Lelouch of the Rebellion Wallpaper: Yearning For Those Yesterdays

Lelouch of the Rebellion, Nunnally Lamperouge Wallpaper

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

For the lovely Berry~

Where do I start...
I was browsing AP and saw that a new cover of Code Geass came out,
though Lelouch was covering Nunnally so I waited until this one came out and grabbed it immediately.
I thought that I could possibly be racing against time before someone
vectored it and posted it so I was on a mission to finish it first.
I vectored Nunnally, which took me a day to finish and I'm counting overnight.

After finishing Nunnally, which was the easiest part of the wall I moved on to
the background. It went through alot of changes, I sketched alot of different
things but I somehow ended up with something I didn't plan.

See original sketch - eww sketch - Yea...I don't use any special
things to sketch, just brush and yes it's ugly. Moving on...

I somehow ended up with - weird bench thing, and then weird bench thing, in sunset!. Feel free to laugh as you wonder what that weird thing is. The idea was of her to be on something high, so I imagined a construction site but I executed it horribly.

I decided to change the look when Gaara mentioned it looking like a bench,
after staring at it for some time I then changed my mind and made it look like an actual bench.

I made a real bench and then proceeded to work on the bg changes.
I painted a field, added textures and drew some shading I smoothed with Motion blur and then painting it down. Coming up was then the small grass you see, not blurred too much cause it's rather close to her -
Small grass(homemade brush, incase anyone is wondering)

Then came the trees, I had a single one in the distance - Before and then thats where Chloe stepped in and suggested more trees - After. Trees can be found at Deviant Art - Trees, the sakura petals on them were homemade so cook up your own.

I made the curtain, simple with the pen tool and shading. See through, so I lowered the opactiy to my liking. Sky was painted and brushes were used here and there. Made the sun which is simple as well, apply a filled circle color of yellow or white and then outer glow it to your liking.

Added birds and a inner glow on them to show the light of the sunlight on them,
on the left use to be another wooden bar - Before. In came Vitaamin and suggested to remove it and replace it with either a bush or tree. I choose bush and made a small rose bush in it's place - After.

Now, for the accessories: Butterflies from a Chobits scan - Chii and Butterfiles.

Rose Petals from Rozen Maiden scan - Petals on the floor.

Lelouch picture from - Lelouch and Suzaku - It's beside Nunnally.

And the final touch to my wall was getting Gaara to make one of
my favorite flowers, Tulips! <3 He lined and painted them for me, and I stuck
them on the left side for more balance.

Special Thanks to Gaara, Chloe & Vitaa :3

More Resolutions & PNG at: EDD!

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Browse Lelouch of the Rebellion Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. gaara-no-shukaku Apr 27, 2009

    I missed that bench-like things... :\

    But this one is so much better, in terms of composition and aesthetic values. Really awesome job, especially after seeing those in-progress samples. I love how you made the field >_<

  2. erikamirou Apr 27, 2009

    you should have done tyour first skecthed idea >< it would look so pweety *___* But! this looks great tooo >w< i wub how you made Nunnally >w< looks great :D love the grassy field and the trees ^^ job well done ^^

  3. Sinever Apr 27, 2009

    absolutely gorgeous...Im glad that you're the first one to vector it XD
    the background is very beautiful, it fits nicely with the scan & I can see lulu there too XD
    well done & its a fav :3

  4. kit-kat Apr 27, 2009

    Beautiful vector of Nunnally! That background is also beautiful. The whole wall looks cohesive, like it was a scan! Nice work :)!

  5. Pulver15 Apr 27, 2009

    It really changed drastic O_O
    but I think this way is really the best and your sketch is really hilarious XD
    but I REALLY REALLY love your bgs XD

  6. animelover901120 Apr 27, 2009

    Lovely...It is really beautiful..thanks

  7. dslassey Apr 27, 2009

    Daaaang, this is so awesome. :D
    In all honesty, you got a big "WOW" from me when I first saw it. XD
    The vector is amazingly clear and perfectly polished, and the background scenic and gorgeous.
    The overall color scheme (pinks, oranges, and greens) has been executed perfectly. And it's a color scheme that I've never really liked until now. I think I might steal it one of these days.... >_>
    Fantastico job, Kitten <3
    I'm totally faving it (what? me? faving a Code Geass wall!?)

  8. Straawbeeryy Apr 28, 2009

    omg. lol. I bet everyone`s jealous that this is my gift! 8dd
    I loveee (emphasize that!) the way you vectored Nunally. The lines and everything is prettyful. And the background! The tulips are just too gorgeous. And sunset! ((:
    In short, I am in lovee with everything on this wall and including you too. I <33 you kitchan!
    And I`m desktop-ing this. :3

  9. sailorchiron Apr 28, 2009

    I love everything you do, kit, but this is superbly beautiful. I love the lighting, and how Nunnally looks so soft and whistful...perfect with the time of day, really, it's amazing how perfect her expression is with the lighting! *misty eyes* Love it.

  10. ShanaFlare Apr 28, 2009

    omg! the wall is fantastic!^^
    i like the colours and also the vector :)
    nice work and thx for sharing^^

  11. YENESIS Apr 29, 2009

    Very Pretty ! Work Nunnally looks a beauty!
    The Camp,Flowers and three are soo Good!

  12. CaMiLi Apr 29, 2009

    aaaaw.... a wonderful scenic bg again =) i m totally into your flower field bg's! happy to see you made such a wonderful wallie out of the vector. vector is neat as always *__* therefore for me +fav

  13. Komiya Apr 29, 2009

    I like the setting the curtains and the colors are beautiul :3

  14. selemental Banned Member Apr 29, 2009

    Cutie! :3 omg this is cutie right?

    Beautiful wallie! My apologies, I haven;t been able to be on the pc much! Oh nuuu DX my essay! *instant favs cuz it's beautiful and makes me think of music* X3

  15. Evelina Apr 30, 2009

    can't believe cuz it's so amazing !
    I like this pix so much from background , color and effect into XD

  16. beduong Apr 30, 2009

    It really changed drastic O_O
    but I think this way is really the best and your sketch is really hilarious XD
    but I REALLY REALLY love your bgs XD

  17. princessmeyrin023 May 01, 2009

    Wow! I thought that this was a scan, but I was wrong this is a wallpaper!
    This wallpaper is very nice. I love the curtains and Nunnally!
    The color scheme is nice, too... Good work!

  18. khrizella May 02, 2009

    i like it

  19. GentleSnow May 02, 2009

    I loved how you showed us the process too.
    Amazing what came out of all that. Great job! :)

  20. rumiko23 May 02, 2009

    Very beautiful, thank you for sharing!

  21. carl123abc May 03, 2009

    lol sketch was funny but finished wall is great

  22. Gladis May 03, 2009

    Amazing wallpaper in my opinion. The change you did to the original scan is too great.

  23. moonescape May 05, 2009

    Incredible Kitten, the background is just wonderful! You really did well with the background of the sakura trees.... I really am impressed because I can remember back then your wallpapers and look at them now. Not to mention your vector of Nunnallly (those outlines x_x).

    Sorry I didn't say much and couldn't reply back your PM (if you gave me any because I can't seem to see some of my friend's PM on my notifications o.o). My internet was down for a week because last week that whole week it was very windy so it must've knocked my cable down. :sweat: so sorry >.< I'll still try to keep touch with everyone on MT even if schoolwork + activities are crammping me @_@

  24. Nuning May 11, 2009




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