUL! FANTASTIC! So detailed and the color suits it perfectly. ? Thank you so much for sharing this. ^^

  11. Kurorisa Nov 29, 2009

    Gawd I love how it turn out *~* He looks amazing with your touch
    Kapan2 bantuin ya bkin wall VK wkwkwkwk

  12. kara Nov 29, 2009

    It's gorgeous =O
    I like how you changed Kaname's colours to fit in with the background. It fits together so well :3
    I think your shading is beautifully done, I love the vexel XD

  13. FiiFO Nov 29, 2009

    Kaname sama <3
    very nice work on the overall design of the wall and vector

  14. andain Nov 29, 2009

    I really, really don't like Kaname but u made this wall gorgeous.

  15. chrisp Nov 29, 2009

    omg thats so..soo awesome O__O i love the colorsheme and also your idea!
    you've done a more than amazing job on this *__*

  16. Tina18 Nov 29, 2009

    Love it. Great job with the colors. Some lines at his hair are jagged but meh is too wonderful.

  17. LoveKa9 Nov 29, 2009

    Oh My Gosh this is subliminal! O_O
    Well, I loooove Kaname so I always found him gorgeous but he's particularly breath-taking in this one! *w*
    I love the colour, the background I utterly love the atmosphere of this wall! \o/
    Great job!^^

  18. PunkyDarkmoon Nov 29, 2009

    Wow Kaname is very great the wallpaper I love it ^^

  19. trofikabinet Nov 29, 2009

    *_____* WOW is all I can say. I'm really impressed by the ending result riza-chan ^^ Thank you so much for the dedication, I'm so happy...so many beautiful presents ;___;

    The vexeling is great, I really like the colors you've choosen, they work together so well ^^ I absolutely love Kaname's hair & eyes, you made them look so fantastic o.o The bg is pure win, I can't say much more than that, I'm so excited *steals Kaname*

    Ugh, I'm featuring this beauty at CoK <333

  20. ScarXHeart Nov 29, 2009

    This is a awesome wallpaper of Kaname. I love that background choice you chose and the colors too. It makes it give off that romantic and gothic feel at the same time. Really nice! Keep up the wonderful work you're doing!

  21. MizuuHime Nov 30, 2009

    Waow. Waow. Waow. Waooow!
    This is so amazing wall, riza-san. Kaname is so suited with the bg. First time I looked at your walls, I didn't even can guess, I think it's the first time I looked at this kaname. Well, I totally wrong >__< Maybe because you change his clothes color. And the bg, well, I think I totally wrong again.
    Nice job, riza-san.

  22. Sinever Nov 30, 2009

    very beautiful!
    everything looks gorgeous in this wall, the vector is very nicely done :3
    the atmosphere is lovely, well done & its a fav!

  23. Susan-chan Nov 30, 2009

    teach me master *_* how to vector soo beautifully *_*

  24. AnimeRoxz Nov 30, 2009

    NICE! + fav! Kaname lookks soooooooooooo smexy here! Since I don't vector/vexel (at least I swore to myself to never EVER vector- is guilty of breaking that vow a few times), I must say it must have been quite tiring no? XD Well good job! Your efforts paid off! This is definitely a nice wall! *sighs and admires wallpaper*

    I wish I could vector~ or at least I wish I had the patience XD

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