Vampire Knight Wallpaper: ~*Miss Alice*~

Matsuri Hino, Vampire Knight, Yuuki Cross, Vector Art Wallpaper
Matsuri Hino Mangaka Vampire Knight Series Yuuki Cross Character Vector Art Source

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment


ohhh thanks minna for your lovely comments, I was not sure if I picked the right bg & about it being a bright wallie instead of a dark one T____T thank you soooo much *hugs everyone so tight*

this wall is a birthday present for my stupid student Temarigenius XD her b-day is actually on May 26th but since I finished the wall early I thought of submitting it, anyways hope you love it ^^

okay as all of you already know I decided to vector this scan the moment I saw it XD its a very gorgeous scan & I couldnt resist vectoring it :3
I didnt face any difficulties while vectoring it except for the frills x___x they really killed me even though I love frills.

as for the bg I was not sure what kind of a bg to make, I know that a dark/night bg would have gone better with this scan but since I suck at making dark bgs I decided to go a with a day/bright bg XD I searched & searched for a scan to help me & finally I saw this a lovey scan of Kuroshitsuji. I vectored the curtains, window, chair & table & then I decided do add a bunny at the back, if you remember that bunny is the one yuuki was holding in the kuran extra chapter XD
well to give the wall a little bit of creepiness, I made that bunny drink some tea XD then to add some more details I decided to add some trees at the back to fill that part, I was too lazy to paint the tree so I used a scan instead of doing that...hope they are not looking weird ^^"
anyways please enjoy it :nya:

Next wallie:
its a zero wallie & Im going to vector the same scan epsilon-chan has vectored ^^

All comments/favs are appreciated & thanks everyone for your continuous support ;)


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  1. EevaLeena May 16, 2009

    Awesome vector as usual, and I just love those background! They look amazing! >.<

  2. aqiaqua May 16, 2009

    Ahhh, I've been anticipating this project since I saw it on your UP. Amazing reconstruction job, you're a pro at doing this ;D. The background is a bit light and airy for the scan IMO, but overall I love this piece to death. You're probably on par with Hino-sensei herself with your talent <3

  3. Mitsuki24 May 16, 2009

    omgsdfdfdsf, this is amazing sin-chan XD
    I love it :3 I really love on how you do the background
    I think it fits the vector scan perfectly :3 *faves*

  4. ajkk May 16, 2009

    A new WONDERFUL vector by Sinever sama again ! *///0///*
    WAAAAOOOW~LIKE IT~~! >//////<
    I want to +favs x30 for it~ = w =bbbbbbb

  5. Tina18 May 16, 2009

    Mwhaha I just clicked on Mt and saw it XD and I was like whoooa only from seeing the thumbnail XD AND Holly shit my sisters b-day is on 26 this month too xD

    Yes the scan definitely fits, I really like how the table turned out and the bunny is a very nice adition, the te cup looks a bit like Shinku's yeah I see RM everywhere >__> I like the vase a lot too. The whole bg looks so good and real.
    And Yuuki's gorgeous here. I like her lips lot and like always you did a great job on vectoring her and capturing all the details. Her eyes look the best and the hat ^^ I don't know bout the splash of blood on the bunny, but since Sin-chii must've hated to do that it doesn't matter xD
    Awesome piece.

  6. epsilon86 May 16, 2009

    It is freaking awesome! I finally saw it... I think you will make a great Zero wall!

    Yuki look more beautiful than the scan itself. But i really think a dark background will be more fitting.... Anyway it is still beautiful! The details itself is amazing!

  7. animanga May 16, 2009

    I was expecting this to take you much longer. XD
    The hat is especially amazing and the BG is gorgeous. The stlye of the BG and the main image don't match but they're both so amazing nobody cares. XD
    Another fantastic job. :D

  8. CaMiLi May 16, 2009


  9. vitaamin May 16, 2009

    im not the hugest fan of the "silver" parts in this scan, they are too gray for me :D
    and i agree with aqi about the bg being too light and airy for the vector, it should be darker + warmer -- more reds and browns + i feel that the curtains and everything needs to be moved downward, for some reason it doesnt look balanced, maybe moving the table + chair closer
    but either way everything you make is always so gorgeous >D

  10. chrisp May 16, 2009

    god damn this is amazing! your reconstruction skills are awesome and the background is greaaat *_* i love everything...colors,vector details <33
    i think it's one of the best vampire knight wallpaper!
    O.O thaaaanks!

  11. ShinKyo May 16, 2009

    This wallpaper's amazing. you vectored it perfectly :D
    I just love the background especially the curtains with all the details and Yuuki looks so pretty in that dress with all the frills *.*

  12. lastwilight May 16, 2009

    Wow....wow. Wonderful job. Awesome wall. Great job on the details too! Love the added bunny idea.

  13. Hoodlum May 16, 2009

    Words can't describe how awesome and gorgeous this wallpaper is. You always make an awesome walls, but this time I was really deeply impressed! I mean, even more impressed then usually :)
    When I saw her hat I thought: "it must be took a long time to make it, 'couse it has a hell a lot of details".
    So, I think that this wallie is replacing "I'm Your Baby Doll" in my personal TOP of the Best Vector wallies and the Best VK wallies. XD
    And BTW I think that everything is perfect in this wallpaper except the one thing - that stain around the bunny's mouth. But that's just a little detail, so it's ok!
    Thank you for your great work!

  14. xinmu May 16, 2009

    Another amazing vector! <3<3 Wonderfully executed, since the original scan had all those wording and titles..
    And the background fits well too! (even though a dark background is by default the best..)
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  15. divinemelody May 16, 2009

    oh my god! so beautiful ^3^
    love you ^^
    thank you so much

  16. rizacaga May 16, 2009

    ur wallie's too great too commenting..... XD
    yeah...dark bg will be better...but this one is amazing.....!
    though sometimes i like yuuki...but in other time don't really like her much...
    her feeling a bit confusing...... :sweat:

  17. jns May 16, 2009

    You really rock at reconstructing
    OMG! All those frills on the clothes o.O So many
    And her eyes look so pretty!
    I agree that the background might be too bright for the vector itself.. but it's amazing
    And that bunny with the blood is so cuuute ^^

  18. rubenz May 16, 2009

    So cute, what I truly like is the window and the curtain xD


  19. Pulver15 May 16, 2009

    This is one of my fav yuki's wall!
    I totally love her clothesn and the bg is fitting so well with her! XD
    Your coloring and vectoring is of course amazing as always ;)

  20. trofikabinet May 16, 2009

    Finally you did it Sin-chan :)
    I s so amazing as usual. I love how you vectored Yuuki, but I think the bg should be darker :D
    But it doesn't really matter, is still absolutely gorgeous and fantastic... you know what I think about your vectors...I don't know what to say really OX Is so hard to comment ;)

  21. DarthTofu May 16, 2009

    Wow, awesome job with the reconstruction. *_*
    I actually like the lighter approach with this. But then again, light gray is one of my favorite colors. xD
    But also because such a dark scan... people expect dark walls, so this is cooler.

  22. kuryuki May 16, 2009

    your done!
    i feel like im always repeating this but u really do a great job constructioning the scene

  23. ScarXHeart May 16, 2009

    OMG! This is sooooo Incredible! YOu freakin ROCK in making Vampire Knight wallpapers!
    I love you and I love it! This is so gorgeous!

  24. Monnie-chan May 16, 2009

    w.o.w. this is good...

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