Pandora Hearts Wallpaper: A Dream

Jun Mochizuki, Xebec, Pandora Hearts, Alice (Pandora Hearts), Vector Art Wallpaper
Jun Mochizuki Mangaka Xebec Studio Pandora Hearts Series Alice (Pandora Hearts) Character Vector Art Source

1680x1050 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Ever drifting down the stream —
Lingering in the golden gleam —
Life, what is it but a dream?

- Through the Looking-Glass
dedicated to a certain friend who knows she still has to give the official name to this piece.

just so you know, i know approximately four things about pandora hearts... i'm sorry D8

i don't like walling images that have been recently walled but i couldn't dump this project when i'd finished the vector of this scan. (extensions; changed side part of dress, ribbons, back of dress, arms, and face; covered her eye, added more hair underneath -- she has WAY TOO MUCH -- and gave her a rose.) ah, but i felt like dumping this as soon as i tried drawing the water. three attempts. it was always ugly. i knew it'd be hard but LOL what total fail. >_>

and the perspective... *stabs*. SIGH. the more of this wall i did, the more i realized that i was falling short of how good it could be. and the more things i found i should probably do -- water droplets, for example.

as it went on, things also got sloppy. and i even cheated with the full roses - half vector, half paint, some based on this. ripples are a mixture of vectoring and mouse-lines. yup. the laziness got to me. haha.

this is the first finished draft, so please give me feedback! this will eventually go up at brokenTONE and AP, but not for like, another month due to real life reasons. and if anybody is remotely interested in a walk-through, let me know.

hardest part...WATER. and being motivated. easiest part...hair. no, i'm serious.
i forgot:
because this is a (minus the laziness) vector wall. :]
update: walk-through will have to wait till i get internet access again.
update 2: WALK-THROUGH :]

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Browse Pandora Hearts Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Melisandre Aug 20, 2009

    Amazing vector. The mix between red and gray colors is always a success, congrats +fav

  2. Kritty Aug 20, 2009

    *___* Gosh the thumbnail really doesn't do your wall justice

    The hair and water are really amazing, shading and contrast are perfect.
    Love it :3

  3. DarthTofu Aug 20, 2009

    half painted lazy vectoring really doesn't matter when it's pulled off as well as this. Wonderful work. :)

  4. Sakura-Dust Aug 20, 2009

    That's just gorgeous <3
    I love the shadows and the red roses, they're a delicate touch.
    I'm not fond of the long sig in the bottom, not the one in the corner, that one looks cool.

  5. Bernouli Retired Moderator Aug 20, 2009

    Omg. I love this. D: *faves a thousand times*

  6. myshum2000 Aug 20, 2009

    Amazing! I don't even know which part I love most... the more I look over the wallpaper, the more I love it!
    * +fav, hugs and all that ;) *

  7. mina-world Aug 20, 2009

    Wonderful *o*
    Roses...shadows..Mysterious *o*
    I love it !
    Thanks a lot :) +fav

  8. joshuak Aug 20, 2009

    The utter darkness with blood red roses is everything a Alice fan could ever want in a wallpaper.
    A work of art. +fav :)

  9. animanga Aug 21, 2009

    Her mouth seems a bit wierd to me but other than that your vectoring is absolutely amazing. I especially like the depth in the red. <3
    Um, that walkthrough would be nice if it's not too much trouble. ^_^'
    Awesome job. :D

  10. vitaamin Aug 21, 2009

    or finally a great. monochrome wall that shows dark colors can look great too
    will highlight at be as soon as I get to my of or when sin chan comes lawl

  11. zweibo2007 Mute Member Aug 21, 2009

    oh god it's perfect ..........

  12. redangel6112 Aug 21, 2009

    wow... this is awesome :D ...
    I lve those flower petals flying ard...nice^^

  13. Van-chan Aug 21, 2009

    WoW its so amazing! <333

  14. ShanaFlare Aug 21, 2009

    The wall is just lovely, I have to say the vectoring you did is brilliant^^
    nice work overall :)

  15. CaMiLi Aug 21, 2009

    wow! gorgeous piece of art as always ! imo i think that your wall looks a lot better then the original scan because to be honest, i didn't like the art. but you did so well with covering her eyes *soo dramatic* and the mouth!
    her hair is amazing and the water effect is stunning :)

  16. Tias Aug 21, 2009

    Oh my, i think yours is so much better than mine xD

  17. Tifa-chan Aug 21, 2009

    omg your wallpaper is so perfect! I loved it!

  18. j-valium Aug 21, 2009

    Loved your wall, the contrast between red and the dark tones is perfect, the rose petals fading in the darkness seens really pretty too ^^

  19. vitaamin Aug 21, 2009

    finally on a pc >3, highlight at vw!
    the only thing i want to complain about is the water not being darker, but its more of a style issue i guess
    (finally back at school -dies-)

  20. Enysha Aug 21, 2009

    I concur, the thumbnail not make justice to this wall >.<!
    The B&W vector with the red OMG x3... the effect is perfect! Ilo ve the bow in her legs x3. A good contract with her pale skin ^_~


  21. Sinever Aug 22, 2009

    looks totally lovely @@
    this is a beautiful monochrome wallpaper, I just made one too but now that I look at yours i dont feel like submitting mine T__T but unfortunately I have too.....
    anyways well done & keep it up!

  22. James31 Aug 22, 2009

    Really beautiful wallpaper (**)

  23. Kaname-Samas-Angel Aug 22, 2009

    i freaking LOVE it!

  24. trofikabinet Aug 22, 2009

    Wow, this wall is beyond greatness @@
    Her hair is absolutely amazing, so detailed and perfect, The water is crazy xD
    You must have a lot of patience vectoring roses, they look amazing :)

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