Hatenkou Yuugi Wallpaper: Hello Tomorrow

Minari Endou, Studio DEEN, Hatenkou Yuugi, Rahzel Anadis, Vector Art Wallpaper
Minari Endou Mangaka Studio DEEN Studio Hatenkou Yuugi Series Rahzel Anadis Character Vector Art Source

2560x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Dedicated to Tina-tan <3
Cos i love Rahzel and i know you love her too

Uuuuhm.. this is actually how i wanted it to be ---> clicky but due to certain problems with the admitted resolutions i had to change it
I loved this scan from the first time i read the chapter and i just knew i had to wall it one day. But at the time i didn't feel like touching photoshop so i kept postponing it
Then I finally had an urge to do it and thought i'd be able to do it quite fast but I guess I was wrong -.- I was so afraid I wouldn't be able to capture Rahzel's emotion and expression from the scan, and that would totally ruin it since her expression was so bittersweet and beautiful.. so I struggled a bit with the eyes and the best way to make them but I think I was able to nail it *yays * Good thing she has blue eyes that are quite easy to do without making them look boring
The painting of the face was relatively easy cos I wanted to keep it simple not to draw attention off her eyes (since they made me go through hell) So it was just a tad of painting a gradient here and there and voila~
Then I got really busy and didn't have the time to touch it for almost a month........... And if I thought her eyes were hell that was just cos I wasn't considering her hair! Oh boy was it hard <.< First it reminded me why I always kept a distance from female characters with really long black hair, and I didn't want the hair to seem dull which is really hard when all the tones we can use are neutral colors *sigh * And when I thought I had finally understood how to make the hair look decent I came across that bit of hair behind her ear, and I just couldn't make the hair flow in a decent way and after almost 10 times re-doing it... it still bugs me (but try to avert your eyes from it k?)
I guess I went a little nuts with the strands but I just had so much fun doing them! Definitely my fav thing in the painful process that was this wall

Then came the background, the thing I tried to avoid at all costs since clouds are like my nemesis or smth. At first I did a blue sky but I thought it looked too blue and peaceful (and corny....) and that a sunset would be more dramatic
It's still sucky but I didn't expect it it to look so decent! So don't complain or i'll cry xD no.. seriously

And the title *tan tan taaaan * And whatever I thought about just sounded WAAY too lame and so I did what I usually do, listen to music! And there I was when wmp went nuts and started playing random music (which the darn thing does more often than I'd like) but it was actually a good thing cos it started playing Karen O's “Hello Tomorrow” a song I hadn't listened in ages and just had that sad yet inspiring sound that just fits the atmosphere I was going for the wall

Overall this ended up taking almost 2 months but i'm glad I didn't rush it cos i'm actually satisfied with the final result
Lastly, dual screen rules! I'm sorry here aren't any decent resolutions but any other way would make the wall look too weird and just as if her face were slammed into it, not enough room for the sky. Which is a shame cos I wanted to use it as desktop *sulks *

Anyway, all feedback is appreciated ^^

Oh... a friend was saying how the hair looked complicated but it actually wasn't, the whole thing probably has 7/8 layers at most, I just had fun with blending modes and opacity so it probably looks like it has more layers that the actual number

Geez.. this is way too big of a description

vector-wallers mangaholics my-maiden

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  1. Yamibou-Eve Oct 31, 2009


  2. sailorchiron Oct 31, 2009

    Simple and very elegant. The painting job is wonderful, especially the eyes, and I adore her hair. It's smoothe and has so much depth and contrast! Excellent work!

  3. trofikabinet Oct 31, 2009

    Wonderful wall :3
    The hair is absolutely gorgeous *.* but I like the eyes best, they look so deep :)
    The whole scene is so warm and full of emotions, a really beautiful wall ^^

  4. kuryuki Oct 31, 2009

    *o* the hair;s beautiful~~~~~

  5. Echolen Oct 31, 2009

    I love it! I think you did a great job! The hair looks lovely and the contrast is just spot on. And her eyes are lovely too!

  6. YoruAngel866 Oct 31, 2009

    i love this especially eyes
    well done <3

  7. Cris25 Nov 01, 2009

    So beautiful!~
    Really loved this one, the sky is so beautiful! ^-^

  8. vitaamin Nov 01, 2009

    i enjoy her hair, but it doesnt mesh well with the setting because its just shades of grey.
    the clouds are also a bit too blurry, though the form looks good

  9. M2Vz Nov 01, 2009

    Pretty scenery *_* glad you chose sunset :)

    I love how you did the clouds :D
    and her hair is so so pretty <333 wish I had hair that long -.-
    her eyes are gorgeous <3

    And the title is not lame ^^ *hugs*

  10. Tina18 Nov 01, 2009

    Holly shit looong description is long xD Tina-tan loves you<333 Thank you!
    I like the hair, I think you could've used a bit of blue in it along with that gray. And the sky is wonderful.
    Ahhaha Yeah I love rahzel, *creepy match* xD
    *stealz it*

  11. YamiNoTenshi16 Nov 28, 2009

    Wow... O.O This is so beautiful...I love your work, thanks for the upload! ^~^

  12. nova5 Dec 14, 2009

    great thanks for this picture =)))

  13. shintarock Jun 21, 2010

    Hello, nice wall ~
    Beautiful one

  14. Monaliza Jul 12, 2010

    i love her eyes
    her side view
    she say something and i am listenning

  15. Tokami Sep 08, 2010

    wow, cool ((((:
    so beautiful ^_^

  16. Karolaylg Sep 21, 2010


    is so nice!
    i loved ???

    thanks! ^^

  17. SiriGirl Nov 24, 2010

    Very beautiful job! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Daiya-san Dec 28, 2010

    she looks beautiful!
    thx for upload!

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