Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Wallpaper: "Fire party"

Akira Amano, Artland, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Tsunayoshi Sawada Wallpaper
Akira Amano Mangaka Artland Studio Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Series Tsunayoshi Sawada Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Back again with a new wall :D And this time is KHR!
I really don't know what is this anime/manga all about but still, I love this pic ^^ I'm not sure if this is official art, if somebody knows please tell me okay? I would really like to know who's the artist <3

Moving onto the wall... as you can see is painted again. I took THIS SCAN and vectored it. I planned to do this wall as painting exercise but now I'm submitting it :)
What to say...everything went smoothly until I had to do the fire x___x I repainted the bg for quite some times (around 4-5 times) and this is the best I can do T__T
Gosh I hate fire! I really can't stand it! I've vectored it once and now I've painted it. This is such a pain X-O Another thing to add to my 'hate to vector' collection; after roses, water, cyrcles, trees now fire xD

Whate else is needed to be said?!?! The wall speaks for itself clearly enough.

Layers/shapes: 102/241
Time: 21 hours and a lot of smudging and blurring xD
Easiest part: outlines
Hardest part: ...FIRE... x___x

All right then, enjoy it ^^

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Browse Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. NenrikiKaen Jul 24, 2009

    Wow.All those hours spent on it are well worth
    It's wonderful!

  2. aneznam Jul 24, 2009

    Wow! i'm impressed 0_0
    It looks so cool and tsuna is so great when he's all fireish
    p.s I admire you for making this considering the heat these past few days xD

  3. tsuki-akari Jul 24, 2009

    Ahhhhhhhh! this is beautiful. love the flames and the color you used ^^
    It's wonderful

  4. EevaLeena Jul 24, 2009

    Everything look awesome! I love those flame.. they look great! ^^

  5. Tina18 Jul 24, 2009

    Tsuna! *steals&runs*

    Oh wait..gotta comment too d: I loved the scan..I was thinking of vectoring it but this little voice in my head said is better not to since there's flames and many details. You did a very good job. reward yourself with a cold drink and some ice cream d:

    p.s. did I tell you it looks great!? d: Really, awesome job.

  6. Pulver15 Jul 24, 2009

    Love this wall!
    cause Tsuna looks so AWESOME here! XD
    and you painting exercise turned out to be really successful :D

  7. GeneDNC Jul 24, 2009

    I love the vector and you did a wonderful job with his eyes.

  8. DarthTofu Jul 24, 2009

    The vectoring is excellent! I do feel that the painting could be improved a bit though. Since the lines are black it makes the colors look more washed out in comparison. I feel like the shading could be a lot darker in places, and it some places it looks a little bit oversmudged. For a glowy effect, try painting with the brush set to "linear dodge." :)

  9. aqiaqua Jul 24, 2009

    I can't express my joy enough <3 The fire looks fantastic! A few of the vectored lines seem a little rough I suppose, but other than that, I personally can't see much to complain about~ Great work, hope to see more KHR! from you :D

  10. kuryuki Jul 25, 2009

    pretty painting <33333
    well my only problem is that the painting is too similar with the scan
    in one way it's awesome skills
    but i wondered if more originality woulbe be better
    but anyway <3333333

  11. Sinever Jul 25, 2009

    dammit how did you really paint the fire so amazingly? I never try to vector/paint any scan that has fire or water in it == anyways your work is brilliant & you did a great job on everything.
    well done, its a fav & a highlight!

  12. aIshiRoi Jul 25, 2009

    *__________* absolutely great wallie and... everything!
    Great work!<3

  13. jns Jul 25, 2009

    How in the world did i almost effing miss this?
    The painting is so awesome!
    And the eyes are amazing <3

  14. ShinKyo Jul 25, 2009

    wow it looks great the fire looks absolutely amazing.
    good job!

  15. Kitaan Retired Moderator Jul 25, 2009

    Very cool, I love the detail you put into all his accessories
    and the fire is awesome. My only suggestion would be to make him darker
    on the top, use a simple black and white gradient for that. Just so the fire
    really blends well on him and gives a nice dark/light look.
    Great job otherwise~

  16. blacklistgenesis Jul 26, 2009

    you're good man! you've made a cool wally!

  17. hendou Jul 26, 2009

    looks great.. i'm really looking for someone who would vector that scan.. glad you made it.. but could you upload 1024x768 size? our pc is old fashioned.. LOL

  18. animelover901120 Jul 26, 2009

    The vector is awesome,
    Is really an awesome arts^^

  19. Denski Jul 28, 2009


  20. Susan-chan Jul 30, 2009

    of course i enjoy it! XD

  21. Faqir Aug 01, 2009

    nice. real nice. :D

  22. wazabikung Aug 05, 2009

    >[]<wow Tsuna is so smart.

  23. Fran Retired Moderator Aug 31, 2009

    Gawd, how I missed this one!
    Amazing job on the painting, especially on the fire! But I think he looks too pale for being surrounded by fire. Maybe more yellow or orange shades on the skin would do the trick.
    Keep it up! : D

  24. Rashein Sep 22, 2009

    Interesting wallpaper

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