Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning Wallpaper: Life is a Spiral

J.C. Staff, Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning, Ayumu Narumi Wallpaper

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

nothing very special about this one, its just something i drew up when i got bored one afternoon. Its Ayumu from Spiral aka Suiri no Kizuna

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  1. HanabishiKaoru Apr 12, 2004

    I love it ^_^, Ayumu is awesome! Especially what he says, "The Melody of Logic Shall Always Play The Truth."

  2. Rinmetsu Apr 12, 2004

    i luv this wall, its great.

    COol Grunge !! yay!

  3. Noctum Apr 12, 2004

    The brush heavy bg looks great and also the monochrome character picture is very stylish.
    But the character stands out a lot (brown in front of black).

  4. Taurec Apr 12, 2004

    Love the brush work.

  5. kyroooo Apr 12, 2004

    I'm not a fan of sephia walls, but the bg is... intriguing ^^

  6. LifeIsSpiral Apr 12, 2004

    ITS GENIUS! @___@ gaaah!! i love this wall!!! haha especially the phrase on it!!!! XD excellent-ness!!!!!!

  7. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Apr 12, 2004

    wow....those grunge designs and textures are super detailed XD very good wall!

  8. Lametatron Apr 12, 2004

    Very Gritty, Stark Contrasting, slightly medieval and gothic. I love it

  9. trunksgirl77 Apr 12, 2004

    YEA!!! A SPIRAL WALL!!! i love it, since you dont see to many spiral walls, and i like the BG. great job

  10. Cloudnine Apr 12, 2004

    Extra points to you for walling Spiral, even more points for walling Ayumu~ XD

    Good use of grunge brushes, a bit heavy, but good style and design ^^

  11. Mizuki-Chan Apr 13, 2004

    ooo nice colour

  12. xbluefish Apr 13, 2004

    did u make the background yourself? Cause it's great !!!

  13. rubbermonkee Apr 13, 2004

    looks old :) good effect.

  14. YoruMitsukai Jun 05, 2004

    Awesome *o* Waaiii I love Spiral *_*

  15. jchupa Jun 08, 2004

    I like this alot.

  16. Shades Jun 26, 2004

    This a great work!

  17. youkokoryuu Jul 11, 2004

    Fabulous Ayumu wall!!! n.n

  18. nycl3oy Jul 22, 2004

    Nice scan

  19. nycl3oy Jul 22, 2004

    Nice wall ^^

  20. kirika Jul 24, 2004

    good work!

  21. LoGo Jul 24, 2004

    great job!

  22. tsubasa-no-kami Jul 25, 2004

    splendid BG! the degisn is sooo grand!! X3

  23. kai Jul 27, 2004

    Dang....thats really nice. :o

  24. Phoenix Jul 27, 2004

    COOL ... COOL ... COOL ... One of the best wallpapers I had ever seen about spiral.
    Not forgetting that Ayumu is in it ... GRAT ONE ^^

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