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Mario Kaneda, Girls Bravo, Miharu Sena Kanaka Wallpaper
Mario Kaneda Mangaka Girls Bravo Series Miharu Sena Kanaka Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

2nd part of four series (yep u heard that right - gotta find a person to do spring now xD ) for the Girls bravo seasons collection.

Osiris released the first one, and i was supposed to dual release with him but unfortunately, the night before i got drunk and there were girls so... ^_^;;

On the wall: yikes !! first time trying to do vectoring a lil. Half the wall, including the scan (yes the girl!!) is vectored (thaz how i made her hair look so bubbly gummy delicious). Buildings were each drawn seperately one by one with pen tool, polygonal lasso, etc .

on the side note: took longer than expected because i was trying to match and exceed Ossy's version ( found here: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/38756/ ) xD
knowing if i did or not all depends on u ppo . hf and enjoi the wall!!
Time Taken: A week or so...
Credits: Kev, Ossy, Angelette, Tama, sammo (hahaha), candy and eeeeeeeeevvvvvvvverryone else in #minitokyo chat room for commenting along the way.
special thanks to: bamb0o-stick for that awesome water psd . couldn't make those waterfalls witout ya ;p

other resolutions : visit www.aztreii.net . will go up shortly, once i wake up ~_~

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  1. sammo Retired Moderator Sep 01, 2004

    nice~ took you long enough XD

  2. TheRavenIsUnSkill Sep 01, 2004

    Pinku o.O

    Nice XD

  3. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Sep 01, 2004

    Hahaha, yet again another bitchin' wall from probably some of the best wallers I've ever seen
    (Oh yes, sword, did you get any? ^.~ You know from when you were distracted before). Anyways I love the city landscape background, and damn you ans Osi for making SUCH amazingly realistic AND beautiful backgrounds! Stop that! Stop kicking so much ass =P. Seriously, anyways this is a VERY sexy (just like Osi's) picture of Miharu-chan ^^, shes soooooo adorable, but I'm partical to Kirie ^.~. Anyways I really love the job you've done with the visuals andeverything comes together so very well. So what if its late? Better late than never, great job Sword. This is a favorite for me. Damn this is nice.

  4. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Sep 01, 2004

    And my computer and connection spoke saying "Damn she is hot, lets post twice and piss off Cy" and so they proceeded to do some (anyone thats a mod plz delete this, sorry but it gave me some error crap and half the time it does that it never posts, go figure it does it now)

  5. Angelette Sep 01, 2004

    whee swordie!! I wubb the marble!! The marble is like dayam hawt!! xD Great vector work!!

  6. GolgoXIII Sep 01, 2004

    Nice wallpaper thanks :D

  7. Osiris Retired Moderator Sep 01, 2004

    hahahah swordyyyyy

    girls bravo pride! XD

    leet skills ..im seeing leet skills @_@

    +fav :)

  8. candy-chan Retired Moderator Sep 01, 2004

    the alien light rays are baaack! XD XD
    no no seriously, its better like that.
    roxing marble and sweet sky ( and ocean, :P )
    u go and pwn osi

  9. FallenAngel Sep 01, 2004

    Really nice sword. I really like the water and sky. Nice work!

  10. pinkdoremi Sep 01, 2004

    wai~!! it's so pretty!! the image really fits with the prettyful background!! the sky's really pretty too ^-^

  11. Limality Sep 01, 2004

    Sugoiiiii :D i like how you made the details ^^ and and and j00 roxorz my boxorz XD

  12. rory07 Sep 01, 2004

    really cute girl and wonderful bg
    nice job!

  13. itsDchlorine Sep 01, 2004

    hey, really nice work^^ love the girls so cute!! the extraction was pretty good too!! great work

  14. Tama-Neko Sep 01, 2004

    It was fun seeing this progress :) Glad you're finally done though; the marble textures are definately my favorite because it adds depth without being over-the-top and stealing your eyes away from the rest of the scene.
    P.S. Glad you didn't go for the blue grass XD

  15. ZyreX Sep 01, 2004

    Thats just so nice swordy!! luuve the scenery!! XD
    she fitts really well with the wall like she would be at her world looking down at earths buildings.

  16. irix Sep 01, 2004

    The Sky are so nice!!! good work!!! :)

  17. DaAsian Sep 01, 2004

    Great pic man!! thanks sword ^^

  18. Val3f0r Sep 01, 2004

    wee.. its great ^^ really love it... the scenery also Miharu.. XD looks beautiful *fav*

  19. akai Sep 01, 2004

    XD Osi has a challenger. Nice vectoring and excellent job on the background... I like the details. The amount of effort you've put in is apparent. Keep it up.

  20. FlowerDog Sep 01, 2004

    So breath-taking! I love everything about the wallpaper. Please keep it up sword. :)

  21. Fantasia Sep 01, 2004

    it's soo beautiful,I like the bg & the cute girl

  22. Fantasia Sep 01, 2004

    it's soo beautiful,I like the bg & the cute girl

  23. elvenkind Sep 01, 2004

    yay :D
    new desktop wallpaper for me ..

  24. chibikko Sep 01, 2004

    ooh sword this is really beautiful! this is even my favorite girls bravo scan, looks so great. and the background you've added is pretty good and really nice anime style. the waterfall (that's water right?) is pretty and works very good with the rest. a favorite

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