Touhou: Vix Meridiem; Scarlet Midnight

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Vix Meridiem; Scarlet Midnight

Alright, since my going crazy has settled down for now, I can make a reasonable description. THIS PICTURE! Is the product of my recent practicing. All chugged into only two days of on-and-off work likely totaling several hours accumulated time, this would be my new personal masterpiece that blows my previous three-week one clean out of the water. I very, very, very, well like how this came out. :U

This is my first Touhou picture ever which means, yup, I've done it. I've jumped into the Touhou bandwagon despite not being a fan of danmaku shooters myself. I like the characters and the setting and I also like all the fan arts coming out for it. ZUN is a maniac. I feel like I've lost something by joining the Touhou madness. :UU

The two stars in this picture are the infamous Scarlet sisters - Remilia and Flandre with the younger having the spotlight. Clock tower in the background is striking midnight. :UUU

The title, Vix Meridiem, is rough Latin for Scarlet Noon/Middle, or more politically correct, Scarlet Midnight. I hope you guys like this - I believe myself it's another milestone achievement for me which explains why I'm... <voice="Mr. Crocker">ABOUT TO GO CRAZY AGAIN!</voice>


I forgot to say thanks to all the kind supporters on all the websites I upload my work to - and a special mention for the people here in MT because I get the best feedback from here. :??? I kind of like to look back now at my older work and see that there's finally a strict difference. I've finally improved some - but it's not enough. The road has no end and we have to keep walking forward. :UUU

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  1. GeneDNC Sep 23, 2009

    First comment! I really really like the clock face, and the bit of city in the corner is a nice touch.

    I'm glad you are happy with your work and can't wait for more works from you. XD

  2. DarthTofu Sep 23, 2009

    Awesomeness, from the thumb it almost looks like a 3D render. Your strokes are a bit too messy (but who am I to talk about messy strokes? XD). But anyway, I really love your sense of form.

  3. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Sep 24, 2009

    Really nice piece GTD! I agree that you've really shown a lot of improvement since your initial submission. One question I have for the characters is where are they currently standing? Is it outside of the building with the clock or are they inside the clock tower? I could see it either way, but depending on the interpretation, there are subtle things that are a little off.

    If they are standing outside, unless the clock it virtually AT street level, the girls look a little too calm/normal... I'd almost expect them to either be hovering (I see wings) or clinging to something to keep from falling off because for me clock towers are usually high up. (and you can assume they're supposed to high up since you can see the city in the left side...) However, if they are supposed to be inside the clock tower, then we shouldn't see be able to see the hands and the Roman numerals should be facing the other direction.

    Separately from that, great job on the clock! Love the colors and the rosette pattern. :) Keep up the great work! :D

  4. Bernouli Retired Moderator Sep 24, 2009

    I love it.. ;__;

  5. sailorchiron Sep 24, 2009

    Stunning, absolutely stunning. I ALWAYS full view your stuff, the second I see it. The colors are so rich, and of course, your painting...your painting skills are...there are no words to describe just how good you are. I like the sorta weird perspective/point of view, it goes well with what looks like insanity in that girl's eyes (and the blood on her hand...) I use way too many ...s in my comments! >_< ANYWAY awesome work.

  6. Ephemeral-Garden Sep 24, 2009

    You, sir, are crazy!

    Manic painting skills you have. This is the first one I've seen from you, so I'm going to rummage your gallery because from the thumbnails up there they looking freaking awesome. The placement of lighting is pretty good. And I like how you work with the clock. The semi-transparency you've given it with your painting makes it... feel so dreamy? At first I thought it was some scan from the magazine. o_O

    I'm currently struggling to come up with decent backgrounds for my animation project. And I'm really bad with background because they look so... ruler-ly constructed. :p Would you mind giving me some tips?

  7. vitaamin Sep 24, 2009

    i would have liked to see this more well lit with warmer colors, the fullview is not as impressive as thumb
    but apart from that, LOVE the perspective and this is just awesome

  8. Angi Retired Moderator Sep 24, 2009

    painting is niiiice
    awesome work ^_^

  9. yeswedid Sep 25, 2009

    Awesome job!XD
    The BG is absolutely amazing,fabulous,brilliant,mind-blowing...a(...) right now I'm too stunned by your work to come up with more words!^^"
    Anyways,it's a fav for sure.

  10. nepenthe8341 Sep 27, 2009

    really really nice! kudos for the work, it's amazing!

  11. Gladis Nov 15, 2009

    wow this is gorgeous
    love it its really great >:3

  12. halfmetal39alchemist Aug 10, 2010

    wow it left me speechless! what a great picture! thanks so much for sharing. it's a fav ^_^

  13. Steffi1690 Moderator Aug 13, 2010

    Yeah yeah Touhou.. :)

  14. jac450633 Oct 22, 2010

    Wholesome redness of awesomeness xD

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