Shaman King: Shaman King couple

Hiroyuki Takei, Xebec, Shaman King, Hao Asakura, Anna Kyouyama
Hiroyuki Takei Mangaka Xebec Studio Shaman King Series Hao Asakura Character Anna Kyouyama Character


A little something I found while on the internet...................................

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  1. woox Sep 12, 2004

    i love shaman king, plus its a great scan

  2. Kasumi1988 Sep 13, 2004

    great scan!!! XD

  3. kaiar Sep 14, 2004

    Nice scan

  4. Cloudnine Sep 15, 2004

    moving to group scans ^^~

  5. kai Sep 25, 2004

    Very nice, then colors really match. :)

  6. elizabeth-san Sep 27, 2004

    I love the this scan. Hao and Yo are soooo cool! And cute XD.

  7. bucket-shot Oct 02, 2004

    Thanks for sharing. :) Good images of this series are really hard to find.

  8. Richie Oct 23, 2004

    Shaman King is my favorite manga/anime ^^ thanks for sharing, Nitro

  9. Guardian Nov 10, 2004

    Thanks for sharing this.
    It's so hard to find a wallpaper of shaman king that i like.

  10. Magnius Dec 23, 2004

    I can name them from left to right; Zeke (Hao) Asakura, Yoh Asakura, Anna, and the Iron Maiden.

  11. tobalone Jan 09, 2005

    Quote by MagniusI can name them from left to right; Zeke (Hao) Asakura, Yoh Asakura, Anna, and the Iron Maiden.

    Thank you very much for the name....and thanks for the scan. I like it a lot.

  12. Blueheart Mar 02, 2005

    I love Shaman king. this work is very nice
    try to get some for Horohoro and Len.... pleeeeeeeeassssseeeeeeee

  13. thamara Mute Member Mar 24, 2005

    very nice scan
    thank you very much
    I like it realy

  14. vinguzmans Apr 20, 2005

    Really nice scan!
    Its so nice!!!!! :pacman: :pacman: :pacman: :pacman:

  15. lthnadml May 14, 2005

    Nice scan ! ! ! ! ! I like it , it's so nice ! ! ! ! ! !
    :D :D :D

  16. Wapy May 16, 2005

    cute one! Try another charater... maybe Horohoro!



  17. Angel92 Jun 22, 2005

    Wow, What a very nice poster of Shaman King. I love the pair of Yoh and Anna. Thanks for sharing it :) :) :)

  18. triste Aug 05, 2005

    What a pretty scan! Nice colours, and it's bright and vivid. Thanks for posting this!

  19. GonTidus Aug 14, 2005

    nice scan =) thanks for sharing... I really like that image ^____^. see ya

  20. nightstar12 Dec 10, 2006

    This is one of my fave pics! Thanks for uploading!

  21. LinkAlchemist May 03, 2009

    Shaman King! >o< Thank you very much for sharing!

  22. KazamiHayato Nov 06, 2009

    I missed my crush that Iron Maiden Jeanne, since long time ago. I love that scan. It brings back memories.

  23. rladud839 Nov 20, 2009

    i love shaman king, plus its a great scan

  24. Yuukizero12 Nov 25, 2009

    I was searching for this picture! Thank you ^^

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