SaiKano Wallpaper: Gomen Nasai

Shin Takahashi, SaiKano, Shuuji, Chise Wallpaper
Shin Takahashi Mangaka SaiKano Series Shuuji Character Chise Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This is the first wallpaper I've ever made. I did it with "The Gimp".
In this wp I try to get the 2 faces of Chise, the sweet little girl that have fall in love and the ultimate weapon.

It takes me about 10H to finish because I was learning how to use "The Gimp" while doing it, besides I'm not sure if it is alright, anyway, hope you like it and that you give me some feedback because I wan't to improve my wall skills and the only way to do that is to receive the advices that you have to give me ^_^

I get the scans from:

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  1. ProfD Aug 30, 2004

    Hey.. I will get an extra-cookie to be the first poster.. :)

    i like the two color scheme in your wall. I only regret that the angel has some feathers cut (too high) and it seems it's not fully vertical (but that's my sight and my opinion)..
    .. but it's definitely a keeper..

  2. soujiro666 Aug 30, 2004

    chise is so cute^^

  3. XDarkDestinyX Aug 30, 2004

    Cute, but the yellow...hmm...maybe if you used the red clouds...? But still a new layout...maybe another version? XD

  4. AzNKiDoOo2 Aug 30, 2004

    Wow..Awsome Job For n First wall!..i really like this one..maybe bcuz i'ma a Saikano Fan ; ) ...
    i like the color scheme!..Very nice concept and quality =D....great job..make more saikano ;p

  5. Vesper Aug 30, 2004

    a very fitting piece for the series, well done.

  6. miketo Sep 03, 2004

    This is a first effort? Wow, you have some real talent, espcially learning The Gimp along the way! I can barely saturate a polygon in Photoshop....

    The comments about the feathers and the alignment are good ones. I'm also not sure that saturating the background with yellow works all that well, but what you've done is excellent with good billowing clouds and color blends. It all comes down to personal choice. If you decide to do another one with a different bg, I'd love to see it. Beautifully done, Hikarujm!

  7. jackalx66 Oct 27, 2004

    that really ur first wp.??? :o
    with the GIMP....
    great job^_^
    well some suggestion.
    the angel should be more blend with the bg
    let the point of the wing blur more with the yellow BG.
    give it a white shades that will look that it really like it fly
    the lower part just great job..
    well if u use photoshop i can advice more..

  8. DernierCri Oct 27, 2004

    first wall... very good.
    try to keep the black bars /if you have them/ the same size and the english text just a bit more readable.
    but really love the idea and feel to the wall... keep em coming

  9. tAtEkAnE Oct 27, 2004

    well done :D i like the transition from the sweet scene<3 to the flying overhead weapon, really dramatic :D

    yeah the english text needs to be more readable

    i'm not really into the black border style, it looks like it's a screen...or an 8 mm camera was used (wooo good movie 8 mm ) lol

    anyway still a fab job :D great job for a first wall. ya shoulda seen mine XD yuck lol

  10. candyloop Oct 27, 2004

    hmm... not sure what to say about this one. I'm a bit neutral toward it. One thing that somewhat bugs me in it is how the girl is bigger than the shadows below her, while they seem to be under same perspective level - I hope that makes sense. The other thing that you might consider in future compositions is to avoid placing object in the middle of the canvas, human eye like diversity and middle placment don't offer that. Overall it's a nice attempt. :)

  11. hikarujm Oct 27, 2004

    Thanks for the comments, now I feel more sure of what to do in the 2nd version. :)

    Quote by tAtEkAnE
    ...i'm not really into the black border style, it looks like it's a screen...or an 8 mm camera was used (wooo good movie 8 mm ) lol...

    That was the effect that I want, thanks for notice :D

  12. Taruto2G Nov 13, 2010

    I <3 Saikano, 2 Awesome :-)

  13. kushidisama Mar 21, 2011

    The comments about the feathers and the alignment are good ones.

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