Shin Tamayori Hime Denshou Wallpaper: Deepest Memories

Idea Factory, Shin Tamayori Hime Denshou, Tamaki Kasuga Wallpaper
Idea Factory Studio Shin Tamayori Hime Denshou Visual Novel Tamaki Kasuga Character

2560x1600 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

.:Deepest Memories:.

Finally, it's done after a long pained time vectoring this scan.
Higher resolution than the usual by the way. It made my computer or atleast Photoshop lag extremely for running a file of 180 MB...Sorry for minor mistakes then.

Basically I vectored this scan. Fixed a lot of stuff and a lot of failing...I so dislike the mouse for these kind of stuff. I have no idea about the clothes but whatever, probably fine. Hair is a possible wtf but I changed changed it to what I saw fit the most and how she's actually standing since I tried comparing a bit to the scan it made no sense to it. I pretty much left the colors the same. Petals are from beneath the scan and done this and that blahblahblah get the drift, alright?

About the vector, it was pretty difficult to make as I used all kinds of things besides the vector itself. I didn't use any texture this time, I don't think it was needed. I'll add if I get too much complaining about it or for anything else. Put more depth and filled in more of her eyes in Photoshop since it has more options and is easier to work with for the little stuff, you see?. Background took a while, it's mainly just a night sky. I found it boring at first so there's a possible (there is but no idea if it's noticable) aurora in there with a bit of colour.

Comments and suggestions are all appreciated.

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Last updated: 11/10/10

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  1. nxia Sep 08, 2009

    zOMG! it caught my eyes the moment i saw the thumbnail O_O"
    you edited a lot from the scan and the outcome's just awesome
    a very elegant wall indeed! great job~ definitely FAVS. :)

  2. Kurorisa Sep 08, 2009

    Wow look at those hairs, that must be a pain o.O
    I like how you vector them and the colors are just so awesome XD

  3. j-valium Sep 08, 2009

    loved, the expression on her eyes seens amazing, the vector is great in every single detail, fav x3

  4. trofikabinet Sep 08, 2009

    Wow is all I can say @@
    Amazing reconstruction, the vector is so neat and clean :D
    The colors are amazing and I adore her beautiful eyes.
    This wall is really gorgeous, I admire you for being able to reconstruct this much >3

  5. espada001 Sep 08, 2009

    I really was captured by the wall like i was wondering around and then fall in the genjutsu of this wall
    it's really amazing worth for the time you spent on it one of the best wall i would say

  6. chrisp Sep 08, 2009

    OH MY GOD this is really my 3rd fav from your gallery (after the basara ones <33)
    i love everything! the cold and somehow loney feeling you get from looking at her, the beautiful colors *yay blue 4 ever*
    your reconstruction is amazing! you have a talent there you know?
    really your vectors are getting better and better..till now this is the best one!
    ahh and the shiny shiny leaves are just adorable *o*
    ok..while satrring at you wall for a while *drooling of course*
    i saw some little spots and lines you should fix but they are reaaly small...but since i'm a perfectionist and love this so much i hope you don't mind me telliing you... >.<

    here..i did a screenshot to show you better..hope it's ok..

    ahh i will stare at it a bit longer (on my desktop) :D
    instant fav 8d

  7. Cheza1982 Sep 08, 2009

    Wow, impressive work.
    I love blue wallpapers and yours caught my eye at first sight.
    Very good work on this one. Can't wait to see you next one ^^

  8. Onimusaru Sep 08, 2009

    Very nice art. Keep up the good work.

  9. melymay Sep 08, 2009

    Whoah. This is impressive :)

  10. Ting-kun Sep 08, 2009

    the girl, her expression, the falling petls, this is beautiful

  11. badula Sep 08, 2009

    Nice wallpaper, like this picture!

  12. vitaamin Sep 08, 2009

    i think the vector is really great so kudos on that
    some slight comments: the text should be white and glowing IMO and its a bit too big
    and i would have liked to see more lighting on her face so that it doesnt blend into the bg as much.

  13. Schindler Sep 08, 2009

    Def a +fav for the work and how it turned on. This is amazing!

  14. miriambr Sep 08, 2009

    Simply beautiful!

  15. Kan-tastic Sep 09, 2009

    I like this.... never seen what it's from, but I truly like this.

  16. MystikalLam Sep 09, 2009

    Wow, very cool picture! Thanks a lot for sharing! :)

  17. sakuraii Sep 09, 2009

    The title is very appropriate.Vector is awesome,colors used is soothing..beautiful wallpaper.

  18. H0ll0wSmile Sep 09, 2009

    Really pretty.

  19. Catoli Sep 09, 2009

    Awesomely awesome vector =3

  20. kara Sep 10, 2009

    Oh my gosh, you extended the hair and did such a good job?! It looks totally amazing and must've taken ages @_@

  21. kazamicojidi Sep 11, 2009

    it's beautiful wallpaper. Nice work. Thanks!

  22. loshi Sep 13, 2009

    this is really a great pic, love the vectoring, great job ;)

  23. Kuriasan Sep 27, 2009


  24. kikuchivn Oct 03, 2009

    More than beautiful, that's all I can say about this wally :D

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