Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Wallpaper: Let's live it up Coke-style!

Akira Amano, Artland, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Reborn (Character), Tsunayoshi Sawada Wallpaper
Akira Amano Mangaka Artland Studio Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Series Reborn (Character) Character Tsunayoshi Sawada Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

EDIT2 Thank you for 100 favourites! It's been a while since that happened 8).
EDIT: holy crap on a stick it got highlighted. It's a dream come true. T-thank you ;_____________;. I-I cried... but it was out of happiness this time :')

and features at vector-wallers + chamber-of-kings *____*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TSUNAAAAA <333 You're probably legal now! ^____^b

Eh, minamalism isn't my cup of tea. Tsuna is now coke's posterboy :).

Dedications: Eeva, Tina, Kara, Trofi, Kuryuki <3.

I know that knowing you guys has supported me in the last school term. I don't think I told anyone what's been happening but your reading your GB posts during IST class was such a highlight when I had been crying for all of that morning. You're all amazing people <33. I hope you like Tsuna!

Crap aside, I'm not vexelling for another year dammit XD. Pretty much EVERYTHING has been vexelled. Another wall in traditional Aqi style, that is: cram as much cool stuff as you can onto the PS canvas and see what happens xD.

I adore Coke's advertisements, I've seen them on buses, train stations, TV, everywhere (lol consumer society). I thought it would be awesome to mix my love of party drinks and Tsuna together xD. Ehhh we're generation Y, we're supposed to be the wild ones ;D.

I've had my eyes on this scan for a while too. Those eyes, the awesome perspective, but I had no ideas other than super abstract. Then his birthday came around and I HAD TO DO SOMETHING.

I started with vectoring Tsuna. His skin and hair are painted, and the rest is a sort-of-vexel. Colour combos were a disaster... so I asked for a bit of help and Kuryuki suggested mixing some of the colours around 8).

Then I started vectoring background elements. I am so damn proud of my coke bottle. Except I had to resize it so much D: The speakers (silver circular things) are the ones we have in the house, I took a photo of 'em and vectored them. Nothing like being resourceful! The background... sort of took form on its own. A lot of cross-referencing to coke advertisements and google images.

The rest... sort of happened. I swear, no one uses brushes anymore on MT, so I went crazy with some halftones and splatter brushes. I used tyl!Tsuna from my previous wallpaper and did the little photo things like coke's website. Little reborn is from the latest poster spread. Colour combos are crazy like heck.

Ahhh, I had a lot of fun. This is why I've been slack in replying to some GB posts.

Comments, crits, faves are all appreciated in advance. This was a great distraction from studying and I'm so proud of it. I think it's my best yet :). Changing things around will be difficult though due to resizing and etc.

Thank youu! This makes 4 years at minitokyo <3333
--------- details------------
original scan:
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

program: photoshop cs3
layers: 106 approx, most layers are merged.
file size: 61.1 mb (not including separate files for each individual vexel)
time: 6 days


Chosen by gaara-no-shukaku and Chloe

Check this out!
The vibrant colors are fantastic - really eye-popping. The vectoring/painting is really well done and all the colors are blended very smoothly together.
Awesome job, aqiaqua!

Proposed by gaara-no-shukaku and highlighted by Chloe.

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Browse Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. kara Oct 15, 2009

    Happy Birthday Tsuna! And happy 4 years on MT Aqi-chan XD
    I love it *_*
    That vexel must've been a lot of shapes @_@
    I think I vaguely remember the coke ad and you did an awesome job Reborn-fying it :3
    I love how you can make your walls so crazy and colourful but still fit together so perfectly.
    <3 Hibird
    It's fave, duh <3

  2. EevaLeena Oct 15, 2009

    Happy B'day Tsu-kun! >_<

    As usual, your styles is very lovely and colorful! I love it! Ehhh... wait! I saw Hibird! Nyuhuhuhu! But anyways... gotta give you thumb up for coming up with this Coke ad styles! If Tsu-kun becomes a Coke poster boy, I'LL probably goes and steal the poster. Hahahaha!

    Oh yeah, thankies for the dedications! I WUB Tsu-kun! (Ans YAY! Coz he ranked #1 at KHR character poll ^^)

  3. Alenas Retired Moderator Oct 15, 2009

    So colorful and pretty! *___* Me loves!

