Metropolis Wallpaper: Who am I?

Osamu Tezuka, Madhouse, Metropolis, Tima Wallpaper
Osamu Tezuka Mangaka Madhouse Studio Metropolis Series Tima Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Here's a wallpaper i just made x_x, i loved the movie so i made a wall for it =p. Actually this wall is one of my most simplest i've ever made x_X... Anyway enjoy.

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  1. Gamefish Sep 12, 2004

    :o.. nice one ^^ fav ^^

  2. kaidou Sep 12, 2004

    finally A pretty Metropolis wall!!!! This movie kicks so much....Thank you roshinku!

  3. roshinku Sep 12, 2004

    lol yw ^_^!.. never thought people would post here, not even thought i would get a fav for it XD. Thank u so much!

  4. chibikko Sep 12, 2004

    looks pretty cool, is this a screenshot? but looks nice

  5. Asahi Sep 12, 2004

    yeah.. indeed very nice :)

  6. motoko Sep 12, 2004

    great job ! this wall rocks !! the movie is kind of strange but I like strange movies XD
    keep it up ^_^'

  7. darkwaterbunny Sep 12, 2004

    oi! A met wallpaper! Dont see many of those, great job! ^.~

  8. Suika Sep 12, 2004

    it's simple, but looks very nice ^-^

  9. roshinku Sep 12, 2004

    Quote by chibikkolooks pretty cool, is this a screenshot? but looks nice

    yes it's a screenshot... when i took a screenshot of the original size of the movie, it was still 1024 x 510 or something so i had to increase the size a little bit and used some brush filter and some other filters to clean it up a bit.

  10. Paolo Sep 12, 2004

    nice work. :D

  11. halcyonTwilight Sep 12, 2004

    Looks really nice ^^ Nice work on cleaning up the screenshot. I love the feathers :D

  12. Chaox Sep 13, 2004


  13. Val3f0r Sep 13, 2004

    nice feathers XD nice wall overwall ^^

  14. griffin Sep 13, 2004

    Beautiful bg

  15. roshinku Sep 13, 2004

    lol thnx thnx XD

  16. Blackass Sep 16, 2004

    It's very very chido, two thumbs up

  17. SENTRIONIC Sep 18, 2004

    yes, it's a real amazing movie...and wp too :D

  18. roshinku Sep 19, 2004

    yeah the movie kicks ass =P!

  19. d611691 Sep 24, 2004

    i like the felling of the feather^^

  20. roshinku Sep 24, 2004

    falling of the feathers lol yeah, feathers sure are pretty ^^.

  21. Taejin Sep 26, 2004

    i like the surreal effect of it.

  22. Electrastar Oct 26, 2004

    nyah, don't bash me but I haven't seen metropolis yet....anyway, this is simple but meaningful nontheless....the feathers really stand out and that's what I really love about it :D

  23. anxius Dec 19, 2004

    It's very crisp, plus it's metropolis so even better :). Very nice.

  24. Teryon Apr 22, 2005

    Boy..this is very pretty. And of Metropolis no less..rare and decent all in one. What a package!

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