Crimson Shell Wallpaper: Crimson Shell - Whisper of a thorn

Jun Mochizuki, Crimson Shell, Xeno, Claudia, Vector Art Wallpaper
Jun Mochizuki Mangaka Crimson Shell Series Xeno Character Claudia Character Vector Art Source

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Happy birthday vitaamin-chan! Im usually late with bday gifts these days T_T
i just have so many things to do.... I wanted to submit it on your bday but forgot when i put psd
Anyway im sorry for keeping you waiting, i really hope you will like it XD

About Vector & Background:

Anyway i worked on this SMALL image, artist is Jun Mochizuki and i dont like the fact that i had to submit it to other category but it couldnt be helpet T_T, but i really like her style of drawing (yes yes its the same artist of Pandora :sweat: )

it was pain in the a** because i couldnt see half of a things T_T
there were some weird stuff in the beginning so i tried fixing them up and reconstruct. Like roses and such
made some changes on colors *her hair is green, not red but i liked it red, it looked prettier :D*
and on his suit, the yellow parts on shoulders and such
and ofcourse i colored with tablet everything :D i love tablet ???
god i love how he looks :D

I wanted to do something for the floor, so i decided to do square like and add a texture, i really liked it XD


Layers :64
time: 16 h
funiest part: The guy :D
hardest part: reconstructions
program: Photoshop cs4,cs2
psd file size: 110 mb

Comments and faves are highly welcomed ?
hope you like it vitaa chan :D

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  1. vitaamin Apr 21, 2009

    FINALLY i got to something first D<
    but i will edit comment later when im in a better mood (I HATE STUDYING >D)

  2. Alenas Retired Moderator Apr 21, 2009

    Wah, it's so pretty! You did a good job on reconstructing and coloring the image. The shades are a bit perhaps too dark on the white clothes in some places, but it's not so bad. Nice work! :)

  3. Pulver15 Apr 21, 2009

    That's an amazing piece of work!
    The same artist as PH!
    this one is really beautiful the pose of them looks so peaceful
    and I really like how the hair turned out ;)

  4. Yamaro Apr 21, 2009

    Super ! When I saw on main page I though it was yours, and PH)) In some way I guessed,.. hehe the same artist))
    Amazing work! you vectoring is really great!

  5. Sinever Apr 21, 2009

    WOW what lovely wall :D
    I like how you did the hair & everything looks good as well ^^
    well done as usual & its a fav

  6. trofikabinet Apr 21, 2009

    I love how you reconstructed the scan, you can barely see anything :) The vector is flawless and great as usual :D

  7. kuryuki Apr 21, 2009

    *-* wat detailed hair
    but i think the bg is a little unfitting
    >.> no wonderi thought it might b pandora at first

  8. Kitaan Retired Moderator Apr 21, 2009

    I really don't like the coloring of this,
    the vectors look so blurry to me...not sure if it's
    the wall or my eyes but they look too blurred and smooth.
    I think the bg could use alot more shading, the vines and roses could
    use more shading and also the characters need more shading where they lying.
    Hook up with the burn tool and shade more around those areas, not sure
    how you could fix the vector but it needs to be sharper to me.
    Nice concept and nice poses but I think it wasn't done properly.
    Still, nice job on it all.

  9. ShanaFlare Apr 21, 2009

    wow,this is amazing^^
    the vectoring is quite good and i really like what you did to the hair :)
    nice work and thx for sharing^^

  10. xiaorui137633 Apr 22, 2009

    patuoldy nicepice

  11. moonescape Apr 22, 2009

    not much to say, but this is pretty nice trying to add those parts that were covered by thos crappy text and labels. x_x

  12. animelover901120 Apr 22, 2009

    the vector and all are great...
    It's so pretty....the color are all match...^^

  13. syahyu Apr 22, 2009

    what a nice couple

    merged: 04-22-2009 ~ 08:05am
    what a nice couple

  14. MyrrhLynn Apr 22, 2009

    Waah we need to get this made into a new series on MT, I wanna see more pics of that guy. XD Did you request this series on the forum?

    When I saw this on LJ I was too late to comment on it since it was already on here, but waaai! you did such a great job with it! :D I like how you colored her hair. Isn't it going red near the bottom of the original picture? I like it better how you did it! I also love the changes you made to the guy's uniform. And speaking of the guy, he looks awesome, I love how he looks too. <3

  15. EuforiaAmuritaNatsumi Apr 23, 2009

    Waaa>< I still don't have tablet><
    this so Pretty><
    very nice couple
    I hope I can be like that with someone ahahahhahha^///^
    I love the color and the way you use your tablet is very cool
    I hope I can buy Tablet soon><

  16. Omone Apr 25, 2009

    I like the changes you made. The girl looks really better with reddish hair.
    and i totally like the vector. very well done.
    anyways for me it seems like both are floating on the ground. i think its because of the shading. but i am not sure.
    maybe I am just too sleepyXD

  17. arina1992 May 07, 2009

    The girl looks a lot like Alice

  18. abby0403 Aug 10, 2009

    Beautiful piece of work!

  19. musicloversz Dec 22, 2009

    Nice ! :D Looks peacefull :D

  20. rinoa586 Jan 07, 2010


  21. MoonDust Mute Member Mar 16, 2010

    lovely picture.thanks for sharing.

  22. hebechou Mute Member Aug 06, 2010

    i like the colouring...
    nice wallie..
    thanks for sharing..

  23. soshi Aug 14, 2010

    i love it!

  24. zinviolet2106 Banned Member Nov 02, 2010

    thanks for sharing...... so perfect ^.^

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