Shadow Hearts Wallpaper: Shadow hearts 2

Sacnoth, Shadow Hearts, Yuri Hyuga, Cornelia (Shadow Hearts), Gepetto Wallpaper
Sacnoth Studio Shadow Hearts Game Yuri Hyuga Character Cornelia (Shadow Hearts) Character Gepetto Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

So this is dedicated to all those Shadow hearts fans like Trowble.

So for some apparent reason i found this site in Kei's Gfxart site and yeah i like how this all went out, tried to build a fairly good cathedral typed techy incorporated from the orignal scan and did lots of overlaying, gaussian blurs and lots of duplicate layers and this is how it all went out!

"Where our hearts go no one knows..."
Another thing in life im striving everyday, something thats ben eating at me like a flesh eating virus under my skin. Sometimes i dont even know where i belong, nor when if i ever want this life im leading...maybe its for this enlightened path to help someone and find that special person for my shattered heart but yeah i must be exaggerating again...to where the skies meet the age of existence my eyes wander, someday that day will come and it will change my world forever....

So 48 layers and 4 hours of work so hope you like! ^ ^

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  1. crapmonster Sep 01, 2004

    damn man, that is just awesome! my only complaint is that the image is pretty bad quality but then again it really is an impossible cleanup job

  2. kenzuke Sep 01, 2004

    Awesomeness!!! The bg roxorz as usual!! @_@ !!!

  3. exentric Sep 01, 2004

    dats just.. awesome...
    nothing more can be said.. >_<

  4. darkrad16 Sep 01, 2004

    kewl..... damn so nicely done

  5. akai Sep 01, 2004

    The quality of the pic isn't the best but wow... I like the the crazy use of light. It's looking awesome.

  6. Yarashi Sep 01, 2004

    48 layers and 4 hours later = Brilliant work! =d
    i love the background effects, it's a shame about the original image's quality, but there's not much you can do about that I suppose. >.O

  7. chunli61 Sep 01, 2004

    nice work!

  8. chibikko Sep 01, 2004

    hey this looks cool, i especially like the background, nice wallpaper

  9. semanga Sep 01, 2004

    wow :o Looks very good

  10. Natsu Sep 01, 2004

    cool XD

  11. Noctum Sep 01, 2004

    Quote by crapmonsterdamn man, that is just awesome! my only complaint is that the image is pretty bad quality but then again it really is an impossible cleanup job

    I can fully agree with crapmonster here.
    The bg looks great and the green-orange combo goes well with the characters (except perhaps the purple-white wolf, but that might be more because of a personal preference).
    The characters look okay, but the guy in the back and the one on the right have a bit too many details (black lines) which make them a bit rough compared to the bg and the other two characters.
    Anyway, it's not a perfect, but still a damn good wallpaper. :)

  12. UndyingShadow Sep 01, 2004

    the bg looks awesome, but as said above, the image quality isn't that great. But still Oracle, great wall!

  13. sword Sep 01, 2004

    i saw this at ao!! loving the abstract effects. would love a red version though xD

  14. Bamb0o-Stick Sep 01, 2004

    Sweet! I really like that background design :)

  15. Kane Sep 02, 2004

    The background is well made, but I don't think the scan fits in at all with the background.

  16. Meierlink Sep 02, 2004

    Nicely done

  17. Spriggan Sep 04, 2004

    aahh same if I try hard XO , I still can't find anything wrong ^_^' ....great work again!!

  18. egnirys Nov 03, 2004

    This is really nice, but can I ask for the url where you found the original image? I run some Shadow Hearts-related sites, and I like to link artists with SH fanart in their galleries. ^_^'

  19. Sindizzy Jan 26, 2005

    Awesome background design! The lighting effects is just great. The poses the characters are doing fit their character. My only complaints are the quality of the image.

  20. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Feb 17, 2005

    First off I'd like to state on how much I love the Koudelka series, aside from Koudelka itself I just loved Shadow Hearts I and II so when I saw this wall I just had to take a good look at it. Well not to my knowledge I find out that the artist is none other than OA. Holy crap, SH and OA :_: This is like a dream come true. Let me state also that the scan used is a perfect choice in my opinion. I can't say that I've seen a Shadow Hearts II scan that is as good as this one with so many characters. Not to mention how well it fits this background. Wow, the bg. Its like a mindtrip, well to me. The exotic green (well it looks more of a lime-green with a tint of yellow) just explodes from the center and the design is very unique and lovely. I would never of suspected a color like that to look so good on a bg to be honest and I was completely shocked at the overall beauty and energy of this background that I can't ignore it. Overall it tickles my fancy and earns my fav.

  21. OrochiNeji Feb 18, 2005

    looks good, That was an awesome game, Keep up the good work

  22. tian82 May 15, 2005

    This picture is nice !! I like it !!! The background is so lovely !!! Thank for sharing !!

  23. Tiyu Jun 06, 2005

    Wowowowow I like that picture...........................
    Thank you! ^^

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