Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Wallpaper: Night in Despair

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EDIT: Thanks everyone for your advice! I deleted the strange moon vexel and therefore I added some stars. I also added more details on the moon. Changed the shapes on her skin, hope it doen't look so hard anymore! I also followed Kitten's advice and changed rika's hue. All in all I hope the new version looks better!

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Another wallpaper submission just after almost 4 days. Well, I am not so fast. I had vectored Rika(?) weeks ago, but I couldn't finish the wallpaper because of the background. I couldn't make it like I want and I got almost desperate about it. This is the best I could do and well I am getting used to the background. I start liking it =D And hooray! It's another wallpaper for my vector series. 7 letters are left, however 3 letters are reserved, so I just have to make 4 wallpapers XD I can do it! Yes I can!

Anyways, I vectored/vexeled Rika from THIS SCAN. I uploaded a PNG version on Animepaper. You can find it HERE! It was kinda easy, just the hair was really annoying, like always =D
I made the background all by myself, had some tree stocks as references. Made my own brush of it. I kinda dislike the shining of the moon, but It looked more weirder when I painted it, so theres also the vexel style.
And I added a poem I think I found on a german Higurashi no Naku Koro ni fanpage. Was a translation from a scan, but I am not quite sure, since I am not able to find the website again XD

So let's spread love. This wallpaper is dedicated to all the lovely members at the German-Members Group on Minitokyo. I am soo sorry that the group is so boring and inactive ._.

!And thanks a lot in advance to any commenters, favers, full-viewers, and advice givers!

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  1. lost247 Jul 08, 2009

    I have a comment on the background. Rather than directly giving the moon a halo I would recommend changing the brightness of the clouds around the moon by their proximity to the moon. With the high depth of the halo you used it looks like the pov is from within thick fog. Also your halo appears to be on top of the leaves, there by decreasing the contrast of the leaves, when the leaves appear to be very close and would actually have a higher contrast(nearly silhouetted) against the brightness of the moon.
    Otherwise it's very nice.

  2. Kitaan Retired Moderator Jul 08, 2009

    Hmm, I like the concept and the look you were going for I can see clearly.
    However, I don't think you executed it so well. The moon needs more detail, and the effect on the moon is distracting and not needed, remove it and put some stars around it to make the sky and moon sync more together.
    The trees are nice, though I noticed the top trees are a bit weird as in quality wise.
    Try using some soild black ones instead, no detail needed and easier.

    As for Rika-chan, she needs more blending into the bg. She contrasts way too much with the dark bg and she's all light, see how it doesn't look right?
    I would change the hues on her, to a more dark blue look and if you can add a nice moon glow on her.
    Hope the advices help <3 It's not a bad wall at all, just needs more time and changes to make it pop to life.

  3. xxKurumi Jul 08, 2009

    It's very nice Omone. The vector is very clean and the point of the wallpaper is very well articulated. Despite that, there are a few thing with the wallpaper that I noticed are a bit off. The clouds covering the moon add a bit of depth to it, but I think the right... detail is missing from the face of it. And the outerglow should probably shine more into the clouds rather than on the edges of the moon itself, because the moonshine is not so concentrated.

    I agree with Kitten about the trees and some of the hues on her. I do have some issues with the text as well. I don't mind the words under the title, but I think the title needs to go and it might look better if the other lines are a different font and placed in a different spot. They overlap the dark trees and it makes it hard to read.

    But I really like this wall and where it's going. Keep up the good work (I love you gallery sooo much, Omone~) ^^

  4. Limefreak Jul 09, 2009

    Wow i really like this wallpaper , the trees are great and the bluness of the wall is hypnotic :)
    very good job!

  5. taron Jul 14, 2009



  6. Tifa-chan Jul 15, 2009

    *O* loved it! the bg is very beautiful (I really like night sky) and the vector is great! ^_~

  7. hartidoc Jul 25, 2009

    wallpaper with the color green, but not overwhelmed giving it a substancial feeling! Love it! Great work!

  8. LordDark21 Oct 07, 2009

    muy buen wallpaper me gusto mucho

  9. ikuto333 Oct 07, 2009

    Rika is win and loli's like her are - win..

  10. Furiz Feb 01, 2010

    hmm Rika is cuter when ussual
    that scares me :)

  11. aqito May 12, 2010

    wawawawawawawa! cool! i laike it so much!

  12. Lantha Sep 11, 2010

    very nice wallpaper. Love the background

  13. enriquex60 Mute Member Oct 22, 2010

    ^^ tan muy linda la pic.. gracias por compartirla

  14. luaoc Mute Member Nov 02, 2010

    Kawaii desu! Loved it! Thanks!

  15. elpotoconhipo Nov 04, 2010

    o.o looks great! xDD thanks for sharing

  16. meoza Nov 06, 2010



    Thank you

  17. predawn Dec 13, 2010

    Amazing vector, thanks for sharing!

  18. HanaNagori Mar 23, 2011

    Nice work!I really Like this, thank you!

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