MeruPuri Wallpaper: Elysian Fields

Matsuri Hino, MeruPuri, Aram, Airi Hoshina Wallpaper
Matsuri Hino Mangaka MeruPuri Series Aram Character Airi Hoshina Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Images Used:
Airi and Aram

Original file size: 67.1 MB x_x
Lineart done in Adobe Illustrator, everything else done in Adobe Photoshop.
Texture from DA! Desktop Anime!
Petals from my Kyou Kara Maou! vector

Yeah, whatever. I can’t paint; I’m dealing with it. >_>

Things that I most certainly know suck: Airi’s hair, Aram’s clothes, the field, Airi’s dress, the clouds, the peonies, FUGLY BUTTERFLIES. D: Everything else I either like or don’t find too bad. It was really hard to get depth and highlights into the flowers. Do not even mention Airi’s hair. That colour is hell to paint with – highlights turn into the most disgusting faded orange and shading goes all faded and brown. x_x
Don’t mention the field either. NEVER AGAIN.
And yes I have been notified that roses do not grow like that, but I’ve decided that they do in Astale. So there.
Yeah I hate this, w/e.

I have a version without the lense flare over the foreground if anyone wants it; its file size is too big for Photobucket.

vector-wallers chamber-of-kings vectory

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  1. vitaamin Jun 24, 2009

    i like the way you did the eyes ^^. the shading on the clothes and hair are a bit messy, and the frames are.. drawn wrong lol >D but i guess you already know that.
    the bg colors are a bit bright--the green of the grass is way to electric and the flat horizon doesnt do anything for you. the clouds are weak, but i think they fit. the sky just needs some more texture--more colors or some wispy clouds behind the solid ones
    overall its a very happy wall and in general i like the colors aside from the grass :D

  2. Tina18 Jun 24, 2009

    xD I'm using the same colors for their clothes :nya:
    Is alright, I like the skin, Some lines are a bit jagged, like at her hair.
    The fields indeed looks empty but overall is nice given the fact that you had to do the bg from scratch.
    Maybe you could add some flowers in the fiels, nothing to detailed, just some colors.

  3. M2Vz Jun 24, 2009

    kyaaah finally MeruPuri wall~! ^^
    good thing there's finally new wall in that category... It's been so empty XD
    Anyway, I think airi looks so cute here... Good work with her eyes :3
    I think stuffs you mentioned aren't that bad :P the most obvious thing is probably airi's hair XD overall it's nice~
    (though I still saw some color leaks :3)

  4. jns Jun 24, 2009

    Is this MeruPuri day or what? xD
    I actually like the roses and eyes a lot ^^ Especially the eyes!
    Some of the lines are a tad jagged.. Color wise i can't say a thing cos my screen is nuts
    About the background.. that flat horizon is a big no-no
    Overall it's a nice job

  5. Taja Jun 27, 2009

    really cool work

  6. Justkawaii Nov 27, 2009

    would like to read this manga. seems cool

  7. nellandreatta Dec 05, 2009

    perfect... very very very perfect....

  8. tonni Jun 25, 2010

    I'd say its very beautiful! thanks a lot for sharing :)

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