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Random title again from The Ting Tings song title

It's kinda early but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KURYUKI!
I want to give my original as your b'day present but I hope you're not mad cause there are skulls there LOL

Also this is my entry for HalloMono Dark Wallies Contest
I dunno if this one spooky or not for you guys or not but I feel creepy enough when make this one....(but I say, "WoW, COOL!" when it's done ^^")
so I hope it's okay ^^

Here's original sketch
I used some reference too for details like big cage, child skulls, skulls in cage, rose cage and butterfly lamps

Well, hope you like it and comment/fav/both are really welcomed and appreciated ^^
thanks ^^

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Another Reso in AP!

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  1. Yamibou-Eve Oct 16, 2009

    It is spooky, good work!
    Ah I just love monochrome walls with red <3
    And good luck with the contest :D

  2. kuryuki Oct 16, 2009

    \o/ *gwomp*
    thank you so much haya-chan~
    i'm really happy to get ur original art as a present :D of course i don't mind the skulls *they're kindda cute :D*

  3. DarthTofu Oct 16, 2009

    You've always had such a distinct style.

  4. miss-kittychan Oct 16, 2009

    I totally love this! It is really spooky and creepy and thats more than enough reason to love it lols. the theme is great and the colours give it a nice scary effect x

  5. mammonlovesmoney Oct 16, 2009

    I love works in black-white-red scale and an eye does not cut and on a desktop it is looked beautifully

  6. Melisandre Oct 16, 2009

    Dark, gothic and gorgeous.
    Do you know the musical group called "The Tings Tings"? They have a cool song with the name of your work, I recommend you them ;)
    + fav

  7. Kurorisa Oct 16, 2009

    manthap lah haya, I love your style XD
    mengapa engkau begitu cepat soal menggambar dan me-vector? ;_;

  8. segnoj Oct 16, 2009

    Your character is vectored beautifully like always, and fits the dark theme very well. The skulls/skeletons are definitely creepy xD
    I see the reference you used for the big cages are actually flat, but I think they will look even better if you added highlights and shadows to the top and bottom part of the cages to add more depth, instead of just having a gradient over it :)
    Anyways, very good ^^b

  9. M2Vz Oct 16, 2009

    this is really awesome <3
    I love her dress xD it's really cute in some ways :D

    And it's creepy :)
    not exactly creepy though since it has some cute parts lol

  10. zangetsu001 Mute Member Oct 16, 2009

    Nice wall its great thx for sharing

  11. LotusEX Oct 16, 2009

    Hmm It's a cool wallpaper thank you,I really love dark colors.

  12. Steffi1690 Moderator Oct 16, 2009

    WOW! This one is great! From which anime is that girl? Fav! :0)

  13. Kuriasan Oct 16, 2009

    Yes.....this is awesome..its exactly what I need right now....Dark and Lovely

  14. atashi07 Oct 17, 2009

    Great wall! :D I loooooove this wall so much! :D Great job! *thumb*

  15. MizuuHime Oct 17, 2009

    Waow. That's so.... Hmm, so great? And awesome, of course.

    And the Ting Tings song title?

  16. SakuraMoon-06 Oct 17, 2009

    This is such a beautiful wall! I really like the darkness and how you used minimalistic coloring. It really emphazises the gothic-ness!

  17. sniper-gamma Oct 18, 2009

    Great work haya-chan... :D
    another original wallpaper... Gothic style huh? O_o
    It's spooky... =.="

  18. Kaname-Sama-Love Oct 18, 2009

    Ooooo wow you did a really good job! i love it =D

  19. vitaamin Oct 18, 2009

    i absolutely love the scene you've painted and the lineart is fabulous as is expected from you

    but i really do think that its time for you to flex your skills in coloring. i think that the monochrome color scheme and the lighting makes your work look flat--flat is good sometimes but i feel thats not what you are going for so it makes it more uninteresting. try more define edges, figure out where the shadows go and paint them in, rather than just airbrushing your way out of it. torn rags dont look smooth in their shading, they shoudl have some roughness. and shadows dont just surround the edges, they flow into the middle with the creases as well. and sometimes things are highlighted rather than shadowed.

    i think if you spent more time on shading and coloring you could make really great work esp with your skills as a drawer.

  20. chrisp Oct 18, 2009

    woa another great art *__* you know i love your drawings >D
    this idea is amazing and you transformed it very well
    i adore the skulls <3

  21. silverfaerie Oct 18, 2009

    Just awesome, haha the lil skeleton dudes look cute XD and have that "dont go master~" kinda look on there face. its very well done :D good job~

  22. Bernouli Retired Moderator Oct 19, 2009

    Wow, great original piece :D

  23. xpilot2006 Oct 20, 2009

    Awesome, really love the colors used. The gothic theme will be sure to help...my desktop get into the season...hehe. Thanks for sharing!

  24. PunkyDarkmoon Oct 20, 2009

    Wow is very very beautiful ^^ good job

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