MeruPuri Wallpaper: Fragmente de Fericire

Matsuri Hino, MeruPuri, Aram, Airi Hoshina, Vector Art Wallpaper
Matsuri Hino Mangaka MeruPuri Series Aram Character Airi Hoshina Character Vector Art Source

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Please Do not repost it without my permission.

*Sigh* this took forever.

The wall is for the awesome people I met here, let's see: Amy-chan, Ana-pon, Animanga, Anit4e, Camili, Dioma, EvaLeena, Hayashi-chan, Melfina, Oriana, Sin-chii, Trofi, Vita-chan, Yamaro and Yoru-chan. >__> Many of you might even not like Merupuri or the wall, oh well, sorry.

I tried so much to make an actual scene when it hit me that I don't have to make it real, so I went crazy with it >_>. The changes made on the vector, are for my own and personal liking, so yeah if anyone minds I can't help you. Thanks to Sin-chii and Ana-pin for listening me complain and helping me xD

Reference used
Original: http://i44.tinypic.com/158a52s.jpg
Some sort of WIP : http://i42.tinypic.com/nly6ax.jpg
Grass and flowers : http://i39.tinypic.com/muy2yr.jpg I vectored the front grass, but was like going crazy on it after a half an hour, so the bigger one is a brush, thanks to the owner.
Stone thing: http://i42.tinypic.com/2vuzi1h.jpg
Bird: http://i42.tinypic.com/2rclgug.jpg
Made in photoshop and some parts are painted din SAI with my tablet, I felt sorry for it since I got it and not really used it.
No glowwy version : http://i41.tinypic.com/4r9iya.jpg
I really hate grass, I had something else in mind at first but for the I had to re-size the vector a lot and I didn't want that, so I dropped it.

Support and comment are appreciated. Thank you.

YAY for more Meru Puri! xD

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  1. Sashinka Banned Member Jul 06, 2009


  2. EevaLeena Jul 06, 2009

    Eh? For me too? Thanks, Tina-chan! >.< Anyways... it's beautiful! I love those colors, those glow.. and the painting on the birds & flowers look specially awesome! Great job! ^^

  3. YoruAngel866 Jul 06, 2009

    OMg thank you so much for dedicating this to me :) i really love it especially birds and grass <3
    vector is cool as well, tyvm again :D

  4. garnetyuna Jul 06, 2009

    oh my, this is awesome! after saw the few work in progress images, I really admire you. you did a great job and your vector is amazing! =3 I don't know yet how to vector, but if I can found some free time I'll apply too. I really want to make my own vector >.< in the meanwhile, I'll just look at those beautiful vectors here at MT.

  5. tsuki-akari Jul 06, 2009

    This is lovely. like the idea and like yoru also like the birds and grass.

  6. jns Jul 06, 2009

    For me too? Yay
    They really look so cuuuute >_< I just feel ike hugging them xD
    And i just noticed.. You put the names in alphabetical order hahaha
    Interesting.. I was going to tell you that this was my fav but i took too long to reply -.-
    I haven't been at home
    You already know how much i love this :nya:

  7. kuryuki Jul 06, 2009

    >D thankies
    it's such a pretty scene <3

  8. Yamaro Jul 06, 2009

    Oh, so many dedication, and for me too, I am really glad, arigato! I am also very glad that I met you and all those super-wallers.

    The wall is really super, your vectoring and painting is perfect, there aren't mistakes at all, I need to learn lot from your walls. Even I don't saw or read Meru Puri, I like the wall^^

  9. Sakura-Dust Jul 06, 2009

    XD Nu-mi vine sa cred ca m-am fastacit sa citesc titlul...
    *English accent* 'feri...' oh... romana ^^"
    Wallul este adorabil, pur si simplu super sweet <3
    M-ai nimerit bine ca citesc o manga despre love, in fine yaoi love Junjou Romantica, si sunt cu capul in nori acum, a picat la fix dedicatia <3
    Porumbeii nu prea au legatura cu peisajul si iarba ar trebui facuta un verde mai inchis, asa arata cam sintetic intr-un peisaj notcurn. In rest este foarte frumos compus. Scriu concluzia in engleza ca sa nu-mi stearga nimeni commentul XD

    To sum it up, I really love it, it touched my soft spot XD and I'm really grateful for this dedication *adds wall on UP*

  10. Taja Jul 06, 2009

    so beautiful wow really beautiful :)

  11. ScarXHeart Jul 06, 2009

    Great and awesome wallpaper! Thanks for making it. Hino's artwork is incredible. I love it!

