Umi Monogatari Wallpaper: Magia Oceanului

Umi Monogatari, Marin, Vector Art Wallpaper
Umi Monogatari Series Marin Character Vector Art Source

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Please Do not repost it without my permission.

Happy Birthday Melfina =D Hope you'll have a great day.
Featured at my-maiden Thank you Eve<3

I finished this a while ago, or so I thought cause I still modified things, I'm not very pleased with her face but I'm out of ideas and strength to do something. This was definitely the most time and nerve consuming project ever, it took almost 3 weeks to complete it .___. I started it as a practice with the tablet and I never thought I will actually finish it, I wanted to do her hair somewhere between real hair and anime, at first I used a tiny brush for it maybe 3px but after I did the part in front I was going out of my mind, I took lots of time, so I decided I should increase the size up to 5 or 6? I don't remember, but I increased it. And so I did the rest of the hair with that one, man this was a long journey xD I thought countless times of dropping it but somehow I finished it.
I used 5 colors for the hair, here's a walktrough //is not very accurate since I made it when I finished the wall for the first time and I modified things since then, but is basically how I did things// http://img130.imageshack.us/i/mermaidwalktrough.jpg/
Original image here: http://e-shuushuu.net/image/173878/ I noticed there's a bigger one on mt in case someone wants it =D
Plus, I used this image as reference for the hair&ear: http://www.animepaper.net/gallery/scans/preview/item151038/ I looked for the actual scan but I couldn't find it o.o I traced some strands of hair from it but I had to modify them to look ok.
I don't have any glitter brush >< lol, so I used the star one//thanks to the owner btw// I actually like it, the little stars are cute xD The bubbles are drawn using the tablet. I think the fishes I made before were sticking out too much so I made others, more discrete ones xD
That's about it, I think. I'm officially out of patience now.


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  1. Melisandre Nov 16, 2009

    nice work! I like the hair, you really make a good job with it, and the atmosphere is magic. Cute gift :D

  2. kara Nov 16, 2009

    Omg, I can see how that hair must've taken so much time and patience @_@ You totally have my respect.
    I really like the atmosphere you've created and the bubbles are adorable <3
    Personally, I would've liked a bit more contrast in her hair for that extra bit of impact. But like you said, you wanted something semi-realistic, so I guess it works.
    Anyways, it's gorgeous <3

  3. Kitaan Retired Moderator Nov 16, 2009

    Ah, how I love the hair so <3
    You released her ponytail! Nice change, goes with the water theme more.
    I like how you colored it, especially her skin. The bg is really nice, bubbles and all.
    Thank you very much Tina, I really love it
    and appreciate it deeply ^^
    *puts in folder and skips off* XD

  4. kunogi09midori Nov 16, 2009

    Beautiful beautiful! Love the hair and skin.


    O.O wow, so detailed! I'm amazed.

  5. Echolen Nov 16, 2009

    Wow you put a lot of time and work into this! It really paid off! Everything looks so soft *w*

  6. jns Nov 16, 2009

    Oh it's finally here
    So that's what seemed different from the original scan! Her hair -.-'
    You already know i like it so we'll stick to that cos i'm tired xD

    Off to school

  7. trofikabinet Nov 16, 2009

    I love the water effect, is really nice :)
    The skin coloring is <3 But I really wish the hair color'd be more distinct. A bit of contrast, that's it. Otherwise, the hair looks gorgeous, I'm really impressed ^^

  8. aneznam Nov 16, 2009

    You just got the tablet 0_o? and painted this so beautifully *_*. What i mean to say - you're a real talent <3
    Skin & hair coloring is <3
    and of course --->

  9. Yamibou-Eve Nov 16, 2009

    Once again you made something magnificent out of an ordinary picture *___*
    I see you've gotten used to painting hair with the tablet, it really has a nice flow and the highlights are beautiful! She looks even more beautiful with her hair down
    I also like the bubbles <3 very well drawn
    And the sea surface coloring is beautiful!
    And her skin is really nice, I like the pink tones

  10. vitaamin Nov 16, 2009

    im so happy you did this scan, but im sad you released her ponytail, because the bow added a nice detail and color that is somewhat needed in this wall. try some oranges and greens in the water or even purples. you can layer anything on top of blue and it would still look like water...

    the hair is pretty nice, but i find it kind of monotonous in its texture. the shoulder doesnt seem shaded correctly--the shadows are too saturated(and too red) and the shape isnt right. further more i feel that the color you chose for her skin line doesnt do anything for her skin--its too gray in some parts and too yellow against other shades, you should have chosen a completely different spectrum (like purple)

    and it seemed like you were going places with the light but you didnt bring it far enough for the image to not fall flat. the main issue is that the dark parts are merely desaturated when really they should have different hues of shading--try blending colors or adjustment layers in the future esp if the shading is so uniform

    ueber long comment again but i think with a little bit more detail this could have been a fantastic wall

  11. Sinever Nov 17, 2009

    I totally love you wall!
    I like how you did her hair & skin :3 & the water effect is cool!
    well done & its a fav xD

  12. rizacaga Nov 17, 2009

    i love the detail on her hair...but i expecting more shades on her face...and a bit highlights...more thanthat..ti's a great work...^^

  13. M2Vz Nov 17, 2009

    this is an amazing wall O___o I love every single thing you did... Particularly her hair. I fullviewed the wall and noticed that you painted the hair strands by strands (is it the right word for hair? xD). The result is really pretty, but I guess it needs more depth... Probably lol I'm not very good at pointing stuffs =.= and you're going for semi-realistic look! That's awesome~~~.. I can't do realistic =b

    and...*drops some cookies*
    P.S : I'll try replying to your GB soon :D

  14. zaira Nov 17, 2009

    Wow another underwater themed wall. The scan used is really pretty, and
    the vector is great! Too bad you remove her ponytail, i like it more when
    you vector with her ponytail but you did a great job expanding her hair though
    the it needs more shadings and tonings. Her skin color at her shoulder looks
    wierd with more shades of purple/pink, maybe try recoloring it to make contrast
    on some parts of her skin. The bg is simple and i found the underwater lacks color
    shades, i agree with Vita having orange, purple or green combinations get mixed with
    the blue color but love the bubbles. Lastly the lighting effect from above, it needs more lighting and try focusing it on the character. Overall nice vector and concept! +fav! ^^,

  15. tsuki-akari Nov 17, 2009

    This wall is beautiful.
    Love the skin color and the hair.

    I got also a tabled but never use it ^_^'

  16. Sashinka Banned Member Nov 18, 2009

    i am glad you did the hair well! Nice work! ^_^

  17. MizuuHime Nov 20, 2009

    Wow, that's really beautiful ^__^ I love the bubble and the hair ^__^ You did a great job on this wall ^__^ Keep up your good works ^__^

  18. tykimikkislove92 Nov 25, 2009

    This is so beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  19. milly3 Nov 25, 2009

    Thanks for sharing~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  20. YamiNoTenshi16 Nov 28, 2009

    That hair...it must've taken a lot of hard work---good job! Thanks for sharing~~~ ^_^

  21. belcullen Dec 02, 2009

    This is so beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  22. greenemerald Dec 07, 2009

    this is beautiful. I like underwater/water magic/mermaid-related themes!

  23. Tevy Jan 21, 2010

    Una feminidad envidiable, muy delicada y bella foto!

  24. mammonlovesmoney Jan 28, 2010

    The beautiful girl. It is pleasant as she it is traced

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