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Angel Diary Wallpaper
Angel Diary Series

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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This wall is for my dear friends kuryuki and hayashinomura and also for the "Pick and choose" contest over at Wallpaper games^^
I'm sorry you two for making this extremely late,but I didn't really have time to wall at all lately because of school T__T I hope you like this wall,I really tried my best^^'
After always making butt-kicking covered-in-blood-fire-all-around bishie walls,I decided to make something more subtle and angelic and I'm very pleased with the result...this is my first fully colored wall made with sai,and I think I finally know how to use the marker and water tool lol
After playing around for a few weeks,I came up with this,and I think it's totally better than my Gil wall I made in PS where I also tried to paint^^
At first,his robes were gray like the wings,but since it blended in a little too much,I decided to make it blue,somewhat similar to the color of his eyes..I also added the cross tattoo and the earing,because he was just too simple and ordinary without any accessories lol [the wings are totally not enough for me >D]
The scan I used
I taught the feathers were unnecessary and yeah,I admit,I was too lazy to vector them >DDD

Hope you like it guys!Pls comment&fave xD

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  1. Alenas Retired Moderator Nov 14, 2009

    He really does look so cute and angelic; a definite change from your usual 'gore-and-hack-and-slash-bloody-guys' wallies, lol. I like a lot! XD

    Nice painting in SAI, too; I have yet to make a wall in SAI only...still not brave enough. XD

  2. kuryuki Nov 14, 2009

    whaa~*0* christa-chan?its so angelic! lol indeed quite different from the usual
    *evil laughters* it's great to see more people using sai lol **next time try the lines in sai too :D :D : D:D :D :D**
    thanks so much <3

  3. sailorchiron Nov 14, 2009

    Stunning painting! I love the colored line art, it's clean and crisp, and still not harsh. I like the painting style you used, it's very smooth but not to the point that it looks like it was airbrushed or gradient-filled. Over all, very nice work.

  4. vitaamin Nov 14, 2009

    i dont really understand why his wings are gray when the rest of the wall is so saturated and cyan
    i actually enjoy the painting on the hair, even if its not super detailed

  5. GeneDNC Nov 14, 2009

    Aww, why's he sad! I really like his hair and wings and I'm glad you left the feathers out, I think they would have been too distracting from the rest of the wall. Great work. :)

  6. trofikabinet Nov 14, 2009

    The painting is really soft and clean, I really like the color scheme you used this time ^^ I'd rather like to see his wings more white-blueish then gray. Besides that, everything looks fantastic, the outlines are really great <3 SAI is much better for painting than PS....
    Is a feature at CoK :3

  7. Kritty Nov 14, 2009

    Your painting on this wall is lovely
    And all your vector lines are smooth and neat

    Just a few things though
    I think his eye would look nicer if you had smudged the shine a bit
    Or if you are using SAI, Set the layer to luminosity and pulled it along with the water colour brush or upped the dillution of the normal brush and pulled it along.
    The snow is lovely and soft but looks like its only falling infront of him.


  8. Valuna Retired Moderator Nov 14, 2009

    I completely agree with Pika-pi <3

    I never used SAI o.O >doesn't know how it works *sticks to ps*<

  9. chrisp Nov 14, 2009

    copy from AP >__<
    Greaat! so damn bishiieee
    me loves yur coloring in sai! you really improved *O*
    teach me storm-senseeei i bed you >__<
    anyway awesome outcome i really like it to the EXTREME
    couse it's a FAV!

  10. Pulver15 Nov 15, 2009

    OMG! It's angel diary! I really like this manga XD
    and woah you really did a great job creating a soft angelic athmosphere! *___*
    and you're really good with sai XD
    and.......I dunno what to say I just love EVERYTHING! XD

  11. hayashinomura Nov 15, 2009

    I really love this, everything you put in it, so angelic with bishes LOL
    I dunno but I feel calm when I look at him + the bg ^^
    Once again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! ^___________^

  12. Gainulin Nov 15, 2009

    Very much even not bad angel...

  13. tsuki-akari Nov 17, 2009

    your painting is great!
    love his hair and blue eyes! ^^

  14. lauritabl1 Nov 30, 2009

    hola quien me podria recomendar una pagina igual a esta realmente me encanta toda la galeria que he podido enocntrar

  15. twilightlover1722 Dec 06, 2009

    oohhhh CUTE! me love it >.< jeje

  16. Nuinui Feb 10, 2010

    Everyone talk about the color of the wing, but I really like her

  17. animedacy Apr 16, 2010

    =P~ great wall!
    i love it ^ ^
    GO ON !:P :)>-

  18. sheenzi Jul 06, 2010

    kawaii, chu!^^
    that expression...
    miaw,miaw,miaw X3

  19. Daiya-san Dec 28, 2010

    Is beautiful!
    thx for upload!

  20. mona12 Jan 15, 2011

    so amazing i love it thanx

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