Yumeria Wallpaper: ~*Spring Shower*~ revised

Kagaya, Aoi Nishimata, Studio DEEN, Yumeria, Mizuki Agatsuma Wallpaper
Kagaya Mangaka Aoi Nishimata Mangaka Studio DEEN Studio Yumeria Series Mizuki Agatsuma Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

ahhh....considering many ppl suggested that they prefer not to have the fairy from the frist version, i decided to take it out....also i've put some work into the changing the island and added some fadded mountains to convey more distance in teh horizon :D i hope u guys will like this version better ^__^

enjoy! ^_^

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  1. TwistedGTX Sep 08, 2004

    awesome =D

  2. Miroku4444 Sep 08, 2004

    Ahh ZZ It was perfect the way it was b4. :) :) I liked the fairy, she was so cute, Ill miss her. *cries* :D :D I do like the mtn a little better. I love this version, but the other one was better. Fairy hater. :nya: :nya:

  3. DarkParagon Sep 08, 2004

    Beautiful... I don't think I saw the other version but I like this a lot. I love the way the mountains in the background look, and the soft almost pastel feel of it all that seems to accompany many of your walls. +fav.

  4. Cloudnine Sep 08, 2004

    haha I was wondering where this wall went =p It disappeared before I could comment on it XD

    Excellent composition ^^ <3 the mountain to bits, great work on the detail and athmosphere~ the crosshatch brush looks a bit odd, needs some more variation there :3 Other than that it looks oh so yummy ^^

    btw the character is from yumeria XD

  5. Kev Retired Moderator Sep 08, 2004

    everytime you masturbate, you kill a fairy :D

    thats what ZZ do, lol

  6. candy-chan Retired Moderator Sep 08, 2004

    Kev is being hentai again =_=
    oh well, i didnt think u could make it better but u did *_*
    no fairy better waiii

  7. DarkParagon Sep 08, 2004

    Quote by Keveverytime you masturbate, you kill a fairy :Dthats what ZZ do, lol

    Holy crap... I've slaughtered millions.... *bows head*

  8. Miroku4444 Sep 08, 2004

    Quote by Keveverytime you masturbate, you kill a fairy :D

    thats what ZZ do, lol

    Like I said fairy hater.. jk jk :nya: :nya: Glad I saved the fairy version. The fairy rocked.

  9. Ranawen Sep 08, 2004

    nooooo! Not the Faerie!!! T.T
    ...*Rana misses the faerie*

    ..and I actually enjoyed the old mountain more, but the new one is kawaii desu! And the depth on the horizon is better... and the clouds are better.

    But I'm keeping the old version on my desktop! XD

    amazing work joo

  10. TwilightNoir06 Sep 08, 2004

    This is such a beautiful wall!! I really love the background, it's so pretty!! You did an excellent job! :D

  11. chokedbyaknife Sep 08, 2004

    butterflies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ripped THEM didnt you!! XD!!!!!
    ok now that that is done, its kinda lacking from your norm, but its decent.. *signing off now*

  12. shinta Sep 08, 2004

    rofl. I never realized p-chan can be obsessive-compulsive! Welcome to the family. lolz. I think its better without the fairy. Coz the flowers are pretty as they are! Muahahahahahahaa!

  13. Angelette Sep 08, 2004

    Ahhh, I still steals the mountains!! And fairy-less is better. Fairy didn't really fit. Pretty pretty! Great revision GundamZZ~~ ^__^

  14. akai Sep 08, 2004

    I love the details. It's so~ be~you~ti~full!!

    Quote by Keveverytime you masturbate, you kill a fairy :Dthats what ZZ do, lol

    And I'm expecting to see another version... without the girl.

  15. tsubasa-no-kami Sep 08, 2004

    aww i like the mountain a lot and also who the test is reflected x)!!! that's some awesome detail!

  16. ProjectZero Sep 08, 2004

    i am the tie breaker
    now get to work LOL
    great work.....but not good enuf
    and yes...i fav it
    now fix it lol

  17. Virus610 Sep 08, 2004

    :O Omg, VERY nice. ^_^ Your skill never fails to amaze me. With every walpaper I envy envy envy. =D Great job. Love those butterflies. ^_^

  18. sword Sep 08, 2004

    classic zz work . pretty pretty preettyyy

  19. MegaCloud Sep 08, 2004

    just lovin it~! <3

  20. sammo Retired Moderator Sep 08, 2004

    >_< shame on you for making me fav the same thing over and over again! too bad it's too damn good not to xb

  21. becky Sep 08, 2004

    i like this version better too! cute! ^_^

  22. biriwilg Retired Moderator Sep 08, 2004

    Oh wow...that's so pretty! I don't think I saw the first version. ^^ I love the hydrangea, and the way the text reflects, and everything! It's quite lovely. ^_^

  23. FallenAngel Sep 08, 2004

    Awwww...but I liked the fairy. Oh well, nice job again zz.

  24. Osiris Retired Moderator Sep 08, 2004

    ROFL fairy killer >__>

    go pwn sammo already <__<

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