Pandora Hearts Wallpaper: Noble Mild Maze

Jun Mochizuki, Pandora Hearts, Alice (Pandora Hearts), Vector Art Wallpaper
Jun Mochizuki Mangaka Pandora Hearts Series Alice (Pandora Hearts) Character Vector Art Source

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

"Do you believe in
Eternal love?
I sigh into my sweet black tea

I'm sick and tired of falling
As I chase you through

How far must I go
To escape this multicolored darkness?
The melody I follow stirs something in my heart
If destiny is like clockwork, then
If I destroy it I'll be free
Your truth is an incomprehensible Maze
The proof that I'm alive"

The title "Noble Mild Maze" defines from the name "Alice" and the name of the ending song "Maze".

I found some scan here but it got removed, no idea why though. Credits to whoever uploaded it and gave me the chance to vector and wall it.

The wallpaper is basically made from common effects and brushes in Photoshop. Vector was made in Adobe Illustrator and I followed tina18's tip to fill paths instead of stroking them. Her eyes and the flowers were the most fun part and again, the background was the hardest since I never happen to get exactly what I want and end up having something else that satisfies me.

Layers: 41 (Photoshop) 9 (Illustrator), I forgot the time that went by in total although the days that elapsed is about one week.

- No jaggies (I hope)
- Texture fixed (I hope)
- Texturless available
- Added roses/flowers in the background

Download Noble Mild Maze [PNG]
Version 2: Download Noble Mild Maze [PNG]
Version 2: Download Noble Mild Maze [Textureless & PNG]

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  1. Tina18 Jun 05, 2009

    Very nice. There are some jagged lines, like at her hands, but you're definitely improving ^^ the roses look very good actually regarding lines and shadings. I like the beads too. You've done pretty good for a first fill paths project. Congrats and good luck with any future projects. p.s. for jagged lines, I'm not sure maybe you could use blur tool a bit and try to use a color close to black instead of black itself so it won't stand out that much. See ya.

  2. Karina2110 Jun 05, 2009

    Much beautifully! I waited that someone will do vector wallpaper from this scan. Thank you!

  3. hidekeitaro Jun 05, 2009

    Wonderful wallpaper *-*~

  4. Kurorisa Jun 05, 2009

    It's beautiful ^^ There are some jagged lines like Tina said but it's still wonderful, specially the roses =]

  5. animanga Jun 06, 2009

    The vector is nice and so is the BG but the texture is way too strong. Try using textures by setting them to 'Overlay' instead of using the texturizer, it just embosses the texture onto the image and looks strange.
    Also, if you're vectoring in Adobe Illustrator then why are you using fill paths? If you just use then pen tool, set it to no fill, line colour to black and then a thickness you don't have to go around both sides of the line and it makes it much cleaner. Just make sure it's at least 1 pt or the lines are still jagged.

  6. KiaRatT Jun 06, 2009

    omg! so beautiful! wonderfull! I love it! thank u for sharing this! ^^

  7. Sakura-Dust Jun 06, 2009

    This is gorgeous, but I think the texture is the cause of those jagged lines.
    I think a textureless would be wonderful, since the pose, and vector are really beautiful <3

  8. SweetyYume Jun 06, 2009

    Woah sugoi
    Really nice *downloads* ^w^

  9. animelover901120 Jun 06, 2009

    Love her hair...It feels silky^^

  10. animanga Jun 07, 2009

    The texture looks much better, and I love the roses added in the BG. :)
    The lineart looks fantastic now, how did you get rid of the jaggedness? o_0

    Using the pen tool in Illustrator practically quarters the time it takes me to make lineart as it did with the pen tool in PS, I think Tina thought you were using the stroke path in PS but using the pen tool with stroke in AI is completely different - you just have to make the lines thick enough till they aren't too jagged (I usually use about 1.5). I just didn't want you to be wasting your time going around both sides of the line if you didn't already know, when an expensive program like AI is such a blessing to have. XD
    Anyway, great work. :)

  11. taron Jun 07, 2009

    oh beautiful!

    good job^^

  12. aqiaqua Jun 08, 2009

    I initially gave this only a glance before you made all those changes - and now it looks superb! :D I love the smoothness of the lines and I think the roses in the background are fitting. My only comment would be that the sky looks too plain, but then, I suppose you don't want to clutter it up ;D.

    Lovely work, I'm looking forward to more from you! Another artist on the rise <3

    And... out of sheer curiosity... are you a Tsuna fan?! ^_______^

  13. ShanaFlare Jun 08, 2009

    WOW! what more can i say, the wall is simply amazing!
    i love everything about it :)
    good job on the vectoring^^

  14. selemental Banned Member Jun 08, 2009

    beautiful. hope it gets into elite or popular submissions :3 *hugs the wallie and favs it*

  15. xpxkyu Jun 09, 2009

    oh, alice!

    she is so beautiful!XD

  16. Guardiansoul Jun 11, 2009

    Alice in this picture is so adorable~
    thanks for the picture!

  17. KyouS Jul 19, 2009

    very pretty wallie

  18. kandakanda Jul 30, 2009

    pretty black rabbit

  19. SkyOfFreedom Mute Member Sep 15, 2009

    amazing and beautiful job^^

  20. YoruAngel866 Sep 24, 2009

    lol it was you who did this wall XD
    lol lol XD anyway i think you blured it tooooooo much

  21. balmolok Oct 18, 2009


  22. moo-poo Feb 19, 2010

    Thank you for sharing...! ^^

  23. Jalfred-kun Feb 27, 2010

    ahhhh that's nice this series with all you have and the occasional bloody scene xD but worth see
    thanks for the contribution
    I love Pandora Hearts ^^

  24. lamthang1127 Mute Member Jul 12, 2010

    Awesome work! I love the pic so much. Thanks for sharing!

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