Lelouch of the Rebellion Wallpaper: "The royal Knight of Chess"

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1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

:sweat: :sweat: :sweat: :sweat: :sweat:

My entry for the contest chamber-of-kings

I kinda dislike this wall, I attempted painting the whole pic and the result is really bad x_x
I'm too lazy to vector the whole scan, paiting is much quicker, but not easier :)
I don't want to submit it, but is my entry. It still lacks of shadings and better colours, but oh well ^_^' I won't be doing much vectoring in the future, because I don't have any motivation ~_~

There is not much to say about the vector itself, just a plain boring one. I outlined the scan and then painted it. I did some modifications from the ORIGINAL SCAN, took some reference for the clothes from THIS SCAN.

Time: about a week (20 hours)
Easiest part: outlines
Hardest part: painting
Layers/shapes: 93+324


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  1. EevaLeena Apr 27, 2009

    First off, it's quite an efforts you did here. I like how you change Eagle into Suzaku and you even change his clothes (something that I'm not able to do ^^). And love the painting too. Great job!

  2. Sinever Apr 27, 2009

    WOW....what an amazing wallpaper @@
    I love how you've changed the original character in that scan to Suzaku & you've vectored/painted the whole wall very nicely XD
    its a fav & a highlight ;)

  3. epsilon86 Apr 27, 2009

    I think the final artwork is good! Really cool concept! I would love to see the dark knight version aka Lelouch! One thing about Suzaku is that his collarbone seem weird.

  4. Pulver15 Apr 27, 2009

    Wow this is really AMAZING O_O
    you really put an effort there.....
    and I think the painting looks good ;)
    Great wall you did there XD

  5. x-lawss Apr 27, 2009

    Where's the King of the chess? :D

  6. Tina18 Apr 27, 2009

    Good vector, awesome shades, your painting skills are way better than mine so don't complain it looks great. The idea is original and inovating. But yenno maybe it's just me but his head seems smaller in compharision to the whole body, maybe it's not, but all that white sure makes it seem so. and I feel like he should've been facing us this way his neck looks a bit sprained.

    But either way, congratulations, it's a good piece and you've done an amazing job with those changes.

  7. uffy-chan Apr 27, 2009

    Oh really a good job in mixing scans ^^ I would never be able to change clothes

  8. CuteSherry Apr 27, 2009

    I knew what the original scan was the very moment I saw the thumbnail of your wall ^^
    You chose a great scan to combine together with Suzaku~
    The painting is beautifully done but I'd say the black outlines lacks smoothness, which surprised me seeing the very high quality of this work.
    Keep up the good work and good luck in the contest!

  9. milla-chan Apr 27, 2009

    OMG! YOU MADE THAT! That is freaking well made
    its awesome, a fine peace of work ^__^

  10. MoonangelTsubasA Apr 27, 2009

    I loved the way u changed the original!
    Amazing work

  11. Dioma Apr 27, 2009

    Awesome wall to say the least. You modified the scan so well that I thought that you used some kind of already made fan art :3
    I have a few complaints about the painting though. Looks like you smudged a lot and that's not very appealing.

  12. animelover901120 Apr 27, 2009

    Great wallie....Code geass banzai..=p

  13. Kitaan Retired Moderator Apr 27, 2009

    Great job with the clothes, I knew it was that Clamp scan!
    I really like the changes you made, very smart idea.
    Nice painting job and the lines are well made, the only thing
    that bothers me is the background. Theres a texture of some sort
    or is it a brush? Well, whatever thing you put I think it should be removed.
    It does nothing for the wall, it makes it look dirty and messy.
    I think just soild colors and maybe some shade on them, like cellshading will look
    alot better. Other than that super job <3 Good luck on the contest ^^

  14. kuryuki Apr 27, 2009

    gorgeous *-*
    more shading would be nice but gorgeous

  15. lucifersaya Apr 27, 2009

    the vector really look smoothly done and very neat
    What a wonderful picture.
    Thank you very much for sharing it.

  16. flyindreams Apr 28, 2009

    Mad props for an excellent scan modification job. My jaws dropped when I saw the original scan xD

    I do agree with Dioma on the smudging though, some parts look a bit off - like the black knight piece.

    Still, hawt stuff overall. Suzaku looks awesome :D

  17. kuryuki Apr 28, 2009

    >.< re-comment
    you modify the scan is awesome i was just about wondering why i never saw that scan before

  18. Gladis Apr 28, 2009

    The vector is perfect, so does the background.
    It's lovely...great wallie^^

  19. Straawbeeryy Apr 28, 2009

    Definitely your best work so far trofi-chan! :3
    Holy ASDJHFDSJKF! I can`t believe you changed the original scan to Suzu. I need another moment. ADASKDHASKDJ!
    I love your rough painting. Gah, I wanna paint like that. *whines* Also, I think the background should just be plained checkered instead of throwing in texture on the blue part. Some simple shading along the wall would also help. :3
    Otherwise, definitely a creative and pretty job. <3

  20. Cielo-Plus Apr 28, 2009

    Amazing wallpaper in my opinion. The change you did to the original scan is too great.
    Overall I really love this wall, Keep it up! +Fav

  21. ShanaFlare Apr 28, 2009

    wow,the wall is nicely done^^
    what about the colours? they are very good :)
    thx for sharing^^

  22. ZeroZaro Apr 28, 2009

    I like the colors...
    He'd be an awesome chess piece

  23. jns Apr 28, 2009

    U put Suzaku here *kyaaa*
    I can't believe u had the patience to change his clothes :D They look so great
    I do agree that there could be more shadings in his clothes but still.. this is amazing
    And i just love how u painted the chess pieces! It's almost like they're glowing
    Awesome job

  24. akeedacrest Apr 28, 2009

    All I could say that this is damn crazy! You have such amazing skill *salutes* It's a fav from me and good luck on the contest! ;) *inserted on the group's page for the contest and group gallery*

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