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A picture friend and I did for an original character. ^_^

He's the youngest General of Kahin (cat people), and unlike normal neko, his race is very ferocious and warlike. He was betrayed by a Myrki (mage) in his clan, and exiled as a result. He journeys back to Kahin on pain of death in order to save his queen during the civil war that follows.

We're not sure what happens to him yet, but probably nothing good. ^_^;;

Image specs:
Full CG image original
A4 - 300 DPI
Adobe Photoshop CS3
Wacom tablet (No idea what line, really old one... like 6 years or something).

Time taken: Around 40-60 hours? It's a bit hard to tell. I did the bulk of it, friend provided color charts and design specs and help with the painstaking pixel by pixel lighting.


Chosen by Kitaan and fireflywishes

Kabukiyasha enters the MT gallery with a bang! with this stellar work of art. The hair and cape are beautifully done and Kabukiyasha has done a stunning job on the detail work. The colors are refreshing and deep, which brings so much life to this artwork. An amazing first entry, can't wait to see more! <3

Proposed by Kitaan and highlighted by fireflywishes.

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  1. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Nov 23, 2009

    This has got to be one of the most amazing first submissions that I've ever seen here. Great character design and the shading on his hair and cloak are top notch! I'm usually, not into cat-boys but he does make for a very nice bishie. (I'll just imagine him without ears. ^_~) I very much hope that you'll share more of your artwork with us in the future!

  2. cygnet Nov 23, 2009

    Oh my good! He's so sexy! *faints*
    Amazing artwork!

  3. Kabukiyasha Nov 23, 2009

    Quote by fireflywishesThis has got ...

    Thank you very much! I didn't realize before there was an art submission that wasn't scans from artbooks T_T Or I would have posted some art by now. XD Not liking catboys must be a rarity, but I'm glad you saw past the ears. Though I admit I don't like the average 'neko'. They all seem a bit ... like they are on the verge of big cute eyes or crying.

    I will definitely share more stuff in future! ^_^/ Thanks again~

    merged: 11-23-2009 ~ 02:38am

    Quote by cygnetOh my good! He's so ...

    Ahaha XD Glad you like him! Thank you for commenting. :3 I'll draw more cute boys then!

  4. Kitaan Retired Moderator Nov 23, 2009

    Awesome job on this, wonderful to see more work
    like this in the gallery. Beautiful coloring job and details ^^

  5. kuryuki Nov 23, 2009

    hey amazing work! *goes visit ur DA*

  6. Kabukiyasha Nov 23, 2009

    Quote by KittenAwesome job on this...

    Uwaaah o_o I'm so surprised this got such a great reception here (Mini being the place to go for pretty stuff), the time totally paid off. Thank you for the kind words~

    merged: 11-23-2009 ~ 03:02am

    Quote by kuryukihey amazing work! *goes visit ur DA*

    Thank you ^_^/ Yay~ DA views.
    So hard to get those! I'm pleasantly surprised by the MT response really, people actually saw the image!

    And... I just saw that it got Highlighted. >.< Thank you very much, Kitten and fireflywishes. I will endeavor to post more prettyness in future!

  7. xRedPhoenix Nov 23, 2009

    Gorgeous work. This is definitely faved.

  8. skynight Nov 23, 2009

    very good he hot!
    thanks for sharing

  9. Kaname-Samas-Lover Nov 23, 2009

    love the chest =P but hes face looks abit femaleish.... but you did a freaking great job =]

  10. trofikabinet Nov 23, 2009

    OMG, this is so amazing & beautiful *.*
    I really love the painting, it's fantastic *drools*

  11. Kabukiyasha Nov 23, 2009

    Quote by xRedPhoenixGorgeous work. This is definitely faved.

    Thank you for the fav and compliment ^_^/

    merged: 11-23-2009 ~ 12:18pm

    Quote by skynightvery good he hot!
    thanks for sharing

    XD Glad you like him, thank you for commenting.

    merged: 11-23-2009 ~ 12:18pm

    Quote by Kaname-Samas-Loverlove the chest =P but hes face looks abit femaleish.... but you did a freaking great job =]

    Yesh... I have a problem with drawing my boys too feminine XD I like feminine boys! I shall make sure to make the next one more masculine. Thank you~

    merged: 11-23-2009 ~ 12:19pm

    Quote by trofikabinetOMG, this is so amazing & beautiful *.*
    I really love the painting, it's fantastic *drools*

    Ah~ Thank you *blush* Everyone has been very kind :3

  12. garnetyuna Nov 23, 2009

    what a great piece of art! *__* it's wonderful! good job, and really well made.
    I'll fav this!

  13. GeneDNC Nov 23, 2009

    This is awesome. Since I can't wait to see more of your art I'm going over to DA. :D

  14. MapleRose Retired Moderator Nov 23, 2009

    I love the gorgeous colouring, esp the shading on his skin (love how you used blues and purples for it), and I'm jealous of your anatomy skills *__*

  15. DarthTofu Nov 25, 2009

    Mm, gorgeous guy. =] Though yeah, his face is definitely female. haha. I like feminine boys usually, but his body is kind of jarring with that kind of face. xD
    I definitely love the detail on the bits of armor and cape and stuff and the blue lighting, though I think in some places the skin is a bit too grey where the blue blends into the peach.
    I did notice that his right bicep is a bit too low as well.
    Major props for the background, btw, since it hasn't been mentioned yet(!).

    I'll be visiting your dA. =]

  16. arnis Nov 25, 2009

    oooo , nice job^^ thanks to up there

  17. crmc13 Nov 25, 2009

    well,this is awesome!:D
    i love this too!+fav!

  18. greenemerald Nov 29, 2009

    not only is he gorgeous, but his character has depth and his life's an interesting story! now that's what i call irresistible!
    great job... love the pic ^_^

  19. z827 Dec 02, 2009

    Awesome artwork o.0 Wish I can draw that well :P

  20. Kakuseisha666 Dec 02, 2009

    Nice job ^^,If I could draw like that ...

  21. mewmewlover55 Dec 05, 2009

    uwaa freaking amazing work <333

  22. shy-chan Dec 07, 2009

    Wow, awesome work. So many details.
    And colors and light really wonderful.
    Beautiful work!

  23. chibimisao Dec 21, 2009

    This artwork is amazing! You've got everything down perfectly from the character design to the background. It all looks perfect and very professional. Great work and hope to see more from you. <3

  24. yuiyue Dec 26, 2009

    Wow (sugoi) this is incredibly sexy! amazing detail and great coloring /two thumbs up!

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