Mahou Shoujo Ai Wallpaper: Dark Wings

Mahou Shoujo Ai, Ai Kagano Wallpaper
Mahou Shoujo Ai Series Ai Kagano Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I think this one was the first WP I've ever made. It just needed some retouching now and I added some more effects to it. But the basics remained the same because I like the greyscale colors with the outstanding red eye ^^;

Well, I hope you like it, too!

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  1. motoko Sep 13, 2004

    Sure I do !!!! This dark angel is so cool !!! ^_^'

  2. Skril Sep 13, 2004

    Well it's great, cool, awesome wall. I like this greyscale colors and red eye :)

  3. azndude88 Sep 13, 2004

    very dark looking awsome

  4. roshinku Sep 13, 2004

    wow nice one + fav!

  5. Chickomon Sep 13, 2004

    Well, if creepy was your intent, you succeeded. I like it a lot.

  6. Sayax Sep 13, 2004

    I really liked it!

    She looks like Jo from Bakuretsu Tenshi lol

  7. niXan Sep 13, 2004

    Hmm hmm hmm. I like the dark feeling in this one. But there are some things that bugs me.

    The bottom for example. Those wings really don't fit there. If you put them there just to avoid getting alot of empty space you could've just enlarged the text.

    Also the effects in the background look so random. A more organized look would make it alot better.

    But for being your first wallpaper it looks nice. Better than my first I can tell.

  8. bromithia Retired Moderator Sep 13, 2004

    Nicely done! *favorites*

  9. GlassGnome Sep 13, 2004

    Yeah, very cool.

  10. gendo1 Sep 14, 2004

    Really Nice. A piece worthy of over a hundred views.

  11. Spriggan Sep 14, 2004

    it look very cool...thats in my taste!! thanks..and good job!!

  12. Atashi Sep 14, 2004

    Amazig wall, to my fav

  13. walhalla Sep 16, 2004

    Yeah, very cool.

  14. katz291 Sep 26, 2004

    It's supre cool! Good job mew =^-^=

  15. kanoko-witch Mute Member Oct 10, 2004

    WoW amazing wall :D cool RED eye

  16. Zefie Oct 10, 2004

    character looks very nice and he has ver cool eyes :) his wings are pretty and background effects are wonderful ! and it's nicely dark wallpaper, i like it ! thanks for sharing it =^-^= !

  17. Ritalin Oct 12, 2004

    This is a very complete wall... so complete in fact, I think I found my new wallpaper! XD

  18. ShadowSeeker Nov 14, 2004

    OMG OMG ! This is the coolest wallpaper I found in this website !

  19. ShadowSeeker Nov 14, 2004

    OMG OMG ! This is the coolest wallpaper I found in this website !

  20. Li-Mei Dec 20, 2004

    i have a wallpaper with a similar picture, it says "mahou syoujo ai 2" ^^ hope it helps, i haven't searched it up but....oh never mind. ^^ great pic.

  21. Xion3 Jan 08, 2005

    Quote by SayaxI really liked it!

    She looks like Jo from Bakuretsu Tenshi lol

    Yes! I know!

    I have a passion for this anime, though I think it's a hentai. I forgot the name of it. But I love the artwork of this girl. So great wallpaper!

  22. Josei Feb 19, 2005

    ohh!! i'm a big fan of Loveless. My friend and i are going to be cros-playing as Beloved and Loveless >.< great job on the wallpaper. one of my fav pics.

  23. wormwood Feb 19, 2005

    Yummmmmyyyy...... XD I really, really like it... Well, dark does a lot for me. So does red and black. :)

  24. OreNoSora Apr 28, 2005

    the pic is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice!
    his red eyes are amazing!

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