  12. Tifa-chan Jul 06, 2009

    Oooow what a cute wallpaper!
    the vector is great and bg gorgeous!*___*

  13. animanga Jul 07, 2009

    Yay, thanks Tina. XD
    I really love the composition, and how everything glows. XD The flowers and the birds are really pretty and grass is really hard so you managed well. Airi's hair is really pretty too, but I think the clothes need some gradients or something because they seem a little flat. >.< And maybe the skin could use some more higlights but they may just be my monitor. ^_^'
    Really awesome job, I can see you put in a lot of effort. :D

  14. Sinever Jul 07, 2009

    yay its finally here xD
    you know what I think of this wallie, its a beautiful, romantic & magical wallie....its simply gorgeous xD
    oh yeah thanks for dedicating it to me too *hugs*

  15. M2Vz Jul 07, 2009

    I was thinking to vector that scene too, but sin-chan told me someone's already vectoring it, and apparently it's you <3

    It's a really pretty vector~ ^_^
    MeruPuri wall is so rare, and I'm really happy you made this XD
    Yay aram x airi ?

  16. hayashinomura Jul 07, 2009

    Eh? You mean that 'Hayashi' is me? For real? OMG THANKIE THANKS! *hugs*
    I'm speechless... The vector is so neat... I love the lineart you do...
    The color is so sweet too ... so cute and beautiful...
    Well, even I'm not maniac of Hino Matsuri work like Sin-chan does, but I admire her
    So thank you again ^^

  17. erikamirou Jul 07, 2009

    The overal looks beautiful, but it looks clich

  18. vitaamin Jul 07, 2009

    for the most part, i like the colors though i have to complain about the skin as usual--in dark walls they really shouldnt be that brown and with all the flowers and stuff glowing in the bg, i feel like their faces should be glowing as well. again, at night time they should be pale with more purple/blue shadows
    i like the painting in the bg though, its really nice :3
    thanks for the dedication ^^

  19. Kitaan Retired Moderator Jul 07, 2009

    Aw, for me?
    I was waiting for this to be done, I love this image of them.
    I gotta be a bitch though and critc on the bg, it's itching me the wrong way ^^;
    The colors are all off on this, I think the scan should be darker to blend in with it.
    The grass should be darker and a more darker green color. I'm not sure if the birds belong there...they look stiff and without life. Maybe if they were resting on something it would look more natural?
    As for the thing in the middle...I have no idea what it is, not saying it's bad
    or anything actually I think it's the best thing in the bg. Even though it is, I'm not sure but it just looks weird to me being there. And the glow on the birds isn't needed.
    Well, I hope it didn't sound as bad as I think it did. I love the look
    and such, I just feel like it needs more work and a change around on the bg idea. But thank you so much for the dedication <3 *hugs*

  20. ShanaFlare Jul 08, 2009

    The wall is magnificent! I really like the colour you use and the vectoring is awesome:D awesome work overall^^

  21. makuu-chan Jul 08, 2009

    waaah *.*
    sooo beautifuuul

  22. icegaze7 Jul 10, 2009

    beautiful wall! great work on the vector and lovely background. thanks for sharing!

  23. xAl-san Jul 10, 2009

    The girl I loved died not too long ago. This wallpaper reminds me of her beauty and compassion. I miss her....

    Thank you for the artwork. You're quite talented.

  24. Pulver15 Jul 11, 2009

    This is so cute! XD
    The vector is greats as usual and I totally love the bg!
    Especially this round thing behind them!

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