Kyou Koi wo Hajimemasu Wallpaper: Colorless Happiness

Kanan Minami, Kyou Koi wo Hajimemasu, Tsubaki Hibino, Vector Art Wallpaper
Kanan Minami Mangaka Kyou Koi wo Hajimemasu Series Tsubaki Hibino Character Vector Art Source

1280x800 Wallpaper

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my entry for the MangaHolics Monochrome Wallpaper contest

once I saw this scan I immediately decided to vector it for the monochrome wallpaper contest, I started working on it a long time ago but because of my LAZINESS I couldnt really finish it faster ^^" this is my very first time working on a monochrome wall & I always thought its easy to make one but I was totally wrong once I started coloring it, I really had a hard time in picking the right colors x__x sorry for the simple coloring, I was too lazy to add more shades & colors -____- I really want to thank Kit-chan for everything, she really helped me a lot especially with the bg, so thanks a lot kit-chan *hugs* btw the fence is actually a brush ^^"
well thats it & i hope you really enjoy it.

next wallie:
well I really want to take a break & work slowly on my projects, I really hope you guys dont mind >..< *sorry*

all comments/favs are appreciated, I really appreciate your continues support


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  1. vitaamin Aug 22, 2009

    I think parts of the foreground are an interesting interpretation of monochrome and the water color texture of colored manga art but with the fence being so dark I think the wall could use some more contrast or the colors should give off an even paler vibe. prolly not explaining it right and I do think the blue is a bit out of place esp with the color drawing focus to opposite sides of the wall
    on a more minor note, I think the fence is too big
    but I do think that the watercolor route you started has great potential

  2. kara Aug 22, 2009

    That must've been a lot of lines @_@ I agree vitaamin about the contrast, especially her hair.
    But it's very lovely nonetheless <3 Her eyes are really pretty :3

  3. trofikabinet Aug 22, 2009

    Ah, this wall is veeeery lovely ^^ You did a fantastic job with this wall but I'd like to point out some things.
    I think the wall needs more shading, especially her hair. Right now it looks somehow flat and the same goes for her dress. I don't know if it's my monitor, but it looks like it has no shades at all xD
    And the fence is too dark imo.
    I really like the blue flowers, they're very interesting, esp the coloring ^^
    Anyway, I absolutely love your wall, too bad its resolution is too small for my pc ;__;

  4. temarigenius Aug 22, 2009

    You manage to finish this~ See, you are actually not lazy~ XD

    Anyways, What a lovely wallpaper~ Love the full view! *_*
    Her eyes look like it's hand drawn o_O
    And I love the use of blue in the flowers~ :D
    Awesome!~ >_<

  5. chrisp Aug 22, 2009

    yaay i love this manga <33
    it's sad that the wall is so small but i love your coloring even if it's simple" i love the flowers *__* so smooth
    thanks so much i will vote for it in the contest
    good luck!

  6. YoruAngel866 Aug 22, 2009

    wow sin chan this is really awesome o_O so much hair outlines O_O i would go mad instantly
    its gorgeous anyway, although i would like it even more if it was bigger resolution T_T
    me wants it T_T
    so fence is just a brush O_O wtf? O_O
    other than that nicely done

  7. Kitaan Retired Moderator Aug 22, 2009

    I love the scan, nice job reconstructing it.
    I love the flowers, and the umbrella as well.
    My only big thing is the sky, I would've liked it to be darker and
    with the clouds more visible. Other than that, great job <3

  8. vampireprince Aug 22, 2009


  9. Tifa-chan Aug 23, 2009

    Beautiful wallpaper Sinever! you really can do anything besides VK walls ehehe xD
    Im loving this contest because I apreciate these colors ^^

  10. Melisandre Aug 23, 2009

    cute work. I specially like the flowers, they give the wallie a nice air, congrats.

    And good luck in the contest ;D

  11. DarthTofu Aug 24, 2009

    I think it would be better if the fence was outlined, too, so that the entire wall would have a unified look. I really like it, though. It's a beautiful wall and really has the look of a manga.

  12. rizacaga Aug 24, 2009

    wow...so many lines on her hair.....
    but i ll love to see more shading on her hair...like the shading u always do with ur VK wallies.....^^
    but still...it's a great wall.....good luck with the contest.......

  13. Tina18 Aug 25, 2009

    Ah~ the hair..the killing hair.. you know what I think, Plus Good luck with the contest =D

  14. moonescape Aug 25, 2009

    it's alright take your time after all people do need some breaks at point when it comes to wallpapers or vector. *_*

    lol I really love the way you painted the fence (too bad I can't see the scan because the link says it's forbidden) <_<

    I really wish you luck in the contest because this is really nice :3

  15. studio Aug 25, 2009

    What, not VK? XD I'm so amazed~ :D

    That's a gorgeous monochrome, love the hair and umbrella pattern. The background is really well done too <3 Good luck with the contest sweetie! <3333 mwah

  16. kuryuki Aug 26, 2009

    is very shocked at a none vk wall

  17. sailorchiron Aug 27, 2009

    This is beautiful. I love the colored flowers against all of the grey, and...wait... This isn't Vampire Knight! Are you sure you're Sinever!?

  18. crmc13 Aug 28, 2009

    kyo koi wo hajimemasu!:D so cuuuuuuuuuute!:^^

  19. MoonFangs90 Nov 21, 2009

    wonderful wall, i applaud on your patience for outlines of hair, its just gorgeous :D

  20. AmiiXx Jul 01, 2010

    the pic is so fantastic and beautiful! >________< I love Kyou Koi Wo Hajimemasu!

  21. DanRen Feb 07, 2011

    it's a realy charming wall and y love the monochrome style

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