Hiro Suzuhira Wallpaper: Song from Heaven

Hiro Suzuhira Wallpaper
Hiro Suzuhira Mangaka

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

When I first saw this scan, I just couldn't get my eyes away from it. There is so much expression in the drawing that I really wanted to make a decent background for such a magnificient angel. She reminds me a lot of Hiro's Suu version in the H doujin of Clover. Unfortunately, crappy musical notes were covering some parts of the girl and her wings were cropped. So I embraced my courage and decided to redraw the missing parts.

What to do now? I came up with a first idea by listening to the song "Stairway to Heaven". I wanted to make crystal stairs into an heavenly evening sky where the girl would have been sit on... Ahah. Everyone know I suck at perspective. So I didn't make stairs but celestial floating cities with waterfalls. It's a bit clich�© but it fits so well, don't you think?

The background is entirely hand-drawn by me with PS except the main island (without the waterfall on it) which is based on a piece of art by Leonid Kozienko (http://leoarts.irk.ru/). <3 Credit to Nat for the title style. Thanks Mikko again for the pieces of advice. Enjoy the 3 days work!
More resolutions available at http://gallery.driftingheart.net

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  1. rknight Sep 07, 2004

    Nice combination of character and background. Reminds me of El Hazard.

  2. chunli61 Sep 07, 2004

    very very nice! the scenery is beautiful! also you did a really good job on the clouds. nice work ^_^

  3. chibikko Sep 07, 2004

    woow ashe, this is heavenly XD suzuhira hiros style is really beautiful and so is the scan but what you made as a background is amazing! the clouds look very comfortable ^^ the water in the back is a great idea. beautiful wallpaper really, but a 1280x1024 is needed here >.<

  4. Paolo Sep 07, 2004

    beautiful. :)

  5. Noctum Sep 07, 2004

    Besides of the little difference between the style of the character picture and the style of the bg, this is an awesome wallpaper and I must write that you did a great job on re-drawing the missing parts of the character.
    Good work. :)

  6. sword Sep 07, 2004

    lol damn - now i gotta talk it over with lim and ask him if we are gonna continue our project or not. its gonna be a toughy to top this xD

  7. genesis Sep 07, 2004

    Absolutely wonderful. Nice color. The bg fits the image well. no complaints here :)

  8. Osiris Retired Moderator Sep 07, 2004

    wow, thats so artistic..awesome wall :D

    ima do a horizontal flip and use it XD


  9. hobby Sep 07, 2004

    First off, well done. :D I like how the clouds are done, has that water paint sort of look. Like the waterfall 2, the water actually looks like its going over the edge, the water going down looks good as well.

    Some sugestions if I may. No need to do but to make the wall "perfect" I would:

    1. The wing you did yourself, the outline on the right part is pixelated, just the curves going down seem to be noticable. Maybe making it thicker may fix it, or making it thicker then using a brush to thin it out to make it smooth.

    2. Adding some (not a lot) glitter dots to the waterfall. Wouldn't the water catch some of the sun at the lower part and shine? I'm not really good at this sort of detail but thats what i think.

    3. The swirly line in front of the girl. It does look a bit like it was slapped on in front of here. Making it swirl around here would look better in my opinion. Making it go around her waist on the right of her and going behind her and coming up though the gap around her arm and the wing on her left and around again behind her head and then going in front of her forehead.

    No biggies tho.

    Awesome....! :)

  10. Zed Sep 07, 2004

    very nice !
    the bg is awsome, it seems like a painting !

  11. Sandy Sep 07, 2004

    Thanks for the suggestions hobby!

    About the wing: at its full res, the outline was slightly thiner than the rest and that's why when I shrinked the scan, it got a bit pixelated. It's a good notice but I don't think I'll do anything to that. I had pretty hard time to redraw it already... XD

    The glitter dots is a good idea but I think it would make the "painting type" bg less natural. Well, I'll try tomorrow anyway and update the wall if it looks ok. :)

    About the swirly line, I can't do much. I just retraced the original line that was on the scan. I was to lazy to yet again redraw some part of the girl...

  12. tsubasa-no-kami Sep 07, 2004

    astounding clouds!!!!!!! and luuuffily pic and i like how it was placeed.. aslo luffily waterfalls xddd!!! toootal fav X3 X3

  13. sammo Retired Moderator Sep 07, 2004

    this is a hot work! good job ashe :)

  14. Judith Sep 08, 2004

    Nice work, love it.

  15. MercyOfIdiots Sep 08, 2004

    oo! i love it!

  16. Ranawen Sep 08, 2004

    A wonderful picture with a wonderful inspiration! XD
    The painting is great; the clouds are wonderful and the islands well placed. It all works very nicely witht the scan too.

    The touchups are really good on the scan, though it is a shame that the weird lines are all over her.

  17. tsukimaru Sep 08, 2004

    o_O nice

  18. Angelette Sep 08, 2004

    Wow~ It looks like she's really on the clouds! And I love the waterfalls xD Amazing~~

  19. akai Sep 08, 2004

    It's awesome, I must say. Interesting concept to have an island "floating" at the background. I like the waterfalls. The text looks cool too. :)

  20. LouBlue Sep 08, 2004

    This is gorgeous...I love the style, the background, everything!

  21. halcyonTwilight Sep 08, 2004

    I wanted to wall this scan XD O well....you definetely did a better job than i could have ^^ More so cuz i con't have time >_< Anyways, looks like another fav :D

    Really, really, sweet work if anyone hasn't mentioned it before....but i think someone already has XD

  22. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Sep 08, 2004

    ooo...lovely wall ashe :D i liek how she sinks into the clouds and the waterfall! tsugoi!! ^^

  23. Asahi Sep 08, 2004

    yeah.. i havent post a comment yeasterday because i have phone while i was here XD" soooo i would like to say, that i love this wallpaper. i love the sweet angel on it and the colors of the background works great well with the angel and looks phantastic !!

    ps: Stairway to Heaven <--- its a nice song IMO ^-^"

  24. Val3f0r Sep 08, 2004

    ..........its wonderful Ashe XD great combination of the bg and the char XD she looks heavenly :D :D great work Ashe...love it ^^

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