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I've been rethumbnailing images in preparation for Vectorage 2.0 when I came upon this "The Last Samurai" wallpaper I created back when the movie was newly released in theaters. I don't know how many people even know I made this wall, as it's only featured somewhere in the back of Vectorage, and I really liked how the shadows and lights came out. That's why I decided to drop it here; it's an oldy but goody. I made this after I saw the original off a classmate's laptop and thought, "....I could SO vector that." (The original is on the official Warner Brother's site, BTW). So there ya go. There's a red "mists of blood" version at Vectorage, if you can find it :P

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  1. sammo Retired Moderator Sep 06, 2004

    o wow...i always loved this scene! great job tama~ XD

  2. Zerowing Sep 06, 2004

    yeah this was one of my favorite scenes...r u gonna do anymore like these? but still...wow.... good job!

  3. Osiris Retired Moderator Sep 06, 2004

    damn that looks cool, very artistic :D

    +fav ^__^

  4. gendo1 Sep 06, 2004

    You tricked it out. It is def. a classic.

  5. Asahi Sep 06, 2004

    yeah... i have see it on "your" site. imo its a great wp !! :)

  6. firnthoronwen Sep 06, 2004

    it had to happen, and i'm glad you made this. vectors impress the heck outta me. ^_^; +fav

  7. Sandy Sep 06, 2004

    This is my top fav movie I can't resist.... especially when the vector is well done. XD +fav

  8. Angelette Sep 06, 2004

    Great show of lights and shadows through tints of color! Tama-sama so talanted~~

  9. Jinzhou Retired Moderator Sep 06, 2004

    Jesus Christ that looks awesome. I bow to the master of vectoring. @_@

  10. crapmonster Sep 06, 2004

    holy crap, spectres in the fog! this is aweseom!

  11. Ranawen Sep 06, 2004

    ooooh wow.. @_@ That is so cool.
    *Rana must learn of this... 'vectoring'...* XD

    Now I'm going to check out Vectorage too! :D

    great work Tama!

  12. Electrastar Sep 07, 2004

    Can't barely tell that it's vector....goof job indeed.

  13. bucket-shot Sep 07, 2004

    Quote by sammoo wow...i always loved this scene! great job tama~ XD

    Took the words right outta my mouth. :) Futher, you're one of the best vector artists around (impo :D), and the details and the leader's armour, and those flags on the left just take the cake. Not sure about the type, (<-thinks it would look better slightly smaller, a plain light grey-blue) but then I suppose it'd come out a little boring, huh? XD On the other hand, it's a minor distraction from the smooth glory of the riders. Btw, those light effects are very nifty, too. =x

    [edit] Found your blood red version. :D To me, the blue one fits the wraith-like mood better (like the original) though that is a damn nice shade of red.

  14. chunli61 Sep 07, 2004

    nice work ^_^

  15. sword Sep 07, 2004

    really crisp and clean.

  16. KorganoS Sep 07, 2004

    The silhouette is great!!!
    minimalistic, yet very artistic

  17. KenjiHiragizawa Sep 08, 2004

    I like vector art a lot, and this one is awesome, it can be that you pick my fav scene of the movie xD but defenitely that's a great work, great artistic perspective. The only thing that could make it better is that behind the samurai rider there were more samurai riders =P it could make the scene more impressive, or at least that's what i think. Either way really cool vectorization O_O

  18. sausukeonizuka Sep 08, 2004

    es una imagen de pelicula.............muy buena

  19. songprayeryuna Sep 09, 2004

    I love this movie ^_^ I bought both of the dvds

  20. foolboy Sep 10, 2004

    Is it from the movie?

  21. ghost945 Sep 10, 2004

    awesome use of light, shadow and fog :)

  22. Septillion Sep 11, 2004

    wow this is great, it has a great mythical and legendary sorta feeling to it.

  23. Fradz Oct 16, 2004

    Wow ! ! !

  24. zael Oct 19, 2004

    Haaaa what a great movie this was!!!! Super nice wallapaper indead!! give more to me pp

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