Japanese Entertainers Wallpaper: Natalie Portman

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"I used to say i wish you were here
but your were somewhere else
a princess in reality...
but a beautiful venus in my mind
where skies the limit no one one knows
When women are suppose to be like her..."

So basically ive always loved Natalie portman because of how serious, happy or sad she can be, it must be the eyes i dont know but ive always tried looking at girls more like her and i hope i find one just like that....Beautiful, lovely eyes and the best royalty look in both mind and imagination.

But anyway i tried to make it as simple and less techy and grungey that it already is, dont care if it needs anymore stuff or its as empty in th espace but i just love looking at her face. Lots of overlaying, techy work, overlaying, gaussians and duplicate layers.

So anyway 64 layers and 4 hours of work. ^ ^

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  1. tsubasa-no-kami Sep 05, 2004

    beeeautiful and artistic!!!! i love the flow an how my eye swimsin an out of this X)

  2. Osiris Retired Moderator Sep 05, 2004

    very artistic ^___^

    never heard of her..but shes hot XD

  3. crapmonster Sep 05, 2004

    Quote by Osirisvery artistic ^___^ never heard of her..but shes hot XD

    erm....Padme from Star Wars....haah anyways nice stuff! i actrually like her alot more after recently watchin her in garden state

  4. Zdenek Sep 05, 2004

    Ms. Portman is quite a babe.

  5. Noctum Sep 05, 2004

    Quote by Osirisvery artistic ^___^never heard of her..but shes hot XD

    Kneel down, you unworthy! XD

    Great work on implementing her face into the bg, Oracle, but her necklace stands out a bit.

  6. n1co Sep 05, 2004

    I love the style !
    Nice !

  7. niXan Sep 05, 2004

    She melts in good with the background but there are some other things that I dislike.

    First, she's too smoth to go perfectly with the background. Some sharp texture on her would do the trick I think. Also that purple color looks terrible in my eyes. A greenish or brown color would fit in better with that dark grey background.

    And I agree with Noctum about the necklace. You could shade it away but that would probably leave a big dark area. So no suggestion on what to do about it...it just stands out. :)

  8. sword Sep 05, 2004

    in response to osi:
    u never watched star wars? shame on u!!

    now back to the wall :
    should have made the whole wall match her hue xD

  9. sammo Retired Moderator Sep 05, 2004

    ::moving to category: other::
    great work on the wall bud!

  10. UndyingShadow Sep 05, 2004

    interesting wall. like what you did with her pic.

  11. Tsuki-chan Sep 05, 2004

    how!! i love the picture!! nice work!! ;) :)

  12. Kane Sep 21, 2004

    Yeah, the necklace stands out too much. I think that you should have used more black at the lefthand side of her head. That way she'd really look like she was a part of the background.

  13. Mickeylajoie Feb 22, 2005

    Ouououou.... she's so beatiful, and your wall makes her be so sexy...
    keep it up! Favoriteeeeee!!!!! ;)

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