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#5 draw that I submit this day too!
Almost crazy in this work cause I make this one in A3 paper!
My hands can't stop drawing such details... help me!

Cause of that now I can describe my style >>> confused line
Yeah, it's really confused!
I had A4 size scanner, so I divide in two part when scan it...
and phew~ it works...~

Like usual, used mechanic pencil and drawing pen too in this work
I'm not using ruler for this work so that's why if you found something wrong with the shape, I'm sorry ^^"

Well, hope you like it ^^

WHAT?! GOT HIGHLIGHT AGAIN?! I can't believe it *punch myself*
Oh... I think I will got heart attack soon...^^"


Chosen by Kitaan and MapleRose

What I love most about hayashinomura's latest piece is the amount of details in it, as well as how every element, from the dress design to the flowers, flow so well. Full view to see all the patterns!!

Proposed by Kitaan and highlighted by MapleRose.

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  1. MapleRose Retired Moderator Aug 18, 2009

    Looks awesome! I love the details on this one, esp how you shaded her hair (and everything else) ^^

  2. Larucroe Aug 18, 2009

    That's really beautiful. I don't think I'd ever have the patience to do something like that XD.
    Nice work :)

  3. AgataMare Aug 18, 2009

    How many details! I love it!

  4. DarthTofu Aug 18, 2009

    Congrats on another highlight, Hayashi. *hug*
    It's well-deserved. ^_^

  5. skye Aug 18, 2009

    prettyful - if thats a word - looks great - u do have lovely lineart and drawings >_<

  6. CaMiLi Aug 18, 2009

    oh my god, so detailed.... x___X her arms are in my (!) opinion too thin... (dont pay ttention to that comment XD) btw is that her knee? i think the proportion isn't right that way, because her thigh would be too long. if you would draw it a little bit thicker, the proportion would be perfect :) only a small advice ^^

    BUT OH MY GOD SO DETAILED! and not only that, i looove her dress. it is well designed and EVEN the folding are correct. there arent many people who can drawing foldings correct =) so thumps up!

    reminds me of green glass ! =) and this is quite a compliment ^^

  7. Tina18 Aug 18, 2009

    Oh God this is amazing, this fan is very happy. I can't believe the amount of details that his work has. I love the dress a lot, the clock area is magnificent, the jewelry, lace, everything, I don't know how you come up with this great design. Camili said it reminds her of Green glass, is true, it has almost the same amount of details and fantasy style, my first choice for comparison would have been Laverinne, I'm sure you know her works, and I think that if you'd color this like she does it'd be freaking popular.
    Me saying you did a very great job doesn't cover it. Keep up the good work.
    p.s. yes I'm secretly admiring you very much, but it's secretly ok?

  8. Sinever Aug 19, 2009

    so pretty!
    I didnt notice your awesome drawings before cause I dont usually check Indy Arts & now im glad that I saw it, your work is so attractive & detailed no wonder why Tina-chii said that Im her second best artist cause you really are million times better than me at drawing.anyways well done & cant wait to see more from you :3

  9. Draxthen Aug 19, 2009

    This drawing looks really fantastic, awesome work, very beautifull.

  10. rizacaga Aug 19, 2009

    weeee!ajarin gambar donk....
    u r too fast.....

  11. SukiRin Aug 19, 2009

    wow~~~ this is sooo cool~~~~~~~so beautiful~~~

  12. toumarie Aug 19, 2009

    This is sooooooooo AWESOME... Keren banget..CooL...Amazing skill! Impressed!

    Gileeee, senseiiii detail amat! Rajin amat! @___@
    No wonder you got one elite ^^
    Congratulation sensei ^^

    :( :( saya sih bisa gila sendiri bikin karya detail model gini *salute for hayashi-sensei*

  13. christabel92 Aug 20, 2009

    Kya,beautiful as always...I'm so glad this is hightlighted :) Congratz XD
    The details are amazing,and I love her pose... <3

  14. freaks Aug 20, 2009

    well, you can always get away with that "confused line" if you you do an awesomeness amount of detail :)

  15. ScarXHeart Aug 21, 2009

    I admire your drawings. They are really really good. i like that you like to draw details. Its really good. It looks just like a professional manga drawing.

  16. zweibo2007 Mute Member Aug 21, 2009


  17. tennouji Aug 21, 2009

    a......why can you do such details?
    aku slalu kbayang dtail d gbr ampe trgila2 ma detailnya (yg msih ad d dlm pkiran), tp pas dgambar susah kluaar...
    maybe I'm too lazy? aaaaaaa.....noooo...! haha... i like it!

  18. jinky Aug 21, 2009

    wow love the lines and its very detailed :)

  19. AkinaSpirit Aug 22, 2009

    I remember seeing this submission on DA the other day as I was passing by the site. I must agree with much of what CaMiLi said. Nicely detailed. It does also remind me of Green Glass, probably due the intricate detail and general style of this piece. At first glance of your other work there, they have a Clamp style.

  20. yuuki193 Aug 23, 2009

    I really love how u did the details :)

  21. kurumu-chan Aug 25, 2009


  22. loshi Aug 26, 2009

    so amazing...I love the details, there are so many....great work ;)

  23. kuryuki Aug 26, 2009

    your bombing us with ur awesome submissions alright
    congrats on the hightlight >D
    lol i feel like i missed so much

  24. Cymel-Ojousama Aug 26, 2009

    So cute! I love it!

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