Touhou Wallpaper: The Forgotten Time

Ryo Ueda, Touhou, Keine Kamishirasawa Wallpaper
Ryo Ueda Mangaka Touhou Series,OVA,Game Keine Kamishirasawa Character

1680x1050 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

A to Z (without Q) Vector Series: U

Vector #65

Original Scan: link

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY ASH-HIKARI! I told You I am gonna make you a little present =D
I really hope you had a nice and wonderful birthday with lons of presents and, of course a birthday cake, too. heh, I really suck writing those messages..

Sheesh, "long" time no see. 11 weeks, almost 3 month and no submissions. Well, some of you may already know, but I started my trainee as a nursery teacher in august and because of that, I am kinda really busy and on top of that, I am really unmotivated. A lot happened in the last weeks and I felt like leaving MT. I thought a lot about that and I am still not sure. When saying leaving MT I mean stop vectoring not to stop visiting. MT kinda changed a lot (I don't mean the new layout._.) this year, maybe I am just getting old.. Wohaa, I am writing too much right know.

So I started vectoring the girl a long time ago and like always i couldn't make a background. this is the best I could do so far, so embaressing. Well I sued a lot of brushes: grass, clouds, petals 1 and petals 2 and a texture from DA!.

Well, altough it's nothing special I really hope you like your little present. And I reallly hope we found some more time to chat like in the past.

!And thanks a lot in advance to any commenters, favers, full-viewers, and advice givers!


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  1. Kritty Oct 11, 2009

    8d You finished it! Yay!
    Overall its really great, The vector is beautifull *___*
    However the tree needs some more work, the branches shouldn't completely visible

    Its still love <3

  2. theremosster Oct 11, 2009

    this wall is beautiful

  3. melymay Oct 11, 2009

    Great work on this. But I think that Sakura tree needs more sakura.
    This is some really good vectoring though :)

  4. Bernouli Retired Moderator Oct 11, 2009

    I love your vector, but her arm makes me o__O

  5. zaira Oct 11, 2009

    i love the color scheme :D + the vector on the character is great too especially
    her eyes. The bg is nice too though i found the cherry tree needs to add more leaves
    on the branches, the sky is a bit empty maybe try adding some stars or clouds, and lastly her arm...i've checked the original scan and maybe you should have vector her till on the tip of her hand but overall i love the colors ;) +fav!

  6. vitaamin Oct 12, 2009

    already commented on AP but yea the usual color complaints (i know cliche coming from me)

  7. aioria006 Oct 12, 2009

    Great wall

  8. Altairusyaru Mute Member Oct 12, 2009

    Lovely picture

  9. kara Oct 12, 2009

    I love the vector, minus the end of her right arm but people have already mentioned it.
    The sakura tree could do with more layers in terms of the leaves for more depth. The patches facing the light source needs to be lighter and the deeper layers are darker.
    And some shading on the sakura petals in the front could really bring them to life :3

  10. Melisandre Oct 12, 2009

    Great wallie, the combination of colors is superb and the vector is just amazing.
    +fav :D

  11. anit4e Oct 12, 2009

    Waa such a neat vector *_*.
    The way you vectored her hair is fantastic,and not to mention almost everything else ^_^"
    But that sakura tree looks a bit flat to me...I dunno...maybe you should have blurred it a bit,buuuut I like how everything looks like it is anyways! ^_^"
    Nice work! ;)

  12. RanMouri Oct 13, 2009

    You know that I love your vector.
    And you found a good theme for the backround.

  13. juniok Oct 14, 2009

    love the colors but it has some flaws like the above mentioned right arm and the sakura tree's branches.

  14. IamAlicE Oct 21, 2009

    Well I am not used to like things with to much pink, but this one is really good :D

    merged: 10-22-2009 ~ 12:23am
    Well I am not used to like things with to much pink, but this one is really good :D

  15. ASH-Hikari Nov 11, 2009

    Omone-chan <3 I'm sorry it took me so so long to get to this. Truly.
    (This is my first time leaving a comment since the new MT 0_0 It's weird.)
    How can you say this is nothing big? A wallpaper like this would take me a lot of hard work.
    You used like all my favourite colours. Light pink and red-pink <3 I love your multilayered vectoring that you do now. I know I'll never figure that out.
    "MT kinda changed a lot (and I don't mean the new layout)." No kidding. You have no idea how much I miss the old days of MT...
    I don't even want to check how long it's been since I submitted something. I might cry ;_;
    Anyways. Enough rambling. I love, love the present, I can't even believe you did that for me. I didn't make gifts for anyone this year. You're way too sweet <3
    It's beautiful, I adore it, and thank you thank you so much. Miss you, love you :) Hopefully one of these days if I have time I can get myself back into MT and maybe even vectoring.

  16. D3rak Nov 11, 2009

    Good Job! Add to my favorites. ^^

  17. YamiNoTenshi16 Nov 29, 2009

    Waaaaiii, she's so kawaii! >w<

  18. lovelylayla Jan 31, 2010

    very pink, but still good

  19. summerkiss18 Mute Member Apr 15, 2010

    Thanks for sharing this wallpaper...

  20. RinaAsakura Apr 21, 2010

    nice scan!
    thx for sharing~

  21. Mekiin Apr 22, 2010

    Wat a great design, really depicts the chars

  22. knightkiller Apr 22, 2010

    thank for sharing the nice picture!

  23. smtsmt May 23, 2010

    I like she , pink hair to cute

    and look like amezing

  24. the2ndpandora Jun 09, 2010

    I's very cool and lovely wallpaper , the colour you use is great too . Thanks for share .

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