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"Demented Cocktail Traveling through Liquid Spacetime with an Added Bonus of Cookie Goodness!"
unfortunately it wouldn't fit.

What the heck does the title mean?
Space travel, in short, which I've chosen to personify as a woman.

Space Dementia, in addition to the song by Muse which I used as inspiration, is where astronauts undergo feelings of insignificance, insecurity from lack of social contact, and awareness of total isolation from the human race. The thrill of space travel is imminent. People destroy each other to achieve it and the glory it provides (You'll make us wanna die/I'd cut your name in my heart/We'll destroy this world for you). Yet space is a cold place where you have only yourself and your machine (H8 is the one for me/It gives me all I need/And helps me coexist/With the chill). This also led to the decision for the cold, bluish, mechanical look of the painting. I also felt a strong pull towards the water element in this one.

I threw in spacetime because it sounded cool, but I don't really understand what it is. Cookies are simply delicious. At any rate, all these ideas combine to form a rather Demented Cocktail.

Everything was made from scratch in Colors DS and Photoshop CS4 in approximately 5 hours. Title took 4 minutes. What it all meant took 6 hours.

Submission for Mangaholic's Monochrome Wallpaper Contest.... thing.
Sorry about the lack of larger sizes, though. This is already resized 250% from the original as it is. :\

Android Jones | Space Dementia

Thanks to Dev for inspiring the title!

mangaholics paint-o-rama oringinal depths-of-sound

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  1. Suiseiseki22101995 Jul 13, 2009

    it's amazing!.. and i love the title x3
    the eyes are cool *-*
    thx for sharing! :3

  2. hayashinomura Jul 13, 2009

    I love the scratch thing that you do
    This is just gorgeous!
    What along full title you have too lol
    Like Sui said, cool eyes and title ^^
    Accept as entry ^^

  3. GothRogue Jul 16, 2009

    just one word "WICKED"
    amazingly done :D

  4. dslassey Jul 17, 2009

    Stop bugging me to comment on this wonderfully epic piece of art! D<
    I love the surreal choas of it all.... but at the same time... it flows together without choas! Very confusing, I know.... but yeah.
    To me, the character looks like a mix between a jester, and a queen. Adding the square-tile-thingies remind me of playing cards.... so it goes together nicely.
    The circular thingermajig in the right corner looks similar to a shield from Greek Black-Figure pottery.... luckily, I am a HUGE fan of that. <3
    Lookit my long snooty comment! It matches your snooty, high-class description. *hugs*
    Fancy-pants Tofu. =D

  5. Rue-chan Jul 19, 2009

    Oh my...
    surreal chaos That's really the word...
    Water element? I see.. a whole other dimension actually.
    Demented cocktail? Lolz

    Abstract, geometric and well its like subconscious intermingling of too many symbolic forms and ideas and welll its ur fault for making me talk like this because this piece just packs too much in it and am surprisd it took so less to make it cuz its something I been wanting too see in MT for a long time.

  6. Mallory Aug 08, 2009

    Wow, what a unique style! It has a very cold metallic feel to it and flows beautifully. In short, I love it! Thank you for sharing ^^

  7. Strike-Force Dec 15, 2009

    Ah, it's gorgeous ! Such an eye candy

  8. cristallixoxo Aug 01, 2011

    I absolutely love this picture. it is amazing.

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