Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Wallpaper: GundamSeed-Strike Gundam

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Made this last month. I just wanted to share with MT since my bro told me. XD
Just a crazy abstract.....and the quality of the scan ain't that good though so the char. may be a bit pixelated T_T

Oh, and I have a new wall for you guys but I'll release it tommorow. (I think) XD

Edit: I already released it! here it is http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/41732/

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  1. white-zero Sep 12, 2004

    Awesome Strike wall. XD

    Fav. :)

  2. niXan Sep 12, 2004

    Looks cool but some parts are pixelated and that ruins it.

  3. chibikko Sep 12, 2004

    woah the background is freakin cool and the scan goes great with the effect. btw i'm looking forward to your wallpaper tomorrow, too ^^

  4. Katzbalger Sep 12, 2004

    Great Gundam SEED wall! This one's absolutly awsome! I often find it hard to find a GS wall that's actuall good to d/l! Great job!

  5. Noctum Sep 12, 2004

    The only bad thing about the scan I can see, that is some pixelation on the black lines here and there, but that's nothing in comparison to the awesome feeling of "action" this wallpaper provides.
    Damn, this is the first Gundam wallpaper ever which makes me think about putting it on my desktop, so it can't be that bad. XD

  6. lensterknight Sep 12, 2004

    As usual, excellent work, Kenzuke. XD

  7. keenan83 Sep 12, 2004

    wikkid wall man i love it. nice effects

  8. sammo Retired Moderator Sep 12, 2004

    woah...best wall from the usage of this scan :O

  9. Asuran Sep 12, 2004

    wahoooooo i love it!!!!! srikes pose deff suits the colours you've used!! kickass!!!

  10. Angelette Sep 12, 2004

    Whoa nice and fiery. But it's pixelated... especially at the bottom ;__; ::sniffs::

  11. Kenzotsuke Sep 12, 2004

    nice wall the effects are really nice!!
    +fav :)

  12. chau-chan Sep 12, 2004

    @_@ THAT IS SO good!!! XD

  13. FlowerDog Sep 13, 2004

    Super cool Gundam Seed wallpaper kenzuke. :) The BG does give off a feel that gundam is striking. :D I am looking forward to your new wallpaper. :)

  14. katz291 Sep 13, 2004

    Its so good! Kenzuke deserves 1000 cookies! *dumps 1000 cookies on top of him* yay!!!! *hugs the cookie pile on top of him*

  15. shinta Sep 13, 2004

    Whooooo. I like the abstract! Wheeeeeeee!

  16. irix Sep 13, 2004

    good one!!! i'm like the abstractness!!! :nya:

  17. Cloudnine Sep 13, 2004

    awesome BG effects ^^ definitely one of the best mecha walls I've seen lately :D

  18. euna Retired Moderator Sep 13, 2004

    awesome wallie! cool effects!! great job!!

  19. kenzuke Sep 13, 2004

    Well, maybe if I had more free time, I would reCG the character to remove those pixelated stuff!!! XD

  20. Citsitra Sep 13, 2004

    looks fabulous

  21. zeine Sep 13, 2004

    Wicked awesome.... Great perspective and full of energy... Powerful and fierce... Couldn't get any better than this...

  22. jeremybrundage Sep 13, 2004

    Great action wall.

  23. crapmonster Sep 14, 2004

    that has to be one of the best abstract walls ive seen in a while, nice job!

  24. shawty Sep 14, 2004

    very awesome its great love it

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