Hyun Kyoungup Wallpaper: ~=(Arctic_Moonrise)=~

Hyun Kyoungup Wallpaper
Hyun Kyoungup Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

OK, finally now is tommorow and it is finally done!!! XD

After 5 bg changes, I finally figured out what suits it!! (I think ) :P
Yeah, this is also a bit similar with my lunar illusion wall! >_>

Ok, the wings were "ripped", cleaned, from a character from xenosaga. (I got lazy to make my own one)
Anyway, the stars and aurora were insprired by kagaya's art!!!
Overall, only the girl, her wings and the ice bergs were not done by me.... I only edited them to suit the lighting effects and stuff.....
BTW, did I go overboard with the wall??!

70+layers + hours(>__>) = this <----70?!! , that's because of all the mistakes!! lol ..so at least 50 remained...

Enjoy!! ...Thanks for viewing!!! ^___^

EDIT: I made the reflection darker. I placed more colors to the aurora. Want less planets? E-mail me! zcythe11@yahoo.com

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  1. Kenzotsuke Sep 13, 2004

    a great WALL!its just awesome!good work(again^^)
    fav powaaa! XD

  2. shinta Sep 13, 2004

    wheeeee! Kagaya rocks! The aurora thingies are great! She's purdyyy!

  3. Val3f0r Sep 13, 2004

    you and your talent ken XD this is become my favouriteeeeeee :D it looks so great... the effect... the rippling water... the reflection... those iceberg.... and those planets.... all I can say its a masterpiece of yours XD beautifully done :D and you put a lot of effort into this :D and somehow imo... the character is fit really perfectly with the background... also the wings is actually nice XD

    Well done!! :D

  4. bikixnn Sep 13, 2004

    great wall!*.*

  5. darkwaterbunny Sep 13, 2004

    whoa! I love this! This is really good ^^ the ice effects kyaaa!!! I love it! Background looks really good ^_~ Keep it up!!! :D :D

  6. azatheal Sep 13, 2004

    70 layers? o_o woah.
    But it was worth it I suppose :D

    It's so....shiny *_____*

  7. chibikko Sep 13, 2004

    yeah tomorrow-wallpaper is here ^^ i`m glad. it`s pretty, i like the water effect with the mountains and the sky is pretty, too. good job kenzuke

  8. misl3d Sep 13, 2004

    beautiful colours, nice effects.....saw the original scan, u did a good job ^-^ But try also with an anime girl....

  9. tAtEkAnE Sep 13, 2004

    the character is really pretty! *glomps* i like the water and reflections, the ice mountains, and the pretty lights around her ^_______^ *@_@--* *staring owl-eyed* hehehe!

    one thing tho i think the aurora is a bit too strong maybe lessen the opacity, and add more red into it...this is entirely a personal preference only ^____^ *hugs*

    *runs from kenzuke*

  10. Zdenek Sep 13, 2004

    Great wall and all, but I won't fave it. It deserves it maybe, but there are too much planets for my taste.

  11. ulysse1981 Sep 13, 2004

    WOW beautifull wallpaper :)

  12. hidekeitaro Sep 13, 2004

    Very nice XD

  13. Yura Sep 13, 2004

    awesome great wall the water and the reflections
    the character is really cool

  14. exentric Sep 13, 2004

    da aurora is great and wall... but I think u went overboard with it.. too much of em
    another point is da mountain reflection. reflection as I knew it has never been as sharp as the mountain itself.
    try blurring it a bit

    other then that~
    I'd say this is an awesome wall~! ^.^
    good work~

  15. niXan Sep 13, 2004

    Hmm. I like it and dislike it at the same time @_@. Must stop staring!! x(

  16. sammo Retired Moderator Sep 13, 2004

    mm...too awesome-licious, as expected of imanimetions.net trio! XD

  17. Noctum Sep 13, 2004

    This wallpaper has quite a unique, blue, green and ice-cold atmosphere.
    Good work. :)

  18. Osiris Retired Moderator Sep 13, 2004

    ooo so this is the new wall eh :D

    looks cool o___o;;.....too cool for osi XD

  19. Shado Sep 13, 2004

    Wow nice wall, i like it

  20. Shado Sep 13, 2004

    Wow nice wall, i like it

  21. bluerobins Sep 13, 2004

    i like it it is very nice

  22. Sandy Sep 13, 2004

    Mmm... I don't know how to put it. I think each element of your wallpaper is well worked but they look like they don't fit with each others. I mean, the girl in 3D, the iceberg is photo and rest 2d... they don't seem to make a one and only background. It's weird Oo I don't know if you know what I mean, I'm kinda confused myself. XD

  23. FlowerDog Sep 13, 2004

    OMG! This is so beautiful kenzuke! :D Love the way the BG reflex in the water. Wallpaper was very well done. :) Must fav it! :)

  24. DarkSith Sep 13, 2004

    Wow !! Very good wallpaper !! I like the background :)

    Nice work :)

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