Satoru Takamiya Wallpaper: Fallen Angel

Satoru Takamiya Wallpaper
Satoru Takamiya Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

First, I want to dedicated this wall for Sinever-chan, my best friend on MT! Sinever-chan.... this is for you and I hope you like this wallpaper, girl!

Now.... About this wallpaper.... I decided to scanned and edited this wall because I love Hashiba's expression! She is so cute, look like wishing on something, and I just love it, so, I decided to vectored it and made it as a wallpaper. Hashiba is an character from Fallen Angel, a comic by Takamiya Satoru.

It took 9 days and need 54 layers to finished vectored Hashiba. It's all because I was having my final school examination. But, not like my national examination (that's different), I feel so lazy to study, so I prefer to vectored Hashiba than studied well for my final school examination. I tried to vectored Hashiba so carefully and seriously because I was so tired to study.

I did the wallpaper so carefully and seriously too. First, I want to draw a kingdom for the background.... But, I cancelled my mind to draw that because I can't draw the building like that. Yeah, maybe I must study to draw building from now~~ But, I love this final result too of this wallpaper.
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At least, I always need your feedback about this wallpaper! So.... Give me a comment, please! And don't forget to add this wallpaper to your fav lists if you really like it. Thank you before!
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  1. ShinKyo Jun 02, 2009

    The girl is so adorable, her eyes and wings look so nice ^^

  2. vitaamin Jun 02, 2009

    the vector is really nice!
    unfortunately the bg doesnt really match, mainly because you only really used white to make the mist, add some color tints and some more shading/highlighting for depth--right now it just looks really faded and washed out
    and i really would like to see more sky/vector than having all this mist in the way
    although remember lighting. she is all saturated and bright looking so the sky really should have a tough more color

  3. Sinever Jun 03, 2009

    OMG, this is so pretty xD thanks a lot honey *hugs*
    the vector is beautifully done & bg is nice but I kinda agree with vita-chan here....it doesnt mean its not good or anything, it just need more details ^^
    anyways well done & its a fav!

  4. Rue-chan Jun 03, 2009

    can you tell me if u used a manga scan or an anime screenshot? :o

    sinchan must have been so happy! :)

  5. ScarXHeart Jun 08, 2009

    This is a really cute wallpaper. The quote on the wall means a lot. Great work!

  6. BBShadowCat Jul 22, 2009

    Beautiful! And she is extremely cute! What series is she from? I wanna read O.o

  7. atashi07 Oct 17, 2009

    dari manga Takamiya Satoru yg mna?

  8. Berryfluffy Jun 27, 2010

    many "falen angel" artwork show an angel who has turned evil, or an angel who is hurt or sad... this one look so innocent.. like as if she only fell because she tripped over something and she sat back up to look around her.. it's so cute i like it.

  9. Steffi1690 Moderator Aug 11, 2010

    A Wonderful Angel ^-^ From where do you have that girl? (I haven't seen it on MT)
    Like the BG too with all the feathers floating around~~ :)

  10. serenebeauty Nov 30, 2010

    cool and very nice! the background is also nice

  11. kissudesu May 20, 2011

    kawaiii *---------------------------*

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