  4. trofikabinet Oct 15, 2009

    Happy bday Tsuna ^^ And also happy 4 years on MT xD

    Wow, I can't belive it you did it. Looks so colorful and great. I really love how the colors match up together and the vexeling is amazing too. Must have been lots of works...
    Srsly, I really like this wall, so I'm just gonna put it as my new desktop ^^

    And thx for the dedication aqi-chan <3

    EDIT: *sigh* I keep forgetting to feature wall at CoK...baka xD So is a feature ^^

  5. sarawutsm Oct 15, 2009


  6. nikko3 Oct 15, 2009

    Oh, it's the Tenth Vongola birthday. :) *Gokudera style*
    Happy Birthday Sawada Tsunayoshi and Happy 4 years on MT aqi-chan! :D

    This is so complicated. I'm not sure where to start but the rainbow colors really attract me! ^____^ The colors are so uniform with everything. Especially Tsuna, Reborn, Hibird and also the COKE! Wow, Tsuna is actually holding a Coke on one of his hand. Those rainbows I recognised them from your layout. :D I feel so refresh looking at this. lol Maybe I am hunger a bottle of Coke right now! xp

    Thanks for reminding me of Tsuna's birthday. LOL How old is he by the way? xp

  7. HeavenlyJeanne Oct 15, 2009

    Love the colors!
    So beautiful! *_*

  8. zaira Oct 15, 2009

    Omedato Tsuna-san! XD though i haven't watched the anime but some parts
    are kinda cool anyway this wall is so cool! i love the color combinations and
    its really colorful! Love the vexelled style everywhere :D The texture is a-ok too
    and the best part of the wall is the Coke bottle below! really great touch! ^^,
    I love coke so +fav! :)

  9. vitaamin Oct 15, 2009

    this is fantastic! i think you really made the brilliant colors work here--though i think if you had used a darker shade for the coke it would have brought an interesting contrast to the piece.

  10. Sakura-Dust Oct 15, 2009

    Haha, legal? Not even close XD
    I love this wall, it's been a while since I last saw such a refreshing wall *__*
    Even though Tsuna himself isn't my cup of tea, this is too amazing to ignore <3

  11. akeedacrest Oct 15, 2009

    happy birthday, tsuna and happy 4th anniversary in MT, aqi-chan! you should get a payment for making coca-cola an advertisement! XD

    definitely a +fav! miss ya, aqi-chan!

  12. Yamaro Oct 15, 2009

    Wooooooooooooowwww this is so so so super extra mega powerful wall!

    I like it! And yeah, the colors ^_^~~~ahhh

  13. Tina18 Oct 15, 2009

    I love you! This is so awesome. Thanks (???)
    Love what you did with it, so colorful and you used the arcobaleno on your page too xD I spy his number and other awesome stuff there. And the best thing is his adorable expression. I prefer Pepsi but I've stopped drinking both sice a while ago, going all naturel~

  14. Pulver15 Oct 15, 2009

    I so LOVE THIS! XD
    I always love the colorfulness in your walls and you really made my day with this!
    and the bg is just.....*_____________*

  15. DreamAnime Oct 15, 2009

    I LOVE all the colors and how bright it is.

  16. Emma93 Banned Member Oct 15, 2009

    awesum awesum awesum! so stylish and so clean :D

  17. sheilaregine Oct 15, 2009

    I like it because it is very unique and stylish!

  18. Cris25 Oct 15, 2009

    Woah~ Aqi-chan's walls are amazing *o*
    I loved the colors you put in there, really liked them! ^^
    Happy Birthday Tsunaaa! And congrats for you Aqi-chan! :D


  19. gaara-no-shukaku Oct 15, 2009

    Whoa..pretty design! I enjoy seeing those bright rainbow-y colours. Also the addition of texts and patterns make this a very distinctive wall from the others. Brilliant job. ^^

  20. mbeckley Oct 15, 2009

    Dude, this is awesome! I love it! ^^ You'll make a wonderful graphic designer.

  21. Fran Retired Moderator Oct 15, 2009

    *thumbs up*
    Oh Tunaaaa, you look so good :3

    What not to love about this wall! It reminds me so much about Kawaii-chicken's wallpapers, the rainbowish thing going on.
    Extra points for composition, really, everything is so perfectly placed!
    I just wished Tuna's outlines weren't black, maybe a darker shade of brown or any lighter color.

    Keep it up :3

  22. Morrow Oct 15, 2009

    Wow, that's awesome! *.*
    I love all the details and the vibrant colors <3
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  23. chrisp Oct 15, 2009

    thats so awesome <3 i love it! your style (especially the colors) are really unique i always know if it'S yours
    your vexeling is fantastic >__< i wish i could do that too xD
    awesome job on bg! so colorful and detailed! gorgeous <33 and great reconstruction!
    yays for tsunas bday >D *dances*
    AND a BIG YAY for your 4 years! keep it up and amaze us with more works *puppy eyes*

  24. Chloe Retired Moderator Oct 15, 2009

    See highlight comment >D

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