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Okay, found this scan on MT one week ago or so... first i had in mind making a natural setting but then since that didnt work out very well i decided to make yet another space wall ;)

well yes... i dunno what to say more than to enjoy this wall i made for you ppl and for me...it's long time ago since i last submitted a wall...

neways please enjoy this or even put it on your desktop as background haha :D since that's what makes waller s most happy if their works get to be decorating yer desktops ;)

cya ppl, Li-kun NYUU~~ :3

scan found on MT :D

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  1. sword Sep 01, 2004

    WEEE first TO comment!! i love it . LOVE IT!!

  2. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Sep 01, 2004

    Oooooo! The stud Limality does some seriously amazing work. The atmosphere in this background is breath-taking and its so.....DAMN amazing! I really love the space background and the planets, this looks very lifelike and the realism of the character and the aura surrounding it! GAH! There is just so much happening and the text looks amazing and everything just fits into place so perfectly that its no wonder Lima is number one. O.o Anyways I really love the job you've donen with this wall. Everything in it is perfect and honestly I haven't seen such an amazing space background like this ever. Definately a favorite for me. Great job Lima =D.

  3. AkinaSpirit Sep 01, 2004

    The bg looks great~

  4. WunAngelwHoney Sep 01, 2004

    wow! this is sooooo good! ur really good at makn spacey backgrounds ...
    #.# AnG really wuvs this wallie ^-^

  5. ProfD Sep 01, 2004

    Nice colors.. Great wall.. :)

  6. Rex Sep 01, 2004

    holy shit that's one cool wall =^.^=

  7. Tama-Neko Sep 01, 2004

    Huzzah, it's done! Let me say that I really like the pale yellow planet/moon; the rest of the purpleness flows really well, but the yellow gives realism because it matches the lighting highlights in the character image and ties everything together. Good job :)

  8. TheRavenIsUnSkill Sep 01, 2004

    I prefer non-text version. Still |337 XD

  9. Sorceres00 Sep 01, 2004

    Yeah you are right, :D well you can be happy now :D because your wall is on my desktop and is one of my favorites :D

  10. Jinzhou Retired Moderator Sep 01, 2004


    Anyway, yeah. You know I said I liked the wall. So why would that change? O_o Fusck you and all your worth because this wall is nice. u_u

    Very nice Lim, VERY nice. If I was on my computer this'd be my background right now.

  11. Val3f0r Sep 01, 2004

    the background
    deadly... XD very very nice Lima.... great effect and turn out to be a great wall XD

  12. afan Sep 01, 2004

    Dang... looks great

  13. Noctum Sep 01, 2004

    At first, these little magic lights which look like small shooting stars seemed a bit strange to me, but once I got used to them (30 seconds later), I saw an excellent wallpaper.
    Limality, you're delivering quality work once again. :)

  14. FallenAngel Sep 01, 2004

    Wow............such a nice wall. The bg looks great. Nice job lima!

  15. pinkdoremi Sep 01, 2004

    wow... it's soo cool... O_O defeintily one of the best space walls around :D i love the glitters ^_^

  16. darkwaterbunny Sep 01, 2004

    whoa, very nice!-fav!

  17. Bamb0o-Stick Sep 01, 2004

    You did a crazy nice job with this. Excellent job Limality :D

  18. sammo Retired Moderator Sep 01, 2004

    hotness AND NO more! +FAV

  19. Angelette Sep 02, 2004

    Wow... That looks amazing. The BG is sooooo beautiful!! Great space!!

  20. Ninja Sep 02, 2004

    Very awesome.

  21. akari-tenshi Sep 02, 2004

    This is one big hit wallie... Kami-sama... akari-chan really likes it! :)

  22. YoukaiexterminatorSango Sep 02, 2004

    I love the stars!!! and the bg!! the dude in the front is cool too!

  23. gendo1 Sep 02, 2004

    Nice one, Limality!

  24. Sweet-angel Sep 02, 2004

    Wow amaizing.Great job!

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