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I didn't spent much time on this one. (some teachers don't agree with me drawing in class XD)
As for the story, I don't mind about the love-or-not story between Amon and Robin, I just like the serie and the characters...

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  1. Noctum Sep 01, 2004

    Drawing in class. *ts, ts*

    Well, I never was much of a fan of the art from Witch Hunter Robin, but I will still pay respect for the amount of details and the accuracy with which you copied the original style.

  2. sword Sep 01, 2004

    wow another talented artist appears at mt!! love ur artstyle

  3. hidekeitaro Sep 01, 2004

    Very nice :D

  4. TwilightNoir06 Sep 10, 2004

    omg!!! This drawing is absolutely amazing!! It definetly takes your breath away!! As for your teachers not liking you drawing in class...keep doing it because you have an amazing gift. It will take you to beautiful places. Keep it up!! I would so love to see more!!

  5. DayBreak Nov 21, 2004

    *tears* this is so beauitful T-T
    i cant stop looking at it!
    its so pretty!

  6. AkinaSpirit Nov 26, 2004

    It's sweet... I liked the series too though I prefer the non-love story/relationship =P

  7. ange-argente Nov 30, 2004

    Oh my goodness!!! What a work of art. I love your shading - it's so detailed and it really brings the whole drawing to life. And their emotions.... you're very gifted. Forget whtat your teachers say... lol, j/k.

    It's stunning!!!! Great job!!!

  8. Frosty Dec 04, 2004

    wow... you must of kill a dozen pencil *like all you other hard sketches* to sketch this one. XD
    it looks really cool. ^^ very detailed. ^^
    just wondering did you also use coral pencil or just coral to make that hard sketch looks. ^^
    well either way, this is very nice and well worth commenting about. ^^
    a and +fav for another great jobe well done bubby. ^^

  9. IrvineTomoe Dec 07, 2004

    Mmm . . . thats very well drawn. Yea, its a shame, the whole series suggested a love interest, but there was none . . . what a shame indeed. But no matter, the picture brings out that possibility very well. Very good work on the shading. Oh . . . on a personal note . . . I love the pendents, thanks for including them. ^^

  10. Isis Dec 20, 2004

    Bon je me lance ds les commentaires (comme je viens de lire que tu es francais ca me facilite la tache lol)

    Je trouve ce dessin vraiment très bien réussi (en + je viens de decouvrir cette serie que j'adore a present ^_^). Et je trouve que le travail sur les vestes et l'attitude des personnages leur correspond tt a fait. Et le petit clin d'oeil aux pendentifs est tres mignon.

    En tt cas felicitations et petite question avant de partir (vi je suis curieuse il parait) tu l'as reproduit d'apres un dessin ou tu l'as imagine apres avoir vu la serie peut-etre ?? (merci des reponses eventuelles).

    @ bientot

  11. evasion Dec 21, 2004

    Eeeeeeek? Since when did you post this pic?! GAH! I'm so far behind! ^_^ Lol. Wow, awesome pose! (a difficult one, too) I wish I was as good as you T_T *BIG fav!* woot! hope to see you around! Lol, don't listen to your teachers! Keep up the drawings XD

  12. Shkira Dec 30, 2004

    Awesome. That's great shading right there. Looks like it'd be a wonderful charcoal piece as well! I like how the necklaces are intertwined, that's hot.

  13. 1darkangel Jan 01, 2005

    Oh wow now that is good. You have your shading down to a perfect art.

  14. saori-chan Jan 02, 2005

    Your shading is so smooth!!! :-O I can't believe you drew this in class! hehe I should start doing that too. :P Thank you for the comment on my naruto pic, Gaijin-san! And I noticed you gave many New Year comments to many other people too. You must be the nicest member in minitokyo ever!!! I'm so glad you're my friend...T_T

    Oh I was wondering, how do you quote and reply to people's messages? I tried that, but I posted it in my own guestbook. >< And how come you can have a banner under every comment you write? hehe Sorry to bother you with my questions. Wow, I wrote a lot. Okay I will go now! T_T Hope to see more of your artwork soon! Au revoir?

  15. setoshi Feb 10, 2005

    i've got a question. Is it okay if i use this drawing for a wallpaper?

  16. XavierCrow Mar 04, 2005

    The teacher was only jealous! This is... awe inspiring... reminds me what emotion is. I don't know the story or anything, but the dude's got a coat like mine! XP This is probably the best work by you I've seen... I know I'm a bit late, but a compliment's a compliment right? XP A definite favourite... keep it up man.

  17. Ayamael Mar 07, 2005

    oh wow... this sketch looks great!!! lol, XavierCrow's got a point, the teacher must have been jealous, so am i... ^^ both the characters look perfect, and the details... definite + fave, great work!

  18. ZKyoy Apr 26, 2005

    wow! lovely drawing!
    you're a really good atrist!

  19. sadiztiktorture Jun 04, 2005

    Wow.. I really love this pic. I am a huge Witch Hunter Robin fan, and have always had this thing about Robin and Amon getting together. The detail on this piece is gorgeous... -sigh- If only it was really like that in the series...-sniffle-

  20. sjolley Jul 08, 2005

    Now this is a work of art. I like the shading, and the pose of the chartacters. Thanks for sharing. :D

  21. AngelKate Aug 07, 2005

    O_O Holy crap!! This is amazing!! Really really well drawn!!

  22. sekhmet11 Aug 14, 2005

    This is reeeeaaaaallllllyyyyyy good!!!! I love it. I can't believe it's done in pencil. I love Witch Hunter Robin. Thanks for sharing.

  23. dianas Sep 09, 2005

    this is lovely ...Amon-kun and Robin-chan a couple..i like Witch Hunter Robin the anime very much and you desetve a fav form me for your work

  24. Koenken Nov 01, 2005

    Very nice drawing.
    You are very good at shading.
    Very nice clean lines, too.

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