Air Gear Wallpaper: Devour Them All

Oh! Great, Toei Animation, Air Gear, Akito Wanijima, Vector Art Wallpaper
Oh! Great Mangaka Toei Animation Studio Air Gear Series Akito Wanijima Character Vector Art Source

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

fullview please <3

HELL YEEESS i'm back and so fast too...A MIRACLE *__*

this is my entry for the King of Villians - Contest in chamber-of-kings

while searching for an hot evil guy i thoght of agito and looked up my air gear mangas...well and i found THIS hot scan of him <3

i immadiantly started to vector it and was finished really fast o.O
this time i painted the vector with a tablet (THANKS PULVER *hug*) since i don't have one i had to bother her to give hers to me and to teach me a bit how to use Coral Painter X...yea you hear right just the outlines were done in Photoshop *grin*
it was so cool to paint! i had a lot of fun and it was not as hard as i imagined it to be XD

well after vector was done so fast i was full of hope for a great bg...but all my ideas...though i think they were good..FAILED D<
i wanted at first a destroyed city...was not able to do it...a normal city....was not able to do it >_> i hate my self i just can't transform my ideas

then after around 10 failed vesions of cities and such i gave up and started to make an abstract wall for the first time in my life...so please have mercy while judge ok? *puppy eyes*

it started with just some bars and a GUESS WHO WILL TEAR YOU APART
and ended like this :D btw..i was inspired by Yamaro and Aqi-chan <333 THANKS
thanks to vitaa i found out about Overlay and such things...in my last wall i used it and i love it so i tried to use here too
i think the colours came out quite nice :3

BUT one of the hardest things was the text o_O i wrote all by myself and the mini text TOO >D
i just had to think like a brutal killer..and i think it's easy :nya: since i myself are violent hehehehe

of course i copied the texts lots of times it was not long enough..i can never fill a whole wallie without copying a lots of times
so it's a long text wich repeats everytime X-P

QUICK Summary
Time Vector: overall 2 days
Time Bg: 1 day
Fun: painting
Hate: thinkig about bg
Vector: Clicky

thanks for checking out my wall
comments and favs are of course appreciated

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  1. hayashinomura Aug 20, 2009

    Really COOL!
    I got speechless here...
    I love everything in this wall
    Great done, Chrisp-san ^^

  2. aqiaqua Aug 20, 2009

    Ahahahhaa, what an honour to inspire you <3. I'm glad you like my abstract style XD. Thank you!

    I really like the colours in this wallpaper. They're all kinda muted, but work well together IMO. A lovely vector too, soft and smooth painting <3. The hair is done really well. The use of text is awesome and I'd encourage you to do more abstract walls! :D *cough of Tsuna too please cough*

  3. zangetsu001 Mute Member Aug 20, 2009

    Great job XD

  4. Pulver15 Aug 20, 2009

    For your first time abstract it's pretty good!
    So in the end you choosed abstract
    the colors are perfectly matching with agito! XD
    Great job!

  5. Sakura-Dust Aug 20, 2009

    Agito's a villain?
    Lol, explains why I love him this much <3
    Great wall, typography rules *___*
    Haha, it's quite hard to find the right Agito scan, since he's always hot *u*
    Oh yeah, I can't help but think that he'd look more bad ass if you'd replace his current mouth with a fanged grin *___* Just a thought <33

  6. Hikari87 Aug 20, 2009

    Haha~ Agito's expression is cute XD
    Luv the colour theme & words in the background! Ganbarre~

  7. Emma93 Banned Member Aug 21, 2009

    this is rly awesum! i like the design and the colors they go very well with the scan :)

  8. GreenRebel Aug 21, 2009

    Cool great job!

  9. abelini4 Mute Member Sep 14, 2009

    beautifull ^_^...

  10. senpai1 Oct 04, 2009

    Nicely job...

  11. pooo2536 Mute Member Oct 08, 2009


  12. bloosom Nov 07, 2009

    nice work chrisp
    agito from air gear
    its so awsome

    the first wallie i saw u made was jigoku shoujo
    and that was so fine

    nice one !??? < wat about ringo and ikki> hehehe

  13. mjuler Nov 19, 2009

    The picture is a good example of
    akito's dark personality
    good job!

  14. edmizer64x Jan 22, 2010

    I like his bloody road
    and this bloody picture lol

  15. Antstoe Mar 28, 2010

    "This is my bloody road" lol that is awesome

  16. Jinchuuriki65 Mute Member Jul 22, 2010

    Oh, Yeah it's so good
    Really good work and magnificent pic
    Keep up the good work
    THANKS for sharing it
    Really love it! (n_n).

  17. Pyros13 Sep 03, 2010

    very very nice thanks for sharing

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