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A fanart CG. Guess who she is. Hint: not Tifa :P

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  1. darkmoonrose Sep 13, 2004

    nice. very elegant scan. :)

  2. Impera Sep 13, 2004

    wooow, this is a very good work!

  3. sammo Retired Moderator Sep 13, 2004

    hoyl shizzies...i thought it was a scan and i was gonna use it...but it wasnt T_T its so nice!

  4. foolboy Sep 13, 2004

    Nice scan.

  5. TwilightNoir06 Sep 13, 2004

    This is such a beautiful scan. I really like the simplicity of the background and it's dark blue against her white dress. This is very lovely.

  6. Angelette Sep 13, 2004

    Wow that is beautiful! You drew this?! Wow!! So.. who is it >_>;;

  7. Vagrant123 Sep 13, 2004

    *gasp* PUUUUUUURTYYYYY!!!!


  8. exentric Sep 13, 2004

    dats.. a fanart..?!
    dam freaking nice~!! >_<

  9. Cloudnine Sep 13, 2004

    she looks a lot like dagger from FFIX ^^ awesome CG work~ <3 the somber athmosphere and overall design ^^/

  10. Asahi Sep 13, 2004

    a doujinshi ? *__* in the first moment i was thinking it was a scan.. maaah my respect to you ! *fav*

  11. white-winged-angel Sep 13, 2004

    wow... she is so cute!!!
    add to fav!!

  12. Noctum Sep 13, 2004

    Great colouring and pose.
    I like the beautiful and mysterious atmosphere of this artwork. :)

  13. motoko Sep 13, 2004

    One of the most beautiful girl I've ever seen ! 0_o She looks like an angel...

  14. Kasumi1988 Sep 13, 2004

    beautiful drawing!!! :D

  15. Sorceres00 Sep 13, 2004

    O.O holy shi..., i thought it was a scan :o , are you sure this is a Doujinshi? XD XD i can't believe it hahaha XD XD , it's excelent :D :D

  16. FlowerDog Sep 13, 2004

    I thought it was Garnet/Dagger like Cloudnine said. :D This is a truly beautiful job frozenwilderness-sama. I could look at this drawing for an extremely long time. I can't wait to see more of your beautiful works. :)

  17. Asuran Sep 14, 2004

    wow!!!!!! i've never seen anything to beautiful!!!! you've done an amazing job ^_^

  18. boei Sep 14, 2004

    simple is beautiful. you jus proved tt

  19. Ayu-mi-xx Sep 15, 2004

    Aww! Wow, this picture gives off so much feeling...PASS THE tissues!!! XD

  20. Rex Sep 16, 2004


    *rubs eyes*


    *rubs eyes*


    holy crap! now this......this......this........ *speechless*

    i would add to fav 10 times if it'd let me XD

  21. Duchess Sep 16, 2004

    sugoi! very talented....xD

  22. Fantasia Sep 18, 2004

    it's really really beautiful>__________<is she a Miko?very mysterious

  23. TheRavenIsUnSkill Nov 06, 2004

    I cant believe I didnt browse through yer stuff sooner O_O Awesome job on this!
    Really pretty..


    Cya! XD

  24. Blackass Nov 11, 2004

    It's great, I love the bg and the colors.

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