Lelouch of the Rebellion: MUTUALITY - CGR2 2nd Ending Credits: Lelouch

Artist: Clamp

From the "MUTUALITY CLAMP works in CODE GEASS" artbook

Not my scan

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  1. Lunariha Jul 11, 2008

    squeeee...yey! first one to comment XD
    omg! such a hottie pic of Lulu-sama >_< thanks for sharing this!

  2. milla-chan Jul 11, 2008

    he is so gorgeous XD
    thank thank thank thank you for sharing him ^____^

  3. Enternal Jul 11, 2008

    Wow.... very very nice! This one and the one of Nunally are just awesome! Thanks.

  4. hayashinomura Jul 11, 2008

    Oh mannn..coolll!
    I fainted...owww

  5. Enysha Jul 12, 2008

    hahaahhha i've just taken a cap from anime *---*
    This pic is a kind of lulu/kamui-sama hahahahaha.... i love kamui and, this lulu kyaaa~~~~~.....

    I download again hohohohohoho *-*. I'm a maniatic wuajajjaja.

  6. X-kai Jul 12, 2008

    Are you really sure this is Lelouch?
    For some reason I'm getting a strong feeling that this is Kamui?
    If not It's amazing how much they look-a-like here! I'm not complaining at all of course! ;)
    Thank-You sooo much for sharing this image with us jyuunishi! :) :D I Love it! :)

  7. Russiel-chan Jul 12, 2008

    the draw is the same for lelouch and kamui (clamp made them) for that they are almost the same.
    a great scan!

  8. kakah Jul 12, 2008

    thank you

  9. pRinCeSsAkaNe Jul 12, 2008

    I'm QuiTe suRe He iS LuLu..
    KamUi's HaiR sTyLe iS a BiT DiFFeRenT tHan LuLu's..
    aNd i tHinK diZ HaiR ReSemBLeS LuLu's MoRe~

    kYaaa~ i LaFF BoTh KamUi n LuLu! <3

  10. LauraLeia Jul 13, 2008

    Amazing! I truly did not expect this image from the 2nd ending to be out so soon! Thank you very much for sharing this! :)

    Lelouch looks extremely appealing in this particular picture. His expression looks rather vulnerable for once! XD

  11. Yavanna22 Jul 13, 2008

    X-kai: yep it's Lelouch pic. from R2 ending.
    Anyway he looks really hawt*_*

  12. rinharui Jul 13, 2008

    oh my gawd.... i think my heart juz burst.... XD anyway, thanks for this gorgeous pict of Lulu.... X3

  13. lilmaggie22 Jul 14, 2008

    LOL! I love how CLAMP really sort of uses their X/1999 skills to draw the second season of code geass! I truly love this scan...ahh his eyes! But i keep getting the impression that we are in the X world.....*cough kamui cough* hahaha..Kamui doesnt have those purple eyes..okay..i have no idea what im typing right now..i love code geass! Anyhow, thanks for uploading!
    I want to kidnap him...

  14. sids Jul 14, 2008

    I love this so much nyanyanyaaaaa >0<
    gorgeous and awesome!
    Thank youu >_<

  15. HontoniKawaii Jul 14, 2008

    I JUST LOVE this image!
    Thank u SO MUCH for sharing~~ *chu*

  16. ernn Jul 15, 2008

    ARGHHHH! his face! oh my gawd! I love CLAMP's art as always O_O
    Lelouch is really hot here! arghh! *drolls*

  17. gomurocket Jul 16, 2008

    This Lulu is so hawt I could kiss the screen!
    My new wallpaper.

  18. christabel92 Jul 16, 2008

    OMG!*goes to photoshop and starts vectoring right away*
    Lulu-sama is mine!Don't someone dare to touch this!

  19. farhana Jul 18, 2008

    I love this scan. CLAMP makes me remind Lelouch of Kamui...

  20. Mahou-Koneko Jul 18, 2008

    This... is... gorgeous! Lelouch rocks... and he DOES look alot like Kamui in this scan... but I don't mind - it's lovely! =D

  21. Koboshi93 Nov 03, 2008

    OMFG! lelouch... is so hot!

  22. lilmaggie22 Nov 06, 2008

    Actually, this was up a long time ago! Anyways, its okay...
    this is actually the scan where everyone goes
    I do agree, well, part of the reason is because of CLAMP! They are the author of X and they were in charge to design Code Geass, no wonder they will use their skills...i also notice that they mixed X and TRC style together for Code Geass which is really interesting! omg. my comment is getting long! Anyways, thanks for sharing this scan!

  23. chii0103 Nov 06, 2008

    HOT indeed! thanks for sharing the scan.. @_@

  24. eowynB612 Nov 06, 2008

    Lelouch looks too much like KAMUI !